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carcinoma, hepatocellular - etiology (6) 6
carcinoma, hepatocellular - pathology (6) 6
carcinoma, hepatocellular - surgery (6) 6
carcinoma, hepatocellular - therapy (6) 6
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American Heart Journal, ISSN 0002-8703, 07/2019, Volume 213, pp. 35 - 46
Journal Article
by Beyer-Westendorf, Jan and Camm, A. John and Fox, Keith A. A and Le Heuzey, Jean-Yves and Haas, Sylvia and Turpie, Alexander G. G and Virdone, Saverio and Kakkar, Ajay K and Pieper, Karen S and Kayani, Gloria and Gersh, Bernard J and Hildebrandt, P and Dominguez, H and Comuth, W and Frost, L and Moller, D.S and Christensen, H and Bruun, L.M and Milhem, A and Gauthier, J and Mielot, C and Chanseaume, S and Chopra, S and Amlaiky, A and Tricot, O and Sierra, V and Dompnier, A and Zannad, N and Pinzani, A and Quatre, A and Mansourati, J and Fauchier, L and Badenco, N and Gandjbakhch, E and Chachoua, K.F and Malquarti, V and Pierron, F and Sacher, F and Taieb, J and Davy, J.M and Marijon, E and Lellouche, N and Leenhardt, A and Salem, A and Lesto, I and Muller, J.J and Garcia, R and Neau, J.P and Berneau, J.B and Schön, N and Gulba, D and Appel, K.F and Merke, J and Dshabrailov, J and Bauknecht, C and Scheuermann, O and Schröder, T and Jung, W and Kopf, A and Brachmann, J and Leschke, M and Taggeselle, J and Seige, M and Läßig, T and Appel, S and Schmiedl, M and Müller, K and Heinz, G.U and Axthelm, C and Eberhard, K and Hügl, B and Schwarz, T and Sechtem, U and Falanga, A and Rubino, V and Calo, L and Ageno, W and Massari, F and Imberti, D and Di Gennaro, L and Gaita, F and Margonato, A and Cannava, G and Capasso, F and Diemberger, I and Pelliccia, F and Cafolla, A and Bardari, S and Mattei, L and Ruocco, L and Boriani, G and Poli, D and Testa, S and Indolfi, C and Quintavalla, R and Mos, L and Ladyjanskaia, G and Aksoy, I and Van De Wetering, M and Theunissen, L and ... and RIVER Registry Investigators and for the RIVER Registry Investigators
Thrombosis Journal, ISSN 1477-9560, 04/2019, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp. 7 - 11
Journal Article
Journal Article
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 11/2014, Volume 25, Issue 11, pp. 2251 - 2260
Original, population-based estimates of indicators of long-term survival and cure in cancer patients are provided. More than a quarter of cancer patients in... 
prevalence | Italy | cancer cure | survival | BREAST-CANCER | EUROPE | MODELS | ONCOLOGY | COLON | Demography | Prevalence | Humans | Middle Aged | Male | Disease-Free Survival | Neoplasms - therapy | Ethnic Groups | Adolescent | Adult | Female | Aged | Neoplasms - pathology | Neoplasms - epidemiology | Original
Journal Article
by Petta, S and Cabibbo, G and Barbara, M and Attardo, S and Bucci, L and Farinati, F and Giannini, E. G and Tovoli, F and Ciccarese, F and Rapaccini, G. L and Di Marco, M and Caturelli, E and Zoli, M and Borzio, F and Sacco, R and Virdone, R and Marra, F and Felder, M and Morisco, F and Benvegnù, L and Gasbarrini, A and Svegliati‐Baroni, G and Foschi, F. G and Olivani, A and Masotto, A and Nardone, G and Colecchia, A and Persico, M and Boccaccio, V and Craxì, A and Bruno, S and Trevisani, F and Cammà, C and Biselli, Maurizio and Caraceni, Paolo and Cucchetti, Alessandro and Domenicali, Marco and Piscaglia, Fabio and Gramenzi, Annagiulia and Granito, Alessandro and Magalotti, Donatella and