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by Klionsky, Daniel J and Abdelmohsen, Kotb and Abe, Akihisa and Abedin, Md Joynal and Abeliovich, Hagai and Acevedo Arozena, Abraham and Adachi, Hiroaki and Adams, Christopher M and Adams, Peter D and Adeli, Khosrow and Adhihetty, Peter J and Adler, Sharon G and Agam, Galila and Agarwal, Rajesh and Aghi, Manish K and Agnello, Maria and Agostinis, Patrizia and Aguilar, Patricia V and Aguirre-Ghiso, Julio and Airoldi, Edoardo M and Ait-Si-Ali, Slimane and Akematsu, Takahiko and Akporiaye, Emmanuel T and Al-Rubeai, Mohamed and Albaiceta, Guillermo M and Albanese, Chris and Albani, Diego and Albert, Matthew L and Aldudo, Jesus and Algül, Hana and Alirezaei, Mehrdad and Alloza, Iraide and Almasan, Alexandru and Almonte-Beceril, Maylin and Alnemri, Emad S and Alonso, Covadonga and Altan-Bonnet, Nihal and Altieri, Dario C and Alvarez, Silvia and Alvarez-Erviti, Lydia and Alves, Sandro and Amadoro, Giuseppina and Amano, Atsuo and Amantini, Consuelo and Ambrosio, Santiago and Amelio, Ivano and Amer, Amal O and Amessou, Mohamed and Amon, Angelika and An, Zhenyi and Anania, Frank A and Andersen, Stig U and Andley, Usha P and Andreadi, Catherine K and Andrieu-Abadie, Nathalie and Anel, Alberto and Ann, David K and Anoopkumar-Dukie, Shailendra and Antonioli, Manuela and Aoki, Hiroshi and Apostolova, Nadezda and Aquila, Saveria and Aquilano, Katia and Araki, Koichi and Arama, Eli and Aranda, Agustin and Araya, Jun and Arcaro, Alexandre and Arias, Esperanza and Arimoto, Hirokazu and Ariosa, Aileen R and Armstrong, Jane L and Arnould, Thierry and Arsov, Ivica and Asanuma, Katsuhiko and Askanas, Valerie and Asselin, Eric and Atarashi, Ryuichiro and Atherton, Sally S and Atkin, Julie D and Attardi, Laura D and Auberger, Patrick and Auburger, Georg and Aurelian, Laure and Autelli, Riccardo and Avagliano, Laura and Avantaggiati, Maria Laura and Avrahami, Limor and Awale, Suresh and Azad, Neelam and Bachetti, Tiziana and Backer, Jonathan M and Bae, Dong-Hun and Bae, Jae-sung and Bae, Ok-Nam and Bae, Soo Han and Baehrecke, Eric H and Baek, Seung-Hoon and Baghdiguian, Stephen and Bagniewska-Zadworna, Agnieszka and ... and Medicinska fakulteten and Region Östergötland and Linköpings universitet and Institutionen för klinisk och experimentell medicin and Diagnostikcentrum and Klinisk patologi och klinisk genetik and Institutionen för medicin och hälsa and Avdelningen för läkemedelsforskning and Avdelningen för cellbiologi
Autophagy, ISSN 1554-8627, 01/2016, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 222
Journal Article
Journal of the International AIDS Society, ISSN 1758-2652, 10/2016, Volume 19, Issue 8(Suppl 7), pp. 21487 - n/a
Journal Article
by Mussini, Cristina and Lorenzini, Patrizia and Cozzi-Lepri, Alessandro and Marchetti, Giulia and Rusconi, Stefano and Gori, Andrea and Nozza, Silvia and Lichtner, Miriam and Antinori, Andrea and Cossarizza, Andrea and d'Arminio Monforte, Antonella and Castagna, A and Castelli, F and Cauda, R and Di Perri, G and Galli, M and Iardino, R and Ippolito, G and Lazzarin, A and Marchetti, G.C and Perno, C.F and Rezza, G and von Schloesser, F and Viale, P and Ceccherini-Silberstein, F and Girardi, E and Lo Caputo, S and Puoti, M and Andreoni, M and Ammassari, A and Balotta, C and Bandera, A and Bonfanti, P and Bonora, S and Borderi, M and Calcagno, A and Calza, L and Capobianchi, M.R and Cingolani, A and Cinque, P and De Luca, A and Di Biagio, A and Gianotti, N and Guaraldi, G and