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6/2018, ISBN 1493971301
Book Chapter
mHealth, ISSN 2306-9740, 2015, Volume 1, pp. 19 - 19
Journal Article
mHealth, ISSN 2306-9740, 09/2019, Volume 5, pp. 39 - 39
Journal Article
10/2014, ISBN 9781461461692
Book Chapter
by Acerbi, E and Addy, T N and Akiyama, A and Aleksa, M and Aloisio, A and Alon, R and Ammosov, V V and Andari, N and Anders, C F and Anders, G and Andreazza, A and Anduaga, X S and Anulli, F and Arai, Y and Arce, A T. H and Arnault, C and Artoni, G and Assamagan, K and Augsten, K and Avramidou, R and Bailey, D C and Banas, E and Banfi, D and Baroncelli, A and Beauchemin, P H and Beccherle, R and Bechtle, P and Beckingham, M and Becks, K H and Beddall, A and Begel, M and Bellina, F and Belotskiy, K and Beltramello, O and Bentvelsen, S and Bernat, P and Bierwagen, K and Bindi, M and Black, K M and Blanchot, G and Blumenschein, U and Bobrovnikov, V B and Bogaerts, J A and Bohm, C and Bordoni, S and Borisov, A and Botterill, D and Brau, B and Brelier, B and Bremer, J and Brock, R and Bronner, J and Bruncko, D and Bruschi, M and Buat, Q and Buchholz, P and Budagov, I A and Bugge, L and Buszello, C P and Calkins, R and Caputo, R and Carminati, L and Carquin, E and Carter, A A and Casado, M P and Gimenez, V Castillo and Castro, N F and Cataldi, G and Catastini, P and Catmore, J R and Chafaq, A and Chapman, J W and Chareyre, E and Charlton, D G and Chavda, V and Cheatham, S and Chekanov, S and Chelstowska, M A and Chilingarov, A and Christov, A and Chromek-Burckhart, D and Chu, M L and Cinca, D and Coadou, Y and Coe, P and Collins, N J and Collins-Tooth, C and Coniavitis, E and Cortiana, G and Côté, D and Cowan, G and D’Auria, S and Danielsson, H O and Daya-Ishmukhametova, R K and De Castro, S and De Cecco, S and De La Taille, C and Devetak, E and Di Girolamo, A and Di Simone, A and ... and The ATLAS collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 6/2012, Volume 2012, Issue 6, pp. 1 - 50
Journal Article
Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN), ISSN 0895-2825, 01/2000, p. 05
Newspaper Article
The Palestine Post (1933-1950), 10/1945, p. 6
Newspaper Article
Star Tribune, ISSN 0895-2825, 01/2000
Newspaper Article
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