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by Akakubo, N and Kagawa, N and Yabuuchi, A and Silber, S. J and Yamaguchi, S and Nagumo, Y and Takai, Y and Ishihara, S and Takehara, Y and Kato, O and Kocent, J and Hu, J. C. Y and Neri, Q. V and Rosenwaks, Z and Palermo, G. D and Armuand, G and Rodriguez-Wallberg, K and Wettergren, L and Lampic, C and Martinez-Soto, J. C and Domingo, J. C and Cordovilla, B and Gadea, J and Landeras, J and Sadri-Ardekani, H and Akhondi, M. M and van der Veen, F and de Rooij, D. G and Repping, S and van Pelt, A. M. M and Vanacker, J and Luyckx, V and Dolmans, M. M and Amorim, C. A and Van Langendonckt, A and Donnez, J and Camboni, A and Gavella, M and Lipovac, V and Siftar, Z and Garaj-Vrhovac, V and Gajski, G and Gook, D and Borg, J and Edgar, D. H and Brink-van der Vlugt, J. J and Van der Velden, V. H. J and Noordijk, A and Timmer-Bosscha, H and Tissing, W. J. E and Land, J. A and Hollema, H and Van Echten-Arends, J and Alvarez, J. G and Gosalvez, A and Velilla, E and Lopez-Teijon, M and Lopez-Fernandez, C and Gosalvez, J and Kristensen, S. G and Rasmussen, A and Yding Andersen, C and Raziel, A and Friedler, S and Gidoni, Y and Ben Ami, I and Kaufman, S and Omansky, A and Strassburger, D and Komarovsky, D and Bern, O and Kasterstein, E and Komsky, A and Maslansky, B and Ron-El, R and Fujimoto, A and Osuga, Y and Ichinose, M and Oishi, H and Harada, M and Koizumi, M and Takemura, Y and Yano, T and Taketani, Y and Molnar, Z and Mokanszki, A and Benyo, M and Bazsane Kassai, Z and Olah, E and Jakab, A and Rodriguez-Wallberg, K. A and Vonheim, E and Gumus, E and Persson, I and Lundqvist, M and Karlstrom, P. O and Hovatta, O and Pasqualotto, F. F and Teixeira, R and Medeiros, G. S and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 07/2011, Volume 26, Issue suppl_1, pp. i248 - i256
Journal Article
Upsala journal of medical sciences, ISSN 0300-9734, 04/2020, Volume 125, Issue 2, pp. 112 - 120
Journal Article
BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, ISSN 2052-4897, 11/2017, Volume 5, Issue 1, p. e000459
ObjectiveTo assess the status of type 2 diabetes care in general practice and changes in the quality of care between 2005 and 2014, and to identify areas of... 
Journal Article
ISSN 2052-4897, 2017
Objective: To assess the status of type 2 diabetes care in general practice and changes in the quality of care between 2005 and 2014, and to identify areas of... 
Journal Article
HUMAN REPRODUCTION, ISSN 0268-1161, 2011, Volume 26, p. I253
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