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by Kassoff, Aaron and Buzney, Sheldon M and McMeel, J. Wallace and Weiter, John J and Doyle, Gerald J and Immerman, Rodney L and Friedman, Gerald R and Klein, Michael L and Dreyer, Richard and Chenoweth, Richard and Handelman, Irvin and Hohl, Richard and Biesbroeck, Robert and Sipperley, Jack and Garcia, Charles A and Bloome, Michael A and Ruiz, Richard S and Riekhof, F. Tempel and Bohart, William A and Goodart, Roy A and Clarke, Dana H and Orth, David H and Flood, Timothy P and Packo, Kirk H and Malhotra, Jayant and Rahmani, Akbar and Winter, Edward J and Bhatia, Harish and Murphy, Robert P and Fine, Stuart L and Elman, Michael J and Ferris, Frederick L and Prout, Thaddeus E and Patz, Arnall and Rice, Thomas A and Newsome, David and Aiello, Lloyd M and Rand, Lawrence I and Shah, Sabera T and Cooppan, Ramachandiran and Cavallerano, Jerry and Poole, Robert and Silver, Philip and Briones, Jose and Wafai, Mohammed Z and Asmal, Abdul C and Franklin, Rudolph M and Arend, Laurence and Bergsma, Donald and Turkish, Lance and Beer, Paul and Carroll, Denis and Thomas, Edgar and Burton, Thomas C and Abrams, Gary W and Kim, Hak-Joong and Williams, George A and Topping, Trexler M and Reeser, Frederick H and Aaberg, Thomas M and Brinton, Gregory S and Kingham, James K and Meredith, Travis A and Margherio, Raymond R and Murphy, Patrick L and Cox, Morton S and Trese, Michael and Winokur, Steven and Ai, Everett and Sorenson, Robert and Arsham, Gary and Cavender, John and Kopelow, Stanley M and Shabo, Alan L and Briones, Jose C and Hornichter, Richard D and Blair, Norman P and Goldberg, Morton F and Lindberg, C. Ronald and Ross, Neil L and Hauser, Lynn E and Cunha-Vaz, Jose and Ernest, J. Terry and Liang, James C and Cohen, Steven B and Vygantas, Charles and Williams, Gerald and Flynn, Harry W and Blankenship, George W and Knobloch, William H and Ramsay, Robert C and Cantrill, Herbert L and Goetz, Frederick C and Hoogwerf, Byron and Berrocal, José and Pérez, Raúl and Umpierre, A. Ramos and Kinyoun, James L and Kalina, Robert E and Wells, Craig G and ...
JAMA, ISSN 0098-7484, 09/1992, Volume 268, Issue 10, pp. 1292 - 1300
Objectives.—This report presents information on the effects of aspirin on mortality, the occurrence of cardiovascular events, and the incidence of kidney... 
Journal Article
Zoology in the Middle East, ISSN 0939-7140, 01/1999, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp. 109 - 119
The distribution of reef building corals in relation to water pollution was studied at three localities in the Red Sea: Ras Umm Seid at Sharm El-Sheikh... 
Coral reefs | Red Sea | species diversity | Gulf of Suez | pollution | Egypt | Species diversity | Pollution
Journal Article
Zoology in the Middle East, ISSN 0939-7140, 01/1999, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp. 99 - 108
The distribution of reef building corals was studied at Ras Umm Seid, Sharm El-Sheikh. Massive corals were found to be more abundant than other growth forms. A... 
ordination | Red Sea | species diversity | marine ecology | coral reefs | Coral reefs | Species diversity | Marine ecology | Ordination
Journal Article
Conflict and Health, ISSN 1752-1505, 12/2017, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 33 - 12
Background: The Syrian armed conflict is the worst humanitarian tragedy this century. With approximately 470,000 deaths and more than 13 million people... 
Humanitarian | Non-communicable diseases | Conflict | Health | Mortality | Data | Syria | ATTACKS | CHALLENGES | ALEPPO | PUBLIC, ENVIRONMENTAL & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH | HUMAN-RIGHTS | RESPONSE SYSTEM | DISEASE | DISPLACEMENT | REFUGEES | Health aspects | Public health | Medical informatics | Data entry
Journal Article
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, ISSN 0038-0768, 06/1986, Volume 32, Issue 2, pp. 201 - 210
A sand culture experiment was conducted using four wheat varieties viz. Sakha 8 (V 1 ), Sonalika (V 2 ), Sakha 3 (V 3 ) and Soltane (V 4 ). Plants were... 
salt tolerance | micronutrient uptake | dry matter yield | Micronutrient uptake | Salt tolerance | Dry matter yield
Journal Article
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