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Gastroenterology, ISSN 0016-5085, 2016, Volume 150, Issue 2, pp. 529 - 529
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Jones, Allison R and Patel, Rakesh P and Marques, Marisa B and Donnelly, John P and Griffin, Russell L and Pittet, Jean-Francois and Kerby, Jeffrey D and Stephens, Shannon W and DeSantis, Stacia M and Hess, John R and Wang, Yao-Wei W and Wang, Henry E and Holcomb, John B and Wade, Christine and Wade, Sarah E and Wade, Charles E and del Junco, Deborah J and Fox, Erin E and Matijevic, Nena and Podbielski, Jeanette and Beeler, Angela M and Tilley, Barbara C and Baraniuk, Sarah and Zhu, Jay G and Zhu, Hongjian and Nixon, Joshua and Seay, Roann and Appana, Savitri N and Yang, Hui and Gonzalez, Michael O and Baer, Lisa and Hula, Brittany S and Espino, Elena and Nguyen, An and Pawelczyk, Nicholas and Arora-Nutall, Kisha D and Sharma, Rishika and Cardenas, Jessica C and Rahbar, Elaheh and Burnett, Tyrone and Clark, David and van Belle, Gerald and May, Susanne and Leroux, Brian and Hoyt, David and Powell, Judy and Sheehan, Kellie and Hubbard, Alan and Arkin, Adam P and Callum, Jeanne and Cotton, Bryan A and Vincent, Laura and Welch, Timothy and Poole, Tiffany and Pivalizza, Evan G and Gumbert, Sam D and Bai, Yu and McCarthy, James J and Noland, Amy and Hobbs, Rhonda and Bulger, Eileen M and Klotz, Patricia and Cattin, Lindsay and Warner, Keir J and Wilson, Angela and Wilson, Suzanne and Boman, David and White, Nathan and Grabinsky, Andreas and Daniel-Johnson, Jennifer A and Cohen, Mitchell J and Callcut, Rachael A and Nelson, Janice M and Nelson, Allia and Nelson, Mary and Redick, Brittney and Conroy, Amanda and Steurer, Marc P and Maxim, Preston C and Fiebig, Eberhard and Moore, Joanne and Mallari, Eireen and Muskat, Peter and Johannigman, Jay A and Robinson, Bryce R.H and Branson, Richard D and Gomaa, Dina and Barczak, Christopher and Bennett, Suzanne and Carey, Patricia M and Miller, Beth and Miller, Christopher N and Hancock, Helen and Rodriguez, Carolina and Inaba, Kenji and Wong, Monica D and Menchine, Michael and Katzberg, Kelly and Henderson, Sean O and McKeever, Rodney and ... and PROPPR Study Group
Annals of Emergency Medicine, ISSN 0196-0644, 06/2019, Volume 73, Issue 6, pp. 650 - 661
The transfusion of older packed RBCs may be harmful in critically ill patients. We seek to determine the association between packed RBC age and mortality among... 
