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plant sciences (19) 19
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molecular sequence data (17) 17
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genetics & heredity (14) 14
microbiology (13) 13
sugarcane (13) 13
genes (11) 11
genomics (11) 11
magnetotellurics (11) 11
genome, bacterial (10) 10
geosciences, multidisciplinary (10) 10
physiological aspects (10) 10
research (10) 10
base sequence (9) 9
biochemistry & molecular biology (9) 9
brazil (9) 9
electrical-conductivity (9) 9
genetic aspects (9) 9
genomes (9) 9
plant diseases - microbiology (9) 9
plants (9) 9
remote sensing (9) 9
sequence analysis, dna (9) 9
amino acid sequence (8) 8
animals (8) 8
bacteria (8) 8
fungi (8) 8
gene expression (8) 8
humans (8) 8
lithosphere (8) 8
mantle (8) 8
phylogeny (8) 8
conductivity (7) 7
expression (7) 7
genetics (7) 7
growth (7) 7
inversion (7) 7
multidisciplinary sciences (7) 7
resistance (7) 7
saccharum - microbiology (7) 7
tectonics (7) 7
virulence (7) 7
basins (6) 6
biotechnology & applied microbiology (6) 6
earth (6) 6
medicine (6) 6
metabolism (6) 6
proteins (6) 6
anomalies (5) 5
biology (5) 5
central brazil (5) 5
chemistry (5) 5
chestnut blight (5) 5
electromagnetic induction (5) 5
evolution (5) 5
geophysics (5) 5
identification (5) 5
magnetotelluric data (5) 5
pathogen (5) 5
plate tectonics (5) 5
research article (5) 5
saccharum (5) 5
saccharum spp (5) 5
science (5) 5
ustilago-scitaminea (5) 5
virulence - genetics (5) 5
agriculture, multidisciplinary (4) 4
anisotropy (4) 4
arabidopsis (4) 4
ascomycota - genetics (4) 4
bacterial proteins - genetics (4) 4
bacterial proteins - metabolism (4) 4
biochemistry (4) 4
biosynthesis (4) 4
crust (4) 4
crusts (4) 4
decomposition (4) 4
discrimination (4) 4
distortion (4) 4
dna (4) 4
dna, bacterial - genetics (4) 4
earth sciences (4) 4
electric properties (4) 4
environmental sciences (4) 4
escherichia-coli (4) 4
gene library (4) 4
genome sequence (4) 4
geology (4) 4
gram-negative bacteria (4) 4
imaging science & photographic technology (4) 4
magmatic activity (4) 4
magnetovariational fields (4) 4
meteorology & atmospheric sciences (4) 4
mice (4) 4
minerals (4) 4
mitochondrial dna (4) 4
morin (4) 4
neurospora-crassa (4) 4
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Journal Article
Journal of Bacteriology, ISSN 0021-9193, 02/2003, Volume 185, Issue 3, pp. 1018 - 1026
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GENETIC DIVERSITY | 16S RDNA | PATHOGEN | ISLAND | MICROBIOLOGY | IDENTIFICATION | FAMILY | Molecular Sequence Data | Gammaproteobacteria - genetics | Plant Diseases - microbiology | Genome, Bacterial | Citrus - microbiology | Base Sequence | Genomics and Proteomics
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Xylella fastidiosa is a fastidious, xylem-limited bacterium that causes a range of economically important plant diseases. Here we report the complete genome... 
Journal Article
by Bairoch, A and Bougueleret, L and Altairac, S and Amendolia, V and Auchincloss, A and Puy, GA and Axelsen, K and Baratin, D and Blatter, MC and Boeckmann, B and Bollondi, L and Boutet, E and Quintaje, SB and Breuza, L and Bridge, A and deCastro, E and Coral, D and Coudert, E and Cusin, I and Dobrokhotov, P and Dornevil, D and Duvaud, S and Estreicher, A and Famiglietti, L and Feuermann, M and Gehant, S and Farriol-Mathis, N and Ferro, S and Gasteiger, E and Gateau, A and Gerritsen, V and Gos, A and Gruaz-Gumowski, N and Hinz, U and Hulo, C and Hulo, N and Ioannidis, V and Ivanyi, I and James, J and Jain, E and Jimenez, S and Jungo, F and Junker, V and Keller, G and Lachaize, C and Lane-Guermonprez, L and Langendijk-Genevaux, P and Lara, V and Lemercier, P and Le Saux, V and Lieberherr, D and Lima, TD and Mangold, V and Martin, X and Michoud, K and Moinat, M and Moreira, C and Morgat, A and Nicolas, M and Ohji, S and Paesano, S and Pedruzzi, I and Perret, D and Phan, I and Pilbout, S and Pillet, V and Poux, S and Redaschi, N and Reynaud, S and Rivoire, C and Roechert, B and Sapsezian, C and Schneider, M and Sigrist, C and da Silva, M and Sonesson, K and Stutz, A and Sundaram, S and Tognolli, M and Verbregue, L and Veuthey, AL and Vitorello, C and Yip, L and Apweiler, R and Alam-Faruque, Y and Barrell, D and Bower, L and Browne, P and Chan, WM and Daugherty, L and Donate, ES and Eberhardt, R and Fedotov, A and Foulger, R and Fraser, G and Frigerio, G and Garavelli, J and Golin, R and Horne, A and Jacobsen, J and ... and UniProt Consortium and The UniProt Consortium
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The ability to store and interconnect all available information on proteins is crucial to modern biological research. Accordingly, the Universal Protein... 
ANNOTATION | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | Proteins - genetics | Amino Acid Sequence | Proteins - physiology | User-Computer Interface | Databases, Protein | Systems Integration | Internet | Proteins - chemistry
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The Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) provides a stable, comprehensive, freely accessible, central resource on protein sequences and functional annotation.... 
DATABASE | ANNOTATION | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | Proteins - genetics | Proteins - physiology | Sequence Analysis, Protein | User-Computer Interface | Viral Proteins - chemistry | Databases, Protein | Genomics | Systems Integration | Proteins - analysis | Internet
Journal Article
Genome Research, ISSN 1088-9051, 12/2003, Volume 13, Issue 12, pp. 2725 - 2735