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by Raghu, Ganesh and Behr, Juergen and Brown, Kevin K and Egan, Jim J and Kawut, Steven M and Flaherty, Kevin R and Martinez, Fernando J and Nathan, Steven D and Wells, Athol U and Collard, Harold R and Costabel, Ulrich and Richeldi, Luca and De Andrade, Joao and Khalil, Nasreen and Morrison, Lake D and Lederer, David J and Shao, Lixin and Li, Xiaoming and Pedersen, Patty S and Montgomery, A. Bruce and Chien, Jason W and O’Riordan, Thomas G and Amin, Devendra and Baker, Albert and Baratz, David and Baughman, Robert and Cagino, Anthony and Chan, Andrew and Chapman, Jeffrey and Cordova, Francis and De Andrade, Joao and Edelman, Jeffrey and Enelow, Richard and Ettinger, Neil and Glassberg, Marilyn and Golden, Jeffrey and Ilowite, Jonathan and Kreider, Meryl and Kureishy, Shahrukh and Lancaster, Lisa and Lederer, David and Limper, Andrew and Morrison, Lake and Nathan, Steven and Strek, Mary and Padilla, Maria and Fisher, Micah and Riley, David and Mohabir, Paul and Safdar, Zeenat and Sahn, Steven and Schaumberg, Thomas and Beth Scholand, Mary and Smith, Cecilia and Sussman, Robert and Yung, Gordon and Saggar, Rajan and Zibrak, Joseph and Alvarez, Jorge and Chan, Kevin and Ruzi, Jonathan and McConnell, John and Mehta, Jinesh and Verghese, George and Talwar, Arunabh and Haddad, Tarick and Sood, Namita and Goldberg, Hilary and Sundar, Krishna and Ziedalski, Tomasz and Gibson, Kevin and Chan, Charles and Lien, Dale and Fell, Charlene and Fox, George and Khalil, Nasreen and Poirier, Charles and Provencher, Steeve and Wilcox, Pearce and Vilayi-Weiler, Zeev and Kramer, Mordechai and Yigla, Mordechai and Baloira, Adolfo and Behr, Juergen and Parakova, Zdenka and Schwarz, Yehuda and Martinez, Cristina and Ben-Dov, Issahar and Kahler, Christian and Xaubet, Antoni and Skrickova, Jana and Kolek, Vitezslav and Parfrey, Helen and Echave-Sustaeta, Jose and Wuyts, Wim and Geiser, Thomas and Muller-Quernheim, Joachim and Whyte, Moira and Pfeifer, Michael and Grohe, Christian and ... and ARTEMIS-IPF Investigators
Annals of Internal Medicine, ISSN 0003-4819, 05/2013, Volume 158, Issue 9, pp. 641 - 649
Journal Article
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