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by Rocha, L. A and Aleixo, A and Allen, G and Almeda, F and Baldwin, C. C and Barclay, M. V. L and Bates, J. M and Bauer, A. M and Benzoni, F and Berns, C. M and Berumen, M. L and Blackburn, D. C and Blum, S and Bolanos, F and Bowie, R. C. K and Britz, R and Brown, R. M and Cadena, C. D and Carpenter, K and Ceriaco, L. M and Chakrabarty, P and Chaves, G and Choat, J. H and Clements, K. D and Collette, B. B and Collins, A and Coyne, J and Cracraft, J and Daniel, T and de Carvalho, M. R and de Queiroz, K and Di Dario, F and Drewes, R and Dumbacher, J. P and Engilis, A and Erdmann, M. V and Eschmeyer, W and Feldman, C. R and Fisher, B. L and Fjeldsa, J and Fritsch, P. W and Fuchs, J and Getahun, A and Gill, A and Gomon, M and Gosliner, T and Graves, G. R and Griswold, C. E and Guralnick, R and Hartel, K and Helgen, K. M and Ho, H and Iskandar, D. T and Iwamoto, T and Jaafar, Z and James, H. F and Johnson, D and Kavanaugh, D and Knowlton, N and Lacey, E and Larson, H. K and Last, P and Leis, J. M and Lessios, H and Liebherr, J and Lowman, M and Mahler, D. L and Mamonekene, V and Matsuura, K and Mayer, G. C and Mays, H and McCosker, J and McDiarmid, R. W and McGuire, J and Miller, M. J and Mooi, R and Mooi, R. D and Moritz, C and Myers, P and Nachman, M. W and Nussbaum, R. A and Foighil, D. O and Parenti, L. R and Parham, J. F and Paul, E and Paulay, G and Perez-Eman, J and Perez-Matus, A and Poe, S and Pogonoski, J and Rabosky, D. L and Randall, J. E and Reimer, J. D and Robertson, D. R and Rodel, M.- O and Rodrigues, M. T and Roopnarine, P and Ruber, L and Ryan, M. J and Sheldon, F and ...
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 1095-9203, 2014, Volume 344, Issue 6186, pp. 814 - 815
Journal Article
IEEE Electron Device Letters, ISSN 0741-3106, 06/2006, Volume 27, Issue 6, pp. 508 - 510
...) regions, or the combination of both. It is shown that the use of a cap layer does not degrade the 1/f noise magnitude, while an increase of this parameter is found for SiGe S/D devices... 
pMOSFETs | Local strain | Low-frequency (LF) noise | Number fluctuations | local strain | number fluctuations | low-frequency (LF) noise | ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC
Journal Article
by Carchenilla, M. S. C and Agudo, D and Rubio, S and Becerra, D and Bronet, F and Garcia-Velasco, J. A and Pacheco, A and Lardone, M and Piottante, A and Parada-Bustamante, A and Argandona, F and Florez, M and Espinoza, A and Ebensperger, M and Castro, A and Cohen-Bacrie, M and Belloc, S and Dalleac, A and Amar, E and Izard, V and Hazout, A and Cohen-Bacrie, P and de Mouzon, J and Muzzonigro, F and Crivello, A. M and Stanghellini, I and Bernardini, L and Ferraretti, A. P and Magli, C and Gianaroli, L and Martin, P. S and Duvison, M. H and Silva, M. D and Gosalvez, J and Martin, F. S and Pomante, A and Colombo, F and Mattioli, M and Barboni, B and Magli, M. C and Hacifazlioglu, O and Findikli, N and Goktolga, U and Bahceci, M and Jakab, A and Mokanszki, A and Varga, A and Benyo, M and Kassai, Z and Olah, E and Molnar, Z and Gundogan, G. I and Bozkurt, H. H and Irez, T and Domingo, A and Anarte, C and Presilla, N and Calvo, I and Aguirre, O and Oroquieta, A and Agirregoikoa, J. A and De Pablo, J. L and Barrenetxea, G and Moragues, I and Medrano, M. L and Montoya, A and Ramos, B and Torres, M. J. G and Aizpurua, J and Ibala, S. R and Ghedir, H and Mehri, A and Zidi, I and Brahem, S and Mehdi, M and Ajina, M and Saad, A and Gomez-Torres, M. J and Cavaco, J. E and Rato, L and Alves, M. G and Dias, T. R and Lopes, G and Socorro, S and Oliveira, P. F and Lobascio, A. M and Minasi, M. G and Greco, E and Bungum, M and Bungum, A and Silver, N and Zahiri, M and Movahedin, M and Mowla, S. J and Noruzinia, M and Huleihel, M and Abarbanel, Y and Haber, E. P and Azab, M and Lan, D and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 06/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl_1, pp. i118 - i137
Journal Article
2014, 1st edition., Emotions in history, ISBN 9780199655731, x, 288
Emotions are as old as humankind. But what do we know about them and what importance do we assign to them? Emotional Lexicons is the first cultural history of... 
