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evolution (20) 20
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biology (19) 19
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dna (18) 18
emigration and immigration (18) 18
mtdna variation (18) 18
mutation (18) 18
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medicine (16) 16
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science (15) 15
admixture (14) 14
chromosomes, human, y (14) 14
escherichia coli - metabolism (14) 14
history, ancient (14) 14
ancestry (13) 13
biological anthropology (13) 13
human mitochondrial-dna (13) 13
language (13) 13
linguistics (13) 13
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origins (13) 13
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y chromosomes (12) 12
africa (11) 11
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gene pool (11) 11
genotype (11) 11
models, genetic (11) 11
archaeology (10) 10
founder effect (10) 10
life sciences (10) 10
modern humans (10) 10
positive selection (10) 10
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by Lazaridis, Iosif and Lazaridis, Iosif and Patterson, Nick and Patterson, Nick and Mittnik, Alissa and Mittnik, Alissa and Renaud, Gabriel and Renaud, Gabriel and Mallick, Swapan and Mallick, Swapan and Kirsanow, Karola and Kirsanow, Karola and Sudmant, Peter H and Sudmant, Peter H and Schraiber, Joshua G and Schraiber, Joshua G and Castellano, Sergi and Castellano, Sergi and Lipson, Mark and Lipson, Mark and Berger, Bonnie and Berger, Bonnie and Economou, Christos and Economou, Christos and Bollongino, Ruth and Bollongino, Ruth and Fu, Qiaomei and Fu, Qiaomei and Bos, Kirsten I and Bos, Kirsten I and Nordenfelt, Susanne and Nordenfelt, Susanne and Li, Heng and Li, Heng and de Filippo, Cesare and De Filippo, Cesare and Prüfer, Kay and Prüfer, Kay and Sawyer, Susanna and Sawyer, Susanna and Posth, Cosimo and Posth, Cosimo and Haak, Wolfgang and Haak, Wolfgang and Hallgren, Fredrik and Hallgren, Fredrik and Fornander, Elin and Fornander, Elin and Rohland, Nadin and Rohland, Nadin and Delsate, Dominique and Delsate, Dominique and Francken, Michael and Francken, Michael and Guinet, Jean-Michel and Guinet, Jean-Michel and Wahl, Joachim and Wahl, Joachim and Ayodo, George and Ayodo, George and Babiker, Hamza A and Babiker, Hamza A and Bailliet, Graciela and Bailliet, Graciela and Balanovska, Elena and Balanovska, Elena and Balanovsky, Oleg and Balanovsky, Oleg and Barrantes, Ramiro and Barrantes, Ramiro and Bedoya, Gabriel and Bedoya, Gabriel and Ben-Ami, Haim and Ben-Ami, Haim and Bene, Judit and Bene, Judit and Berrada, Fouad and Berrada, Fouad and Bravi, Claudio M and Bravi, Claudio M and Brisighelli, Francesca and Brisighelli, Francesca and Busby, George B J and Busby, George B.J and Cali, Francesco and Cali, Francesco and Churnosov, Mikhail and Churnosov, Mikhail and Cole, David E C and Cole, David E.C and Corach, Daniel and Corach, Daniel and Damba, Larissa and Damba, Larissa and Van Driem, George and van Driem, George and Dryomov, Stanislav and Dryomov, Stanislav and Dugoujon, Jean-Michel and Dugoujon, Jean-Michel and ... and Humanistiska fakulteten and Stockholms universitet and Institutionen för arkeologi och antikens kultur and Arkeologiska forskningslaboratoriet
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