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by Borszewska-Kornacka, Maria Katarzyna and Gulczynska, Ewa and Kostuch, Marzena and Korbal, Piotr and Krajewski, Pawel and Hajdar, Riad and Szczepanski, Marek and Kublin-Korzonkiewicz, Jolanta and Sadowska-Krawczenko, Iwona and Szczepanska, Katarzyna and Warzycha, Jolanta and Zielinski, Grzegorz and Pruszak, Wawrzyniec and Gargula, Wojciech and Krzysztofowicz, Agata and Polkowska, Agata and Dziegielewska, Malgorzata and Gendera-Dudziak, Marzena and Danek, Józef and Siuda-Calus, Magdalena and Fiala, Malgorzata and Pazera, Grazyna and Walbach-Golebiowska, Anna and Bochenska, Agata and Lauterbach, Pawel and Orczyk, Marta and Piatkowska, Anna and Rafinska-Wazny, Elzbieta and Rzepecka-Weglarz, Beata and Szmit, Elzbieta and Adamek, Alicja and Chudzik, Anita and Jedrzejewska, Beata and Kesiak, Marcin and Plominska, Karolina and Frankowska-Majchrzak, Miroslawa and Meller, Jolanta and Chrzanowska-Grzywacz, Dominika and Bierla, Katarzyna and Rudowska, Elzbieta and Tim-Kanar, Joanna and Jaskot, Brygida and Jaworska, Anna and Powoniak, Alicja and Sciszek, Anna and Cioch, Elzbieta and Stefanska, Malgorzata and Kordek, Agnieszka and Patalan, Jacek and Olechowski, Wieslaw and Dabrowska, Hanna and Górczynska, Malgorzata and Klemke, Malgorzata and Kornacka, Maria K and Kostro, Maria and Kozlowska, Joanna and Kurzatkowska, Magdalena and Michalek-Baranowska, Hanna and Pawlik, Olga and Resko-Zachara, Marzanna and Rutkowska, Magdalena and Wilanowicz-Salek, Anna and Witwicki, Jacek M and Zytynska-Daniluk, Joanna and Dudziak, Kamila and Janusz, Tomasz and Pajak, Agata and Behrendt, Jakub and Szymanska, Anna and Polish Study Grp
Ginekologia Polska, ISSN 0017-0011, 2016, Volume 87, Issue 7, pp. 498 - 503
Journal Article
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