History | Emotions | social and cultural history | German language | Language and emotions
Molecular biology of the cell, ISSN 1059-1524, 02/2019, Volume 30, Issue 3, pp. 411 - 426
.... Genetic interactions studies were used to show that this effect was due to myosin-induced accumulation of cortical F-actin resulting in clustering and accumulation of E-cadherin to the adherens junctions... 
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 1091-6490, 2011, Volume 108, Issue 24, pp. 9887 - 9892
Drosophila Homeodomain-interacting protein kinase (Hipk) has been shown to regulate in vivo, the stability of Armadillo, the transcriptional effector of... 
Hedgehogs | Cell culture techniques | Vertebrates | Phosphorylation | Transfection | Armadillos | Drosophila | Ubiquitins | Antibodies | Gene expression regulation | Wnt | Beta-TrCP | ACTIVATION | TARGET GENE-EXPRESSION | MECHANISM | UBIQUITIN LIGASE | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | GLYCOGEN-SYNTHASE KINASE-3 | PROTEOLYSIS | beta-TrCP | PHOSPHORYLATED BETA-CATENIN | CUBITUS-INTERRUPTUS | DESTRUCTION COMPLEX | PATHWAY | Protein Kinases - metabolism | Wnt1 Protein - genetics | Protein Kinases - genetics | Immunoprecipitation | SKP Cullin F-Box Protein Ligases - genetics | Humans | Cercopithecus aethiops | Hedgehog Proteins - metabolism | Male | Wnt1 Protein - metabolism | Armadillo Domain Proteins - genetics | Drosophila Proteins - metabolism | Drosophila melanogaster - genetics | DNA-Binding Proteins - metabolism | Drosophila melanogaster - metabolism | Ubiquitination | Hedgehog Proteins - genetics | HEK293 Cells | Female | Cell Line | Signal Transduction | Animals, Genetically Modified | Drosophila melanogaster - cytology | SKP Cullin F-Box Protein Ligases - metabolism | Transcription Factors - genetics | DNA-Binding Proteins - genetics | Blotting, Western | Transcription Factors - metabolism | Wings, Animal - metabolism | Animals | Armadillo Domain Proteins - metabolism | Protein Binding | Drosophila Proteins - genetics | COS Cells | Biological Sciences
Journal Article
by Thornhill, A and Wheat, S and Al-Shenar, S and Atalla, N and Menabawey, M and Summers, M and Giles, J and Vidal, C and Alama, P and Bosch, E and Zuzuarregui, J. L and Pellicer, A and Nelen, W. L. D. M and den Breejen, E. M. E and Schol, S. F. E and Kremer, J. A. M and Hermens, R. P. M. G and Nagai, R and Fukunaga, N and Kitasaka, H and Yoshimura, T and Itoi, F and Tamura, F and Kitamura, K and Hasegawa, N and Kato, M and Nakayama, K and Honma, H and Oguri, H and Sano, M and Hashiba, Y and Asada, Y and Galama, W. H and Willemsen, W. N and Lashwood, A and Solomonides, A and Olive, M and Harton, G and Patch, C and Flinter, F and Mendoza, R and Perez, S and de los Santos, M. J and Larreategui, Z and Exposito, A and Aparicio, M. V and Martinez Indart, L and Matorras, R and Sato, Y and Nakamura, Y and Sakamoto, E and Tasaka, A and Usui, K and Hattori, H and Ito, Y and Nakajo, Y and Doshida, M and Kyono, K and Koike, A and Haruki, A and Horiuchi, R and Sugihara, K and Fukuda, A and Morimoto, Y and Cambiaghi, A and Leao, R and Castellotti, D and Nascimento, P and