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blasting (7) 7
functional features or details of lighting devices or systemsthereof (7) 7
heating (7) 7
lighting (7) 7
mechanical engineering (7) 7
non-portable lighting devices (7) 7
structural combinations of lighting devices with otherarticles, not otherwise provided for (7) 7
systems thereof (7) 7
vehicle lighting devices specially adapted for vehicleexteriors (7) 7
weapons (7) 7
indexing scheme associated with subclasses f21k, f21l, f21sand f21v, relating to theform or the kind of the light sources or of the colour of thelight emitted (5) 5
light sources not otherwise provided for (5) 5
light sources using charges of combustible material (5) 5
light sources using electrochemiluminescence (5) 5
light sources using semiconductor devices as light-generatingelements (5) 5
non-electric light sources using luminescence (5) 5
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