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high energy physics (2) 2
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veterinary drugs (2) 2
veterinary drugs - analysis (2) 2
veterinary medicine (2) 2
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Lancet Oncology, The, ISSN 1470-2045, 2014, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp. 406 - 414
Journal Article
by Domínguez‐Berjón, M. Felicitas and Pichiule‐Castañeda, Myrian and García‐Riolobos, M. Carmen and Esteban‐Vasallo, María D and Arenas‐González, Sonia M and Morán‐Arribas, Mónica and Verdejo‐Ortés, José and Zoni, Ana Clara and Álvarez‐Castillo, M. Carmen and Astray, Jenaro and Aguirre Martín‐Gil, Ramón and Casado López, Mariano and Cevallos García, Carlos and Diezma Criado, Juan Carlos and Granado de la Orden, Susana and Hernández Pascual, Montserrat and Martínez Vidal, Manuel and Moreno Guillén, Santiago and Ordobás Gavín, María and Rico Bermejo, Juan and Ruiz Alonso, Sergio and Zorrilla Torras, Belén and Ferruelo Magán, Manuela and García Valverde, Concepción and López Delgado, María Eugenia and Martínez Gómez, Marta and Martínez Urroz, María Belén and Pascual Malanda, Mercedes and Abad Esteban, Ana María and Alejo Díaz‐Zorita, Concepción and Alfaro León, Gisella and Alonso Martín, M del Pilar and Arbocco Morales, Fabiola María and Bravo Martin, Isabel and Cadenas Giralt, Rosario and Carmena Díaz, Silvia and Castro Pastor, María Luisa and Caudevilla Galligo, Fernando and Cobos López, Cristina and Crespo Fernández, María Rosa and Cruz Pérez, María and Escudero Rodrigo, David and Ferreiro La Sal, Lucia and Ferrer Signes, Miryam and Fortuny Gil, Almudena and García Rabanal, María del Mar and García Rodríguez, Ana Belén and García Soltero, Jesús and Gil Agapito, Paulo and Gómez Neo, Rosa and Góngora Maldonado, Francisco and González Fernández, Cristina and González San Segundo, Rosa María and Grandes Velasco, Sonia and Herrero Martínez, María José and Hidalgo Rodrigo, M. Ángeles and Hurtado La Torre, Reyes and López Uriarte, Beatriz and López‐Hermosa Seseña, Paloma and Martín García, Socorro and Menéndez Álvarez, Susana and Metola Gómez, Montserrat and Molero García, José María and Moreno Puerta, Sara Isabel and Moreno Valencia, Lucía and Muñoz Martínez de Salinas, Cristina and Muros Muñoz, Carmen María and Navarro Mellen, Julia and Orcera Valero, Ana and Prieto Barbosa, Dolores and Quintana Luzón, Celia and Ramos Zamorano, Azucena and Saa Sarria, Rosario and San Feliu Gilabert, M. Teresa and Sánchez Iñigo, Cristina and Sánchez Melero, M. Teresa and Santos Alonso, Belén and Valverde Vadillo, Concepción and Velasco Gutiérrez, Rafaela and Yepes Doblado, M Blanca and Zamorano Benito, Carmen and ESTVIH Grp and others members of the ESTVIH group
Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, ISSN 1356-1294, 12/2017, Volume 23, Issue 6, pp. 1408 - 1414
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Adam, I and Aleksan, R and Amerman, L and Antokhin, E and Aston, D and Bailly, P and Beigbeder, C and Benkebil, M and Besson, P and Bonneaud, G and Bourgeois, Ph and Breton, D and Briand, H and Brochard, F and Brown, D.N and Buzykaev, A and Chauveau, J and Cizeron, R and Cohen-Tanugi, J and Convery, M and Dardin, S and David, P and De Domenico, G and de la Vaissiere, C and de Lesquen, A and Dohou, F and Doser, M and Emery, S and Ferrag, S and Fouque, G and Gaidot, A and Ganzhur, S and Gastaldi, F and Geld, T and Genat, J.-F and Giraud, P.F and Gosset, L and Grenier, Ph and Haas, T and Hadig, T and Hale, D and Hamel de Monchenault, G and Hamon, O and Hartfiel, B and Hast, C and Hoecker, A and John, M and Kadel, R.W and Kadyk, J and Karolak, M and Kawahara, H and Krishnamurthy, M and Lacker, H and Lebbolo, H and Le Diberder, F and Legendre, M and Leruste, Ph and Libby, J and London, G.W and Long, M and Lory, J and Lu, A and Lutz, A.