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Biomaterials, ISSN 0142-9612, 2007, Volume 28, Issue 18, pp. 2850 - 2860
Journal Article
by Shojaei, Mir Hatef and Alavinia, Mohammad and Craven, B. Catharine and Cheng, Christiana L and Plashkes, Tova and Shen, Tian and Fallah, Nader and Humphreys, Suzanne and O'Connell, Colleen and Linassi, Angelo Gary and Ho, Chester and Short, Christine and Ethans, Karen and Charbonneau, Rebecca and Paquet, Jerome and Noonan, Vanessa K and Furlan, Julio C and Fehlings, Michael G and Craven, B. Catharine and Likitlersuang, Jirapat and Sumitro, Elizabeth and Kalsi-Ryan, Sukhvinder and Zariffa, José and Wolfe, Dalton and Cornell, Stephanie and Gagliardi, Julie and Marrocco, Stephanie and Rivers, Carly S and Fallah, Nader Nader and Noonan, Vanessa K and Whitehurst, David and Schwartz, Carolyn and Finkelstein, Joel and Craven, B. Catharine and Ethans, Karen and O'Connell, Colleen and Truchon, Catherine and Ho, Chester and Linassi, A. Gary and Short, Christine and Tsai, Eve and Drew, Brian and Ahn, Henry and Dvorak, Marcel F and Paquet, Jérôme and Fehlings, Michael G and Noreau, Luc and Lenz, Katie and Bailey, K. Alysse and Allison, David and Ditor, David and Baron, Justine and Tomasone, Jennifer and Curran, Dorothyann and Miller, Toba and Grimshaw, Jeremy and Moineau, Bastien and Alizadeh-Meghrazi, Milad and Stefan, Gabriel and Masani, Kei and Popovic, Milos R and Garcia-Garcia, Martha G and Marquez-Chin, Cesar and Popovic, Milos R and Gulasingam, Sivakumar and Khan, Alia and Pujol, Clara and Laylor, Mark and Unic, Nikola and Pakosh, Maureen and Musselman, Kristin and Brisbois, Louise M and Catharine Craven, B and Verrier, Mary C and Jones, Maryleen K and O'Shea, Roberta and Valika, Sakina and Holtz, Kaila and Szefer, Elena and Noonan, Vanessa and Kwon, Brian and Mills, Patricia and Morin, Cynthia and Harris, Anne and Cheng, Christiana and Aspinall, Arlene and Plashkes, Tova and Noonan, Vanessa K and Chan, Katherine and Verrier, Mary C and Craven, B. Catharine and Alappat, Chris and Flett, Heather M and Furlan, Julio C and Musselman, Kristin E and Milligan, James and Hillier, Loretta M and Bauman, Craig and Donaldson, Lindsay and Lee, Joseph and ...
The Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine, ISSN 1079-0268, 11/2017, Volume 40, Issue 6, pp. 813 - 869
Journal Article
Kingston Whig - Standard, ISSN 1197-4397, 02/1996
We are writing this letter to thank Const. Aaron Anderson and the other two officers who answered the call for the prompt and effective police response. These... 
Newspaper Article
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