Mortality | Analysis
Journal Article
by Aihara, Hiroaki and Allende Prieto, Carlos and An, Deokkeun and Anderson, Scott F and Aubourg, Éric and Balbinot, Eduardo and Beers, Timothy C and Berlind, Andreas A and Bickerton, Steven J and Bizyaev, Dmitry and Blanton, Michael R and Bochanski, John J and Bolton, Adam S and Bovy, Jo and Brandt, W. N and Brinkmann, J and Brown, Peter J and Brownstein, Joel R and Busca, Nicolas G and Campbell, Heather and Carr, Michael A and Chen, Yanmei and Chiappini, Cristina and Comparat, Johan and Connolly, Natalia and Cortes, Marina and Croft, Rupert A. C and Cuesta, Antonio J and da Costa, Luiz N and Davenport, James R. A and Dawson, Kyle and Dhital, Saurav and Ealet, Anne and Ebelke, Garrett L and Edmondson, Edward M and Eisenstein, Daniel J and Escoffier, Stephanie and Esposito, Massimiliano and Evans, Michael L and Fan, Xiaohui and Femenía Castellá, Bruno and Font-Ribera, Andreu and Frinchaboy, Peter M and Ge, Jian and Gillespie, Bruce A and Gilmore, G and González Hernández, Jonay I and Gott, J. Richard and Gould, Andrew and Grebel, Eva K and Gunn, James E and Hamilton, Jean-Christophe and Harding, Paul and Harris, David W and Hawley, Suzanne L and Hearty, Frederick R and Ho, Shirley and Hogg, David W and Holtzman, Jon A and Honscheid, Klaus and Inada, Naohisa and Ivans, Inese I and Jiang, Linhua and Johnson, Jennifer A and Jordan, Cathy and Jordan, Wendell P and Kazin, Eyal A and Kirkby, David and Klaene, Mark A and Knapp, G. R and Kneib, Jean-Paul and Kochanek, C. S and Koesterke, Lars and Kollmeier, Juna A and Kron, Richard G and Lampeitl, Hubert and Lang, Dustin and Le Goff, Jean-Marc and Lee, Young Sun and Lin, Yen-Ting and Long, Daniel C and Loomis, Craig P and Lucatello, Sara and Lundgren, Britt and Lupton, Robert H and Ma, Zhibo and MacDonald, Nicholas and Mahadevan, Suvrath and Maia, Marcio A. G and Makler, Martin and Malanushenko, Elena and Malanushenko, Viktor and Mandelbaum, Rachel and Maraston, Claudia and Margala, Daniel and Masters, Karen L and McBride, Cameron K and McGehee, Peregrine M and McGreer, Ian D and Ménard, Brice and ... and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, ISSN 0067-0049, 04/2011, Volume 193, Issue 2, p. 29
Journal Article
by Abazajian, Kevork N and Adelman-McCarthy, Jennifer K and Agüeros, Marcel A and Allam, Sahar S and Allende Prieto, Carlos and An, Deokkeun and Anderson, Kurt S. J and Anderson, Scott F and Annis, James and Bahcall, Neta A and Bailer-Jones, C. A. L and Barentine, J. C and Bassett, Bruce A and Becker, Andrew C and Beers, Timothy C and Bell, Eric F and Belokurov, Vasily and Berlind, Andreas A and Berman, Eileen F and Bernardi, Mariangela and Bickerton, Steven J and Bizyaev, Dmitry and Blakeslee, John P and Blanton, Michael R and Bochanski, John J and Boroski, William N and Brewington, Howard J and Brinchmann, Jarle and Brinkmann, J and Brunner, Robert J and Budavári, Tamás and Carey, Larry N and Carliles, Samuel and Carr, Michael A and Castander, Francisco J and Cinabro, David and Connolly, A. J and Csabai, István and Cunha, Carlos E and Czarapata, Paul C and Davenport, James R. A and de Haas, Ernst and Dilday, Ben and Doi, Mamoru and Eisenstein, Daniel J and Evans, Michael L and Evans, N. W and Fan, Xiaohui and Friedman, Scott D and Frieman, Joshua A and Fukugita, Masataka and Gänsicke, Boris T and Gates, Evalyn and Gillespie, Bruce and Gilmore, G and Gonzalez, Belinda and Gonzalez, Carlos F and Grebel, Eva K and Gunn, James E and Györy, Zsuzsanna and Hall, Patrick B and Harding, Paul and Harris, Frederick H and Harvanek, Michael and Hawley, Suzanne L and Hayes, Jeffrey J. E and Heckman, Timothy M and Hendry, John S and Hennessy, Gregory S and Hindsley, Robert B and Hoblitt, J and Hogan, Craig J and Hogg, David W and Holtzman, Jon A and Hyde, Joseph B and Ichikawa, Shin-ichi and Ichikawa, Takashi and Im, Myungshin and Ivezić, Željko and Jester, Sebastian and Jiang, Linhua and Johnson, Jennifer A and Jorgensen, Anders M and Jurić, Mario and Kent, Stephen M and Kessler, R and Kleinman, S. J and Knapp, G. R and Konishi, Kohki and Kron, Richard G and Krzesinski, Jurek and Kuropatkin, Nikolay and Lampeitl, Hubert and Lebedeva, Svetlana and Lee, Myung Gyoon and Lee, Young Sun and Leger, R. French and Lépine, Sébastien and Li, Nolan and Lima, Marcos and