-M and Lynch, G and Malchow, R and Malcles, J and Mancinelli, G and McCulloch, M and McShurley, D and Martinez-Vidal, F and Matricon, P and Mayer, B and Meadows, B.T and Mikhailov, S and Mir, Ll.L and Muller, D and Noppe, J.-M and Ocariz, J and Ofte, I and Onuchin, A and Oshatz, D and Oxoby, G and Petersen, T and Pivk, M and Plaszczynski, S and Pope, W and Pripstein, M and Rasson, J and Ratcliff, B.N and Rei, R and Renard, P.C and Roos, L and Roussot, E and Salnikov, A and Sarazin, X and Schrenk, S and Schune, M.-H and Schwiening, J and Sen, S and Shelkov, V and ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, ISSN 0168-9002, 02/2005, Volume 538, Issue 1-3, pp. 281 - 357
A new type of ring-imaging Cherenkov detector is being used for hadronic particle identification in the BaBar experiment at the SLAC B Factory (PEP-II). This... 
PID | RICH | Cherenkov | Particle identification | DIRC | Ring imaging | PHYSICS, NUCLEAR | ASYMMETRIES | INSTRUMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION | ring imaging | CHERENKOV DETECTOR | NUCLEAR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY | particle identification | END ELECTRONICS CHAIN | PHYSICS | PHYSICS, PARTICLES & FIELDS | Physics | High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 2012, Volume 109, Issue 21, p. 211801
Although CP violation in the B meson system has been well established by the B factories, there has been no direct observation of time-reversal violation. The... 
Journal Article
世界胃肠病学杂志:英文版(电子版), ISSN 1007-9327, 2014, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp. 1038 - 1047
Journal Article
Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science, ISSN 0163-8998, 10/2015, Volume 65, Issue 1, pp. 403 - 427
The violation of CP symmetry between matter and antimatter in the neutral K and B meson systems is well established, with a high degree of consistency between... 
EPR entanglement | odd products | mesons | time reversal | violation | electric dipole moments | CP violation | Electric dipole moments | T-odd products | K mesons | B mesons | Time reversal | INVARIANCE | DECAY | ELECTRIC-DIPOLE MOMENT | PHYSICS, NUCLEAR | LIMIT | CP-VIOLATION | COLLOQUIUM | SYMMETRY | NEUTRINO OSCILLATIONS | KAON | PHYSICS | PHYSICS, PARTICLES & FIELDS | Symmetry (Physics) | Mesons | Matter | Research | Properties
Journal Article
by Aaij, R and Adinolfi, M and Ajaltouni, Z and Akar, S and Albrecht, J and Alessio, F and Alexander, M and Alkhazov, G and Alvarez Cartelle, Paula and Amato, S and Amerio, S and An, L and Anderlini, L and Andreassi, G and Andreotti, M and Andrews, J. E and Aquines Gutierrez, Osvaldo and d’Argent, P and Arnau Romeu, Joan and Artamonov, A and Baalouch, M and Babuschkin, I and Bachmann, S and Baesso, C and Baker, S and Barschel, C and Barsuk, S and Barter, W and Batsukh, B and Beaucourt, L and Beddow, J and Bedeschi, F and Bediaga, I and Bel, L. J and Bellee, V and Belloli, N and Belyaev, I and Benson, S and Benton, J and Berezhnoy, A and Bernet, R and Bertolin, A and Betti, F and Bettler, M.-O and Bifani, S and Birnkraut, A and Bitadze, A and Bizzeti, A and Blake, T and Blouw, J and Blusk, S and Bondar, A and Bondar, N and Bonivento, W and Borgheresi, A and Borghi, S and Borsato, M and Bossu, F and Boubdir, Meriem and Bowcock, T. J. V and Bozzi, C and Braun, S and Britsch, M and Britton, T and Brodzicka, J and Burr, C and Buytaert, J and Cadeddu, S and Calabrese, R and Calvi, M and Calvo Gomez, Miriam and Camboni, A and Campana, P and Carboni, G and Cardini, A and Casse, G and Castillo Garcia, Lucia and Cauet, Ch and Cavallero, G and Chefdeville, M and Cheung, S.-F and Chobanova, V and Chrzaszcz, M and Cid Vidal, Xabier and Clarke, P. E. L and Clemencic, M and Cliff, H. V and Cogan, J and Cogneras, E and Cogoni, V and Collins, P and Contu, A and Coquereau, S and Corti, G and Craik, D. C and Cruz Torres, M and D’Ambrosio, C and Da Cunha Marinho, F and Dall’Occo, E and Dalseno, J and ...
