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compositions or test papers therefor (11) 11
condition-responsive control in microbiological orenzymological processes (11) 11
enzymology (11) 11
investigating or analysing materials by determining theirchemical or physical properties (11) 11
measuring (11) 11
measuring or testing processes involving enzymes, nucleicacids or microorganisms (11) 11
metallurgy (11) 11
mutation or genetic engineering (11) 11
physics (11) 11
processes of preparing such compositions (11) 11
spirits (11) 11
testing (11) 11
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wine (11) 11
apparatus for enzymology or microbiology (10) 10
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cloning (2) 2
cloning, molecular (2) 2
cloning, molecular - methods (2) 2
cohort studies (2) 2
collaboration (2) 2
colonic diverticulitis (2) 2
deoxyribonucleic acid (2) 2
disease (2) 2
dna analysis (2) 2
dna probes (2) 2
dna, complementary - isolation & purification (2) 2
ethics (2) 2
flow cytometry (2) 2
gastrointestinal surgery (2) 2
gene expression regulation - drug effects (2) 2
generalized peritonitis (2) 2
lipopolysaccharides - pharmacology (2) 2
management (2) 2
medical research (2) 2
middle aged (2) 2
nucleic acid denaturation (2) 2
ostomy (2) 2
parallel cloning (2) 2
prospective studies (2) 2
quality of life (2) 2
research (2) 2
research & development--r&d (2) 2
resection (2) 2
rna, messenger - metabolism (2) 2
sequence analysis, dna - methods (2) 2
surgeons (2) 2
tetradecanoylphorbol acetate - pharmacology (2) 2
tumor cells, cultured (2) 2
3126 surgery, anesthesiology, intensive care, radiology (1) 1
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abdominal surgery (1) 1
accuracy (1) 1
adult (1) 1
africa (1) 1
aged (1) 1
analogy (1) 1
analysis (1) 1
analytical chemistry (1) 1
anastomosis (1) 1
antibiotic resistance (1) 1
antibiotics (1) 1
artificial chromosomes (1) 1
artificial intelligence (1) 1
barriers (1) 1
base sequence (1) 1
bayesian analysis (1) 1
beads (1) 1
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by Bentley, David R and Balasubramanian, Shankar and Swerdlow, Harold P and Smith, Geoffrey P and Milton, John and Brown, Clive G and Hall, Kevin P and Evers, Dirk J and Barnes, Colin L and Bignell, Helen R and Boutell, Jonathan M and Bryant, Jason and Carter, Richard J and Keira Cheetham, R and Cox, Anthony J and Ellis, Darren J and Flatbush, Michael R and Gormley, Niall A and Humphray, Sean J and Irving, Leslie J and Karbelashvili, Mirian S and Kirk, Scott M and Li, Heng and Liu, Xiaohai and Maisinger, Klaus S and Murray, Lisa J and Obradovic, Bojan and Ost, Tobias and Parkinson, Michael L and Pratt, Mark R and Rasolonjatovo, Isabelle M. J and Reed, Mark T and Rigatti, Roberto and Rodighiero, Chiara and Ross, Mark T and Sabot, Andrea and Sankar, Subramanian V and Scally, Aylwyn and Schroth, Gary P and Smith, Mark E and Smith, Vincent P and Spiridou, Anastassia and Torrance, Peta E and Tzonev, Svilen S and Vermaas, Eric H and Walter, Klaudia and Wu, Xiaolin and Zhang, Lu and Alam, Mohammed D and Anastasi, Carole and Aniebo, Ify C and Bailey, David M. D and Bancarz, Iain R and Banerjee, Saibal and Barbour, Selena G and Baybayan, Primo A and Benoit, Vincent A and Benson, Kevin F and Bevis, Claire and Black, Phillip J and Boodhun, Asha and Brennan, Joe S and Bridgham, John A and Brown, Rob C and Brown, Andrew A and Buermann, Dale H and Bundu, Abass A and Burrows, James C and Carter, Nigel P and Castillo, Nestor and Catenazzi, Maria Chiara E and Chang, Simon and Neil Cooley, R and Crake, Natasha R and Dada, Olubunmi O and Diakoumakos, Konstantinos D and Dominguez-Fernandez, Belen and Earnshaw, David J and Egbujor, Ugonna C and Elmore, David W and Etchin, Sergey S and Ewan, Mark R and Fedurco, Milan and Fraser, Louise J and Fuentes Fajardo, Karin V and Scott Furey, W and George, David and Gietzen, Kimberley J and Goddard, Colin P and Golda, George S and Granieri, Philip A and Green, David E and Gustafson, David L and Hansen, Nancy F and Harnish, Kevin and Haudenschild, Christian D and Heyer, Narinder I and Hims, Matthew M and Ho, Johnny T and Horgan, Adrian M and ...
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2008, Volume 456, Issue 7218, pp. 53 - 59
Journal Article
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2015, Volume 386, Issue 10000, pp. 1269 - 1277
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 2/2000, Volume 97, Issue 4, pp. 1665 - 1670
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 02/2000, Volume 97, Issue 4, p. 1665
  We describe a method for cloning nucleic acid molecules onto the surfaces of 5-mum microbeads rather than in biological hosts. A unique tag sequence is... 