Molina Gonzalez, I and Clavero Gilabert, A and Gonzalvo Lopez, M. C and Rosales Martinez, A and Martinez Navarro, L and Mozas Moreno, J and Castilla Alcala, J. A and Fleischer, K and Muller, A. F and Hohmann, F. P and de Jong, F. H and Eijkemans, M. J. C and Fauser, B. C and Laven, J. S. E and Bonduelle, M and Van Landuyt, L and Stoop, D and Van de Velde, H and Verheyen, G and Haentjens, P and Desmyttere, S and Carlos, R. V and Setti, A. S and Braga, D. P. A. F and Figueira, R. C. S and Iaconelli Jr, A and Borges Jr, E and Bariani, F and Vespasiano, F and Puoti, F and Fehily, D and Porta, E and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 07/2011, Volume 26, Issue suppl_1, pp. i272 - i278
Journal Article
by van der Plas, Fons and Ratcliffe, Sophia and Ruiz-Benito, Paloma and Scherer-Lorenzen, Michael and Verheyen, Kris and Wirth, Christian and Zavala, Miguel A and Ampoorter, Evy and Baeten, Lander and Barbaro, Luc and Bastias, Cristina C and Bauhus, Juergen and Benavides, Raquel and Benneter, Adam and Bonal, Damien and Bouriaud, Olivier and Bruelheide, Helge and Bussotti, Filippo and Carnol, Monique and Castagneyrol, Bastien and Charbonnier, Yohan and Cornelissen, Johannes H. C and Dahlgren, Jonas and Checko, Ewa and Coppi, Anea and Dawud, Seid Muhie and Deconchat, Marc and De Smedt, Pallieter and De Wandeler, Hans and Domisch, Timo and Finer, Leena and Fotelli, Mariangela and Gessler, Arthur and Granier, Ane and Grossiord, Charlotte and Guyot, Virginie and Haase, Josephine and Haettenschwiler, Stephan and Jactel, Herve and Jaroszewicz, Bogdan and Joly, Francois-Xavier and Jucker, Tommaso and Kambach, Stephan and Kaendler, Gerald and Kattge, Jens and Koricheva, Julia and Kunstler, Georges and Lehtonen, Aleksi and Liebergesell, Mario and Manning, Peter and Milligan, Harriet and Mueller, Sana and Muys, Bart and Nguyen, Diem and Nock, Charles and Ohse, Bettina and Paquette, Alain and Penuelas, Josep and Pollastrini, Martina and Radoglou, Kalliopi and Raulund-Rasmussen, Karsten and Roger, Fabian and Seidl, Rupert and Selvi, Federico and Stenlid, Jan and Valladares, Fernando and van Keer, Johan and Vesterdal, Lars and Fischer, Markus and Gamfeldt, Lars and Allan, Eric and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Faculty of Sciences and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institutionen för marina vetenskaper and Department of marine sciences
Ecology letters, ISSN 1461-023X, 01/2018, Volume 21, Issue 1, pp. 31 - 42
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 1091-6490, 2013, Volume 110, Issue 46, pp. 18561 - 18565
Journal Article
by Kagalwala, S and Allahbadia, A and Ramesh, S and Patel, K and Chipkar, V and Joo, J. K and Jeung, J. E and Go, K. R and Lee, K. S and Goto, H and Amo, A and Yamochi, T and Iwata, H and Morimoto, Y and Koifman, M and Lahav-Baratz, S and Megnazi-Wiener, Z and Ishai, D and Auslender, R and Dirnfeld, M and Zaletova, V and Zakharova, E and Krivokharchenko, I and Ai, J and Jin, L and Zhang, X and Rajan, N and Kovacs, A and Dineen, T and Faruqi, F and Gomes, F. L. A. F and Ioakimidou, C and Papas, C and Moisidou, M and Klaver, M and