Lapadula, G and Madeddu, G and Maggiolo, F and Marcotullio, S and Monno, L and Quiros Roldan, E and Rossotti, R and Santoro, M.M and Saracino, A and Zaccarelli, M and Fanti, I and Galli, L and Rodano, A and Shanyinde, M and Tavelli, A and Carletti, F and Carrara, S and Di Caro, A and Graziano, S and Petrone, F and Prota, G and Quartu, S and Truffa, S and Giacometti, A and Costantini, A and Barocci, V and Angarano, G and Santoro, C and Suardi, C and Donati, V and Verucchi, G and Minardi, C and Quirino, T and Abeli, C and Manconi, P.E and Piano, P and Cacopardo, B and Celesia, B and Vecchiet, J and Falasca, K and Sighinolfi, L and Segala, D and Blanc, P and Vichi, F and Cassola, G and Viscoli, C and Alessandrini, A and Bobbio, N and Mazzarello, G and Mastroianni, C and Pozzetto, I and Caramma, I and Chiodera, A and Milini, P and Rizzardini, G and Moioli, M.C and ... and Icona Fdn Study Grp and Icona Foundation Study Group and for the Icona Foundation Study Group
BMC Medicine, ISSN 1741-7015, 05/2018, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 79 - 10
Journal Article
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 07/2017, Volume 72, Issue 7, pp. 2055 - 2059
Journal Article
by Cahn, Pedro and Madero, Juan Sierra and Arribas, José Ramón and Antinori, Andrea and Ortiz, Roberto and Clarke, Amanda E and Hung, Chien-Ching and Rockstroh, Jürgen K and Girard, Pierre-Marie and Sievers, Jörg and Man, Choy and Currie, Alexander and Underwood, Mark and Tenorio, Allan R and Pappa, Keith and Wynne, Brian and Fettiplace, Anna and Gartland, Martin and Aboud, Michael and Smith, Kimberly and Cassetti, Lidia and David, Daniel and Figueras, Laura and Losso, Marcelo and Lopardo, Gustavo and Lupo, Sergio and Porteiro, Norma and Sánchez, Marisa and Bloch, Mark and Cooper, David and Finlayson, Robert and Kelleher, Anthony and Koh, Kenneth and Lewis, David and McMahon, James and Moore, Richard and Roth, Norman and Shields, Matthew and De Wit, Stephane and Florence, Eric and Goffard, Jean-Christophe and Demeester, Remy and Lacor, Patrick and Vandercam, Bernard and Vandekerckhove, Linos and Angel, Jonathan and Baril, Jean-Guy and Conway, Brian and De Pokomandy, Alexandra and Szabo, Jason and Walmsley, Sharon and Bouchaud, Olivier and Chidiac, Christian and Delobel, Pierre and Goujard, Cecile and Katlama, Christine and Molina, Jean-Michel and Pialoux, Gilles and Philibert, Patrick and Bogner, Johannes and Esser, Stefan and Krznaric, Ivanka and Lehmann, Clara and Spinner, Christoph and Stellbrink, Hans-Jurgen and Stephan, Christoph and Stoehr, Albrecht and Barchi, Enrico and Caramello, Pietro and Castelli, Francesco and Cattelan, Anna Maria and D'Arminio Monforte, Antonella and Di Biagio, Antonio and Di Perri, Giovanni and Gori, Andrea and Maggiolo, Franco and Menzaghi, Barbara and Migliorino, Guglielmo and Mussini, Cristina and Penco, Giovanni and Puoti, Massimo and Rizzardini, Giuliano and Gulminetti, Roberto and Lazzarin, Adriano and Quirino, Tiziano and Sighinolfi, Laura and Viale, Pierluigi and Amaya Tapia, Gerardo and Andrade Villanueva, Jaime and Granados Reyes, Enrique R and Perez Rios, Alma and Santoscoy Gomez, Mario and Den Hollander, Jan and Rijnders, Bart and Hidalgo, José A and Hercilla Vasquez, Luis and Illescas, Luis and Olczak, Anita and Mansinho, Kamal and Correia Pacheco, Patricia Paula and ... and GEMINI Study Team
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 01/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10167, pp. 143 - 155
Journal Article