Cloning | Deoxyribonucleic acid | DNA | Genetics
Journal Article
by Lambrichts, DPV and Vennix, S and Musters, GD and Mulder, IM and Swank, HA and Hoofwijk, AGM and Belgers, EHJ and Stockmann, HBAC and Eijsbouts, QAJ and Gerhards, MF and van Wagensveld, BA and van Geloven, AAW and Crolla, RMPH and Nienhuijs, SW and Govaert, MJPM and di Saverio, S and D'Hoore, AJL and Consten, ECJ and van Grevenstein, WMU and Pierik, REGJM and Kruyt, PM and van der Hoeven, JAB and Steup, WH and Catena, F and Konsten, JLM and Vermeulen, J and van Dieren, S and Bemelman, WA and Lange, JF and Hop, WC and Opmeer, BC and Reitsma, JB and Scholte, RA and Waltmann, EWH and Legemate, DA and Bartelsman, JF and Meijer, DW and Unlu, C and Kluit, AB and El-Massoudi, Y and Vuylsteke, RJCLM and Tanis, PJ and Matthijsen, R and Polle, SW and Lagarde, SM and Gisbertz, SS and Wijers, O and van der Bilt, JDW and Boermeester, MA and Blom, R and Gooszen, JAH and Schreinemacher, MHF and van der Zande, T and Leeuwenburgh, MMN and Bartels, SAL and Hesp, WLEM and Koet, L and van der Schelling, GP and van Dessel, E and van Zeeland, MLP and Lensvelt, MMA and Nijhof, H and Verest, S and Buijs, M and Wijsman, JH and Stassen, LPS and Klinkert, M and de Maat, MFG and Sellenraad, G and Jeekel, J and Kleinrensink, G and Tha-In, T and Nijboer, WN and Boom, MJ and Verbeek, PCM and Sietses, C and Stommel, MWJ and van Huijstee, PJ and Merkus, JWS and Eefting, D and Mieog, JSD and van Geldere, D and Patijn, GA and de Vries, M and Boskamp, M and Bentohami, A and Bijlsma, TS and de Korte, N and Nio, D and Rijna, H and Luttikhold, J and van Gool, MH and Fekkes, JF and Akkersdijk, GJM and Heuff, G and Jutte, EH and Kortmann, BA and Werkman, JM and Lameris, W and Rietbergen, L and ... and LADIES Trial Collaborators and LADIES trial collaborators
LANCET GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY, 08/2019, Volume 4, Issue 8, pp. 599 - 610
Background Previous studies have suggested that sigmoidectomy with primary anastomosis is superior to Hartmann's procedure. The likelihood of stoma reversal... 
Journal Article
by Bhangu, Aneel and Ademuyiwa, Adesoji O and Aguilera, Maria Lorena and Alexander, Philip and Al-Saqqa, Sara W and Borda-Luque, Giuliano and Costas-Chavarri, Ainhoa and Drake, Thomas M and Ntirenganya, Faustin and Fitzgerald, J Edward and Fergusson, Stuart J and Glasbey, James and Ingabire, JC Allen and Ismaïl, Lawani and Salem, Menatalla and Salem, Hosni Khairy and Kojo, Anyomih Theophilus Teddy and Lapitan, Marie Carmela and Lilford, Richard and Mihaljevic, Andre L and Morton, Dion and Mutabazi, Alphonse Zeta and Nepogodiev, Dmitri and Adisa, Adewale O and Ots, Riinu and Pata, Giacomo and Pata, Domenica and Pata, Francesco and Pinkney, Thomas and Poškus, Tomas and Qureshi, Mobeen and Qureshi, Ahmad Uzair and Ramos-De la Medina, Antonio and Rayne, Sarah and Shaw, Catherine A and Shu, Sebestian and Shu, Sebastian and Spence, Richard and Smart, Neil and Tabiri, Stephen and Harrison, Ewen M and Khatri, Chetan and Mohan, Midhun and Jaffry, Zahra and Altamini, Afnan and Kirby, Andrew and Søreide, Kjetil and Søreide, Jon Arne and Recinos, Gustavo and Cornick, Jen and Modolo, Maria Marta and Iyer, Dush and Iyer, Dushyant and King, Sebastian and Arthur, Tom and Nahar, Sayeda Nazmum and Waterman, Ade and Walsh, Michael and Agarwal, Arnav and Zani, Augusto and Firdouse, Mohammed and Rouse, Tyler and Liu, Qinyang and Correa, Juan Camilo and Talving, Peep and Worku, Mengistu and Worku, Tewodros and Arnaud, Alexis and Arnaud, Alexis Pierre and Kalles, Vasileios and Kalles, Vassilis and Kumar, Basant and Kumar, Sunil and Kumar, Sandip and Amandito, Radhian and Quek, Roy and Ansaloni, Luca and Altibi, Ahmed and Venskutonis, Donatas and Zilinskas, Justas and Poskus, Tomas and Whitaker, John and Msosa, Vanessa and Tew, Yong Yong and Farrugia, Alexia and Borg, Elaine and Bentounsi, Zineb and Gala, Tanzeela and Al-Slaibi, Ibrahim and Tahboub, Haya and Alser, Osaid H and Romani, Diego and Major, Piotr and Mironescu, Aurel and Mironescu, Aurel Sandu and Bratu, Matei and Bratu, Matei Razvan and Kourdouli, Amar and Ndajiwo, Aliyu and Altwijri, Abdulaziz and ... and GlobalSurg Collaborative
The Lancet Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1473-3099, 05/2018, Volume 18, Issue 5, pp. 516 - 525
Journal Article