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by Lees, J.P and Poireau, V and Tisserand, V and Grauges, E and Palano, A and Eigen, G and Stugu, B and Brown, D.N and Kerth, L.T and Kolomensky, Yu.G and Lee, M.J and Lynch, G and Koch, H and Schroeder, T and Hearty, C and Mattison, T.S and McKenna, J.A and So, R.Y and Khan, A and Blinov, V.E and Buzykaev, A.R and Druzhinin, V.P and Golubev, V.B and Kravchenko, E.A and Onuchin, A.P and Serednyakov, S.I and Skovpen, Yu.I and Solodov, E.P and Todyshev, K.Yu and Yushkov, A.N and Lankford, A.J and Mandelkern, M and Dey, B and Gary, J.W and Long, O and Campagnari, C and Franco Sevilla, M and Hong, T.M and Kovalskyi, D and Richman, J.D and West, C.A and Eisner, A.M and Lockman, W.S and Schumm, B.A and Seiden, A and Chao, D.S and Cheng, C.H and Echenard, B and Flood, K.T and Hitlin, D.G and Miyashita, T.S and Ongmongkolkul, P and Porter, F.C and Andreassen, R and Huard, Z and Meadows, B.T and Pushpawela, B.G and Sokoloff, M.D and Sun, L and Bloom, P.C and Ford, W.T and Gaz, A and Nauenberg, U and Smith, J.G and Wagner, S.R and Ayad, R and Toki, W.H and Spaan, B and Schwierz, R and Bernard, D and Verderi, M and Playfer, S and Bettoni, D and Bozzi, C and Calabrese, R and Cibinetto, G and Fioravanti, E and Garzia, I and Luppi, E and Piemontese, L and Santoro, V and Calcaterra, A and De Sangro, R and Finocchiaro, G and Martellotti, S and Patteri, P and Peruzzi, I.M and Piccolo, M and Rama, M and Zallo, A and Contri, R and Guido, E and Lo Vetere, M and Monge, M.R and Passaggio, S and Patrignani, C and Robutti, E and Bhuyan, B and Prasad, V
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 05/2014, Volume 112, Issue 21
Journal Article
by Aaltonen, T and Akimoto, T and Anastassov, A and Apresyan, A and Ashmanskas, W and Aurisano, A and Barbaro-Galtieri, A and Boudreau, J and Brigliadori, L and Burke, S and Campanelli, M and Chou, J.P and Choudalakis, G and Chuang, S.H and Chung, Y.S and Clark, D and Compostella, G and De Barbaro, P and Deisher, A and De Lorenzo, G and Dionisi, C and D'Onofrio, M and Eusebi, R and Fang, H.C and Freeman, J.C and Garosi, P and Golossanov, A and González, O and Grinstein, S and Grosso-Pilcher, C and Hahn, K and Happacher, F and Harr, R.F and Henderson, C and Hocker, A and Hsu, S.-C and Jang, D and Joo, K.K and Kim, D.H and Kim, M.J and Kimura, N and Kotwal, A.V and Kroll, J and Krutelyov, V and Kwang, S and Laasanen, A.T and Lath, A and Lecompte, T and Lee, E and Lee, S.W and Liss, T.M and Lungu, G and Lyons, L and Madrak, R and Martin, V and Masubuchi, T and Mattson, M.E and Mesropian, C and Miyake, H and Morello, M.J and Muller, Th and Nagai, Y and Norman, M and Nurse, E and Oh, S.H and Okusawa, T and Orava, R and Pagan Griso, S and Pashapour, S and Piacentino, G and Plager, C and Potamianos, K and Rescigno, M and Richter, S and Rogers, E and Schmidt, A and Semenov, A and Sfyrla, A and Shreyber, I and Smith, J.R and Stanitzki, M and Suzuki, T and Takeuchi, Y and Teng, P.K and Tipton, P and Torre, S and Totaro, P and Tu, Y and Vellidis, C and Vidal, M and Vidal, R and Vilar, R and Vine, T and Wagner, P and Wakisaka, T and Warburton, A and Wright, T and Yamamoto, K and Yoh, J and Zhang, X and CDF Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 08/2009, Volume 103, Issue 9, pp. 092002 - 092002
Journal Article
by Aaltonen, T and Akimoto, T and Amidei, D and Anastassov, A and Apresyan, A and Artikov, A and Attal, A and Barnes, V.E and Barria, P and Behari, S and Bellinger, J and Benjamin, D and Beretvas, A and Bodek, A and Brau, B and Brigliadori, L and Byrum, K.L and Campbell, M and Carlsmith, D and Casal, B and Chen, Y.C and Chertok, M and Chung, W.H and Chwalek, T and Deisher, A and Di Giovanni, G.P and Flanagan, G and Franklin, M and Garberson, F and Giordani, M and Giurgiu, G and Goshaw, A.T and Grosso-Pilcher, C and Group, R.C and Hare, D and Hatakeyama, K and Henderson, C and Hewamanage, S and Hill, C.S and Introzzi, G and Kamon, T and Karchin, P.E and Ketchum, W and Kim, Y.K and Kondo, K and Konigsberg, J and Krutelyov, V and Kubo, T and Kuhr, T and Kulkarni, N.P and Lander, R.L and Lath, A