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Clinical Microbiology and Infection, ISSN 1198-743X, 04/2018, Volume 24, Issue 4, pp. 431.e5 - 431.e12
Objectives: We discussed which method between the test-negative design (TND) and the screening method (SM) could provide more robust real-time and... 
Life Sciences | Vaccinology | Immunology | Santé publique et épidémiologie
Journal Article
Clinical Microbiology and Infection, ISSN 1198-743X, 2019, Volume 25, Issue 9, pp. 1147 - 1153
Objectives: We aimed to identify patients' clinical characteristics associated with respiratory viruses identified among patients presenting with... 
Respiratory viruses | Influenza-like illness | Surveillance | Primary care | Influenza | Respiratory infections | INFECTIOUS DISEASES | INFECTIONS | ETIOLOGIES | MICROBIOLOGY | HUMAN METAPNEUMOVIRUS | SEASONAL INFLUENZA | SYNCYTIAL VIRUS | EPIDEMIOLOGY
Journal Article
Clinical Microbiology and Infection, ISSN 1198-743X, 04/2018, Volume 24, Issue 4, pp. 431.e5 - 431.e12
Objectives: We discussed which method between the test-negative design (TND) and the screening method (SM) could provide more robust real-time and... 
Life Sciences | Human health and pathology | Infectious diseases
Journal Article
by Kissling, E and Rondy, M and Kaić, Bernard and Horváth, Judit Kriszttina and Ferenczi, Annmária and Oroszi, Beatrix and Vizler, Zita and Hercegh, Éva and Szala, Bálin and Alfonsi, Valeria and Bella, Antonino and Paradowska-Stankiewicz, Iwona and Brydak, Lidia and Nunes, Baltazar and Machado, Ausenda and Rodrigues, Ana Paula and Gomez, Verónica and Kislaya, Irina and Uva, Mafalda Sousa and Guiomar, Raquel and Pechirra, Pedro and Cristóvao, Paula and Conde, Patrícia and Costa, Ines and Pitigoi, Daniela and Lupulescu, Emilia and Ivanciuc, Alina Elena and Lazar, Mihaela and Cherciu, Carmen Maria and Larrauri, Amparo and Gherasim, Alin and Pozo, Francisco and Comas, Luis García and Carril, Fernando Gonzalez and Castilla, Jesus and Quinones, Carmen and Giménez, Jaume and Castrillejo, Daniel and Amores, Madalen Oribe and Falchi, Alessandra and Vilcu, Ana-Maria and Souty, Cécile and Blanchon, Thierry and Behillil, Sylvie and Enouf, Vincent and Cité, Sornonne Paris and Lina, Bruno and Valette, Martine and Reuss, Anicka and Buda, Silke and Prahm, Kerstin and Wedde, Marianne and Martin, Maria and Biere, Barbara and O’Donnell, Joan and Domegan, Lisa and Kelly, Anita and Joyce, Michael and Collins, Claire and De Gascun, Cillian and Connell, Jeff and Tuite, Grainne and Duffy, Margaret and Moran, Joanne and Hogg, Bridget and Dunford, Linda and Brytting, Mia and Zakikhany, Katherina and De Lange, Marit and Donker, G and Johansen, Kari and Penttinen, Pasi and Syrjänen, Ritva and Nohynek, Hanna and Haveri, Anu and Launay, Odile and Galtier, Florence and Vanems, Philippe and Lainé, Fabrice and Lenzi, Nezha and Antmann, Katalin and Nagy, Kamilla and Gefenaite, Giedre and Kuliešė, Monika and Mickiene, Aukse and Jancoriene, Ligita and Zablockiene, Birute and Damuleviciene, Gyte and Grimalauskaite, Rita and Bagdonas, Alfredas and Casado, Itziar and Díaz-González, Jorge and Castilla, Jesús and Nitescu, Maria and Ceausu, Emanoil and Bejan, Codrina and Marbus, Sierk and I-Move I-Move Study Team and I-MOVE/I-MOVE+ study team
Eurosurveillance, ISSN 1025-496X, 02/2017, Volume 22, Issue 7, pp. 2 - 10
Journal Article
by Rondy, Marc and Kissling, Esther and Emborg, Hanne-Dorthe and Gherasim, Alin and Pebody, Richard and Trebbien, Ramona and Pozo, Francisco and Larrauri, Amparo and McMenamin, Jim and Valenciano, Marta and Kaic, Bernard and Filipovic, Sanja Kurecic and Visekruna-Vucina, Vesna and Novosel, Iva Pem and Lovric, Zvjezdana and Petrović, Goranka and Krause, Tyra Grove and Fische, Thea Kølsen and Lina, Bruno and Falchi, Alessandra and Vilcu, Ana-Maria and Souty, Cécile and Blanchon, Thierry and van der Werf, Sylvie and Enouf, Vincent and Behillil, Sylvie and Valette, Martine and Bernard-Stoecklin, Sibylle and Lévy-Bruhl, Daniel and Launay, Odile and Loulergue, Pierre and Lenzi, Nezha and Lesieur, Zineb and L’Honneur, Anne-Sophie and Galtier, Florence and Agostini, Camille and Serrand, Chris and Merle, Corinne and Foulongne, Vincent and Vanhems, Philippe and Lainé, Fabrice and Lagathu, Gisèle and Carrat, Fabrice and Buda, Silke and Preuss, Ute and