ISSN 0031-9007, 2016
Journal Article
by Sánchez, Alvaro and Silvestre, Carmen and Campo, Natalia and Grandes, Gonzalo and Plaza, Carmen Maturana and de Miguel Sanz, Carmen Mendinueta Maider and Viciana, Amaia Páez and Linacisoro, María Lierni and Sáenz, María Pilar and Rengel, José Miguel and Salazar, María José and Asenjo, Ángeles and Semperena, Coro and Garde, Esperanza and Aguirre, María Asunción and Míguez, María and Coloma, Mercedes and Bergera, Nora and Alonso, Isabel González and Isasmendi, Concepción and Torrecilla, Mercedes and Soto, Adela and Areta, Marisol and Felipe, Enma and Cuervo, Mariví and González, Ainhoa and Arbosa, Flor and García, Javier and Gutiérrez, Nerea and Aguirre, María Jesús Arratibel and Sánchez, Naiara Aramburu and Arnaiz, Irati Iza and Azcune, Arantxa and Lizaso, Elena and Iparraguirre, Janire and Goenaga, Lourdes and Errasti, Ana and García, María Luisa and Loyola, Miren Elixabet and Arruti, Amaia and Benítez, Ascensión and Domínguez, Imanol and Badiola, José Luis and Bernaras, María Jesús and Vidaror, Pedro and Fernández, Julia Huertas and Montiaga, Idoia Herrero and Pérez, Felix Menéndez and Ruiz, Judit Oribe and Alkiza, Iñigo and Careaga, María Ángeles López and González, Alberto López and Diez, Esperanza and Arce, Nagore and Rodríguez, Benedicta and Urrejola, Juana María Álava and Erviti, Elena and Cabrerizo, Ana and Quintana, Eva and Juan, Lourdes De and Ochoteco, María and Inda, Arantza and Becerra, Judit and López, Carmen and Idoiaga, Itxaso and Roca, Isabel and Monge, Maite and Cabrerizo, Ana Isabel and Gómez, Marta Pérez and Ansó, Mario Dolores Delgado and Martínez, Mario del Camino Alegre and Idirin, Marta Hierro and Villegas, Pilar Etxebarria and Sáenz, Juan Ignacio Salgado and Echevarría, Mónica Prieto and Aedo, Pilar Calvo and Paskual, Agurtzane and Beltrán, Milagros Aramburu and Chasco, Rocío Arina and Martínez, Esteban Sampedro and Alzugarai, Oihana Saiz and Lizargarte, Rosa Oronoz and Goya, Maisabel Maya and Liñero, Beatriz Larrinaga and Gaínza, Maria Angeles Sola and Ganzarain, Marian and Asenjo, Soledad and Oyarzun, Remedios and Espina, Rosa and Aranzadi, Onintza and Etxabe, Maddi and de Gracia, Araceli and Díaz, Gemma and Balague, Laura and Gañan, Nuria and Alberdi, Eider and Gil, Mercedes and Salaverría, Rosa and Alvarez, Mercedes and Gui