Tilleman, K and De Sutter, P and Lammers, J and Freour, T and Barriere, P and Ikeno, T and Nakajyo, Y and Sato, Y and Kyoya, T and Campos, F. B and Nogales, M and Ariza, M and Agudo, D and Rodrigo, L and Vankerkhoven, G and Roziers, P and Puttermans, P and Campo, R and Gordts, S and Fragouli, E and Alfarawati, S and Spath, K and Liss, J and Lukaszuk, K and Glowacka, J and Lopez, L. O and Garcia, M. G and Segovia, A. G and Ponce, A. G and Calonge, R. N and Peregrin, P. C and Nakaoka, Y and Alcoba, D. D and Tornquist, J and Kussler, A. P and Pimentel, A. M and Brum, I. S and Boyer, P and Montjean, D and Tourame, P and Gervoise-Boyer, M and Cohen, J and Lefevre, B and Radio, C. I and Ziyyat, A and De Croo, I and Degheselle, S and Van den Abbeel, E and Kuwayama, M and Khatoon, A and Inaba, M and Ohgaki, A and Ohtani, A and Mori, R and Fukuda, A and Umekawa, Y and Yoshida, A and Suzuki, H and Vahabi, Z and Yazdi, P. E and Ebrahimi, B and Mostafaei, F and Niknam, M. R and Watanabe, S and Kamihata, M and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 06/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl_1, pp. i149 - i206
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Engman, M and Bystrom, B and Varghese, S and Lalitkumar, P. G. L and Gemzell-Danielsson, K and Romeu, C and Urries, A and Lierta, M and Sanchez Rubio, J and Sanz, B and Perez, I and Casis, L and Salerno, A and Nazzaro, A and Di Iorio, L and Bonassisa, P and Van Os, L and Vink-Ranti, C. Q. J and de Haan-Cramer, J. H and Rijnders, P. M and Jansen, C. A. M and Marino, S and Granato, C and Pastore, E and Brandes, M and Hamilton, C. J. C. M and de Bruin, J. P and Bots, R. S. G. M and Nelen, W. L. D. M and Kremer, J. A. M and Szkodziak, P and Wozniak, S and Czuczwar, P and Paszkowski, T and Agirregoitia, N and Peralta, L and Mendoza, R and Exposito, A and Matorras, R and Agirregoitia, E and Chuderland, D and Ben-Ami, I and Kaplan-Kraicer, R and Grossman, H and Satchi- Fainaro, R and Eldar-Boock, A and Ron-El, R and Shalgi, R and Custers, I. M and Scholten, I and Moolenaar, L. M and Flierman, P. A and Dessel, T. J. H. M and Gerards, M. H and Cox, T and Janssen, C. A. H and van der Veen, F and Mol, B. W. J and Wathlet, S and Adriaenssens, T and Verheyen, G and Coucke, W and Smitz, J and Feliciani, E and Ferraretti, A. P and Paesano, C and Pellizzaro, E and Magli, M. C and Gianaroli, L and Hernandez, J and Rodriguez-Fuentes, A and Garcia-Guzman, R and Palumbo, A and Radunovic, N and Tosic, T and Djukic, S and Lockwood, J. C and Van Landuyt, L and Karayalcin, R and Ozcan, S. A. R. P and Ozyer, S and Gurlek, B and Kale, I and Moraloglu, O and Batioglu, S and Chaudhury, K and Narendra Babu, K and Mamata Joshi, V and Srivastava, S and Chakravarty, B. N and Viardot-Foucault, V and Prasath, E. B and Tai, B. C and Chan, J. K. Y and Loh, S. F and Cordeiro, I and Leal, F and Soares, A. P and Nunes, J and Sousa, S and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 07/2011, Volume 26, Issue suppl_1, pp. i226 - i246
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 1091-6490, 2016, Volume 113, Issue 13, pp. 3557 - 3562
Journal Article