Prahm, Kerstin and Schweiger, Brunhilde and Wedde, Marianne and Heider, Alla and Martin, Maria and Biere, Barbara and Duerrwald, Ralf and Domegan, Lisa and Coughlan, Laura and O’Donnell, Joan and Joyce, Michael and Collins, Claire and Dunford, Linda and Moran, Joanne and Tuite, Grainne and Duffy, Margaret and Connell, Jeff and de Gascun, Cillian and Rizzo, Caterina and Bella, Antonino and Alfonsi, Valeria and Castrucci, Maria Rita and Puzelli, Simona and Pagani, Elisabetta and Ghisetti, Valeria and Pariani, Elena and Baldanti, Fausto and Palù, Giorgio and D’Agaro, Pierlanfranco and Ansaldi, Filippo and Affanni, Paola and Rossolini, Gian Maria and Camilloni, Barbara and Bagnarelli, Patrizia and Sanguinetti, Maurizio and Atripaldi, Luigi and Chironna, Maria and Serra, Caterina and Vitale, Francesco and Chironna, Maria and Germinario, Cinzia and Orsi, Andrea and Manini, Ilaria and Montomoli, Emanuele and Napoli, Christian and Orsi, Giovanni Battista and Casado, Itziar and Castilla, Jesús and Fernandino, Leticia and Martínez-Baz, Iván and Ezpeleta, Guillermo and Navascués, Ana and Pérez-García, Alejandra and Aguinaga, Aitziber and Ezpeleta, Carmen and ... and I-Move I-Move Grp and I-MOVE/I-MOVE+ group
Eurosurveillance, ISSN 1025-496X, 03/2018, Volume 23, Issue 9, pp. 2 - 13
Journal Article
Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses, ISSN 1750-2640, 03/2019, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp. 148 - 157
Background Epidemiological analysis of past influenza epidemics remains essential to understand the evolution of the disease and optimize control and... 
influenza | primary care | epidemics | influenza‐like illness | surveillance | MORTALITY | INFECTIOUS DISEASES | NETWORK | DETERMINANTS | ILLNESS | influenza-like illness | CASE DEFINITIONS | VIROLOGY | COMMUNICABLE DISEASES | Epidemics | Influenza | Viruses | Vaccines | Regression analysis | Epidemiology | Disease control | Primary care | Hygiene | Original
Journal Article
Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses, ISSN 1750-2640, 07/2018, Volume 12, Issue 4, pp. 423 - 437
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Kissling, E and Rose, A and Emborg, HD and Gherasim, A and Pebody, R and Pozo, F and Trebbien, R and Mazagatos, C and Whitaker, H and Valenciano, M and Filipovic, SK and Visekruna-Vucina, V and Novosel, IP and Lovric, Z and Petrovic, G and Drazenovic, V and Vince, A and Topic, A and Mihalic, JB and Huljev, E and Luksic, B and Karabuva, S and Cikes, M and Helmuth, IG and Krause, TG and Lina, B and Falchi, A and Vilcu, AM and Souty, C and Blanchon, T and Launay, T and van der Werf, S and Enouf, V and Behillil, S and Valette, M and Launay, O and Lachatre, M and Lenzi, N and L'Honneur, AS and Galtier, F and Olivier, OG and Foulongne, V and Merle, C and Vanhems, P and Laine, F and Lagathu, G and Carrat, F and Penttinen, P and Buda, S and Preuss, U and Tolksdorf, K and Biere, B and Duerrwald, R and Smallfield, M and Wedde, M and Domegan, L and Hunt, M and O'Donnell, J and Joyce, M and Levis, O and Collins, C and Dunford, L and Moran, J and Tuite, G and Connell, J and de Gascun, C and Casado, I and Fernandino, L and Martinez-Baz, I and Juanbeltz, R and Ibanez, CG and Castilla, J and Navascues, A and Aguinaga, A and Ezpeleta, C and Meijer, A and van der Hoek, W and Bagheri, M and van den Brink, S and Dijkstra, F and Goderski, G and de Lange, M and Marzec, T and Overduin, P and Poorter, E and Reukers, D and Teirlinck, AC and Wijsman, L and Donker, G and Hooiveld, M and Gomez, V and Kislaya, I and Machado, A and Nunes, B and Rodrigues, AP and Conde, P and Costa, I and Cristovao, P and Guiomar, R and Pechirra, P and ... and European IVE Grp and European Ive Group and European IVE group
EUROSURVEILLANCE, ISSN 1560-7917, 02/2019, Volume 24, Issue 8, pp. 2 - 14
Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 and A(H3N2) viruses both circulated in Europe in October 2018-January 2019. Interim results from six studies indicate that 2018/19... 
INFECTIOUS DISEASES | Disease prevention | Vaccines | Disease control | Influenza | Older people | influenza | vaccine effectiveness | vaccines and immunisation | Rapid Communication | multicentre study | Europe | test-negative design | vaccination
Journal Article
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