and Lister, A and Loginov, A and Lungu, G and Maksimovic, P and Martin, A and McIntyre, P and Mehta, A and Mills, C and Milnik, M and Mitselmakher, G and Miyake, H and Moggi, N and Moon, C.S and Movilla Fernandez, P and Nett, J and Neubauer, S and Nodulman, L and Oakes, L and Oh, Y.D and Pauletta, G and Phillips, T.J and Piacentino, G and Pinera, L and Rademacker, J and Saarikko, H and Savoy-Navarro, A and Schmitt, M and Schwarz, T and Sfyrla, A and Shon, Y and Snider, F.D and Soha, A and Somalwar, S and Sorin, V and Strycker, G.L and Tanaka, R and Tecchio, M and Thom, J and Ttito-Guzmán, P and Totaro, P and Vine, T and Wang, S.M and Waters, D and Williams, G and Wu, X and Yamamoto, K and Yeh, G.P and Yoh, J
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 06/2009, Volume 102, Issue 24
Journal Article
by Aaltonen, T and Akimoto, T and Álvarez González, B and Amidei, D and Arisawa, T and Artikov, A and Ashmanskas, W and Aurisano, A and Binkley, M and Blocker, C and Blumenfeld, B and Brigliadori, L and Burke, S and Burkett, K and Buzatu, A and Canepa, A and Catastini, P and Chlebana, F and Cho, K and Chou, J.P and Chwalek, T and Conway, J and Crescioli, F and Cully, J.C and Demortier, L and Di Giovanni, G.P and Dittmann, J.R and Errede, D and Feild, R.G and Gallinaro, M and Garberson, F and Gerberich, H and Giannetti, P and Gibson, K and Giurgiu, G and Glagolev, V and Golossanov, A and Goncharov, M and Guimaraes Da Costa, J and Harris, R.M and Hartz, M and Kar, D and Kilminster, B and Korytov, A and Kroll, J and Kulkarni, N.P and Kurata, M and Lath, A and Lewis, J.D and Litvintsev, D.O and Martínez-Ballarín, R and Masubuchi, T and McFarland, K.S and McNulty, R and Merkel, P and Miladinovic, N and Miller, R and Moon, C.S and Morlock, J and Movilla Fernandez, P and Oh, Y.D and Orava, R and Papaikonomou, A and Patrick, J and Paulini, M and Peiffer, T and Penzo, A and Pounder, N and Proudfoot, J and Ptohos, F and Ranjan, N and Rogers, E and Russ, J and Rusu, V and Schlabach, P and Scuri, F and Seidel, S and Sfyrla, A and Shon, Y and Sinervo, P and Sisakyan, A and Sliwa, K and Strologas, J and Takashima, R and Takeuchi, Y and Teng, P.K and Tkaczyk, S and Tokar, S and Tomura, T and Tonelli, D and Vázquez, F and Volobouev, I and Weinberger, M and Williams, H.H and Wolbers, S and Wright, T and Yu, S.S and Zhang, X and Zheng, Y and Zucchelli, S
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 06/2009, Volume 102, Issue 24
Journal Article
Journal Article
by J. Albert and H. Anderhub and P. Antoranz and A. Armada and M. Asensio and C. Baixeras and J. A. Barrio and M. Bartelt and D. Bastieri and S. R. Bavikadi and W. Bednarek and K. Berger and C. Bigongiari and A. Biland and E. Bisesi and R. K. Bock and P. Bordas and V. Bosch-Ramon and E. Carmona and A. Chilingarian and S. Ciprini and J. A. Coarasa and S. Commkhau and J. L. Contreras and J. Cortina and V. Danielyan and F. Dazzi and A. De Angelis and B. De Lotto and E. Domingo-Santamaria and D. Dorner and M. Fagiolini and E. Fernandez and R. Firpo and M. V. Fonseca and M. Fuchs and N. Galante and M. Garczarczyk and M. Gaug and M. Giller and T. Hengstebeck and C. C. Hsu and P. G. Isar and P. Jacon and O. Kalekin and R. Kosyra and M. Laatiaoui and A. Laille and T. Lenisa and P. Liebing and E. Lindfors and S. Lombardi and M. López and E. Lorenz and F. Lucarelli and P. Majumdar and G. Maneva and K. Mannheim and O. Mansutti and M. Mariotti and M. Martínez and K. Mase and M. Meyer and J. M. Miranda and N. Otte and D. Paneque and R. Paoletti and M. Pasanen and D. Pascoli and N. Pavel and R. Pegna and M. Persic and L. Peruzzo and M. Poller and G. Pooley and A. Raymers and W. Rhode and M. Ribó and B. Riegel and M. Rissi and G. E. Romero and S. Rügamer and A. Saggion and A. Sánchez and V. Scalzotto and V. Scapin and R. Schmitt and T. Schweizer and M. Shayduk and K. Shinozaki and S. N. Shore and D. Sobczynska and A. Stamerra and P. Temnikov and M. Teshima and N. Tonello and H. Vankov and V. Vitale and R. M. Wagner and T. Wibig
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 6/2006, Volume 312, Issue 5781, pp. 1771 - 1773
Journal Article