Serra, Carla and Negrini, Giulia and Napoli, L and Napoli, Lucia and Salvatore, Veronica and Benevento, Francesca and Gazzola, Alessia and Murer, Francesca and Pozzan, Caterina and Vanin, Veronica and Moscatelli, Alessandro and Pellegatta, Gaia and Picciotto, Antonino and Savarino, Vincenzo and Poggio, Paolo Del and Olmi, Stefano and Matthaeis, Nicoletta and Balsamo, Claudia and Vavassori, Elena and Roselli, Paola and Dell'Isola, Serena and Ialungo, Anna Maria and Rastrelli, Elena and Rini, Francesca and Costantino, Andrea and Affronti, Andrea and Affronti, Marco and Mascari, Marta and Mega, Andrea and Pompili, Maurizio and Rinninella, Emanuele and Mismas, Valeria and Dall'Aglio, Anna Chiara and Feletti, Valentina and Lanzi, Arianna and Cappa, Federica Mirici and Neri, Elga and Stefanini, Giuseppe Francesco and Tamberi, Stefano and Biasini, Elisabetta and Missale, Gabriele and Guarino, Maria and Ortolani, Alessio and Chiaramonte, Maria and Marchetti, Fabiana and Valerio, Matteo and Aburas, Sami and Inghilesi, Andrea L and Cappelli, Alberta and Golfieri, Rita and Mosconi, Cristina and Renzulli, Matteo and Coccoli, Piero and Zamparelli, Marco Sanduzzi and Italian Liver Canc ITA LI CA Grp and Italian Liver Cancer (ITA.LI.CA) Group and the Italian Liver Cancer (ITA.LI.CA) Group
Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, ISSN 0269-2813, 01/2017, Volume 45, Issue 1, pp. 160 - 168
Journal Article
by Morisco, Filomena and Guarino, Maria and Valvano, Maria R and Auriemma, Francesco and Farinati, Fabio and Giannini, Edoardo G and Ciccarese, Francesca and Tovoli, Francesco and Rapaccini, Gian Ludovico and Di Marco, Maria and Caturelli, Eugenio and Zoli, Marco and Borzio, Franco and Sacco, Rodolfo and Cabibbo, Giuseppe and Felder, Martina and Benvengù, Luisa and Gasbarrini, Antonio and Svegliati Baroni, Gianluca and Foschi, Francesco G and Biasini, Elisabetta and Masotto, Alberto and Virdone, Roberto and Marra, Fabio and Caporaso, Nicola and Trevisani, Franco and Sessa, Anna and Marafatto, Filippo and Peserico, Giulia and Pozzan, Caterina and Brunacci, Matteo and Moscatelli, Alessandro and Pellegatta, Gaia and Savarino, Vincenzo and Del Poggio, Paolo and Olmi, Stefano and Matthaeis, Nicoletta and Balsamo, Claudia and Vavassori, Elena and Roselli, Paola and Lauria, Valentina and Pelecca, Giorgio and Mismas, Valeria and Rossi, Margherita and Attardo, Simona and Cavani, Giulia and Mega, Andrea and Rinninella, Emanuele and Ortolani, Alessio and Bevilacqua, Vittoria and Chiara Dall'Aglio, Anna and Ercolani, Giorgio and Fiorini, Erica and Casadei Gardini, Andrea and Lanzi, Arianna and Mirici Cappa, Federica and Missale, Gabriele and Porro, Emanuela and Marchetti, Fabiana and Valerio, Matteo and Affronti, Andrea and Orlando, Emanuele and Rosa Barcellona, Maria and Aburas, Sami and Dragoni, Gabriele and Campani, Claudia and Biselli, Maurizio and Bucci, Laura and Caraceni, Paolo and Cucchetti, Alessandro and Domenicali, Marco and Garuti, Francesca and Gramenzi, Annagiulia and Magalotti, Donatella and Serra, Carla and Granito, Alessandro and Negrini, Giulia and Napoli, Lucia and Piscaglia, Fabio and Italian Liver Canc ITA LI CA Grp and the Italian Liver Cancer (ITA.LI.CA) group
Liver International, ISSN 1478-3223, 11/2018, Volume 38, Issue 11, pp. 2028 - 2039
Journal Article
Journal of Hepatology, ISSN 0168-8278, 2015, Volume 64, Issue 2, pp. S333 - S334
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article