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by Fauci, Anthony and Sullivan, Patrick and Birx, Ambassador Deborah L and Parks, Christopher and Ackerman, Margaret and Rasmussen, Beth and Burgener, Adam D and Kashuba, Angela and Rasheed, Ata Ur and Okoye, Afam and Johnson, Amy and Hatzold, Karin and Chatora, Kumbirai and Gomez, Anabel and Lolekha, Rangsima and Krebs, Shelly and Kwong, Peter D and Ferreira, Roux-Cil and Garrett, Nigel and Williamson, Carolyn and Van Ryk, Donald and Chen, Lei and Joyce, Gordon and Hope, Thomas and Anderson, Meegan and Galiwango, Ronald and Shahabi, Kamnoosh and Mugwanya, Kenneth and Parikh, Urvi M and Palanee-Phillips, Thesla and Calabrese, Sarah K and Hansen, Nathan B and Gandhi, Monica and Doncel, Gustavo F and Doncel, Gustavo F and Cheshenko, Natalia and Mauck, Christine K and Thurman, Andrea R and Yandura, Sarah and McGowan, Ian and Winaitham, Santi and Ungsedhapand, Chaiwat and Hensley-Mcbain, Tiffany and Kashuba, Angela D.M and Baum, Marc and Littlefield, Sarah and Littlefield, Sarah and Clark, Meredith and Gumber, Sanjeev and Zuria, Chiara and Fauci, Anthony and Arthos, James and Ortiz, Alexandra and Seddiki, Nabila and Sok, Devin and Jiang, Xunqing and Totrov, Max and Kwa, Suefen and Smith, S. Abigail and Lakhi, Shabir and Nonyane, Molati and Kwong, Peter D and Shapiro, Lawrence and Vijayakumar, Balakrishnan and Mkhize, Nonhlanhla N and Gristick, Harry and Klein, Florian and Nsanzimana, Sabin and Balán, Iván and Farley, Jason and Musyoki, Helgar and Owino, Caleb and Ojiambo, Vincent and Ohaga, Spala and Robb, Merlin and Wegmann, Frank and Zahn, Roland and Schuitemaker, Hanneke and Tomaras, Georgia and Frahm, Nicole and Siegel, Aaron and Cranston, Ross D and Arps, James and Dezzutti, Charlene and Hu, Minlu and Weinberg, Winkler and Spreen, William and Warren, Mitchell and Inambao, Mubiana and Karita, Etienne and Venzon, David and Brandon, Keele and Gray, Glenda and Ogola, Simon and Anzala, Omu and Jones, Jennifer and Ochsenbauer, Christina and Chen, Bing and Seaman, Michael and Meyn, Leslie A and ...
AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, ISSN 0889-2229, 10/2016, Volume 32, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 409
Journal Article
by Wolff, Luis Paulo Galvão and Vassallo, Jose and Bahamondes, Luis Gillermo and Monteiro, Ilza Urbano and Weber, Kathleen and Schmidt, Norine and Chhabra, Pankdeep and Kissinger, Patty and Berkowitz, Karen Michele and McGee, Elizabeth A and Tao, Tao and Nestler, John E and Tsao, Te hung and Wu, Hui Ying and Hsu, Chin Hsing and Tu, Jui Hung and Matsuda, Yui and Jallo, Nancy and Jones, Jo and Daniels, Kimberly and Figueiredo, Bárbara and Figueiredo, Bárbara and Figueiredo, Bárbara and Morrison, Lauryn and Loseva, Victoria and Garcia, Lina Fernanda and Fletcher, Mary Ann and Shuster, Lynne T and Thielen, Jacqueline and Sood, Richa and Swanson, Janice and Marnach, Mary and Mundell, Kelsey and Brooks, Judith and Maria Born, Ana and Hoggard, Adreanne and Desper, David Dale and Johns, Tracy and Willard, Cindylee and McLemore, Monica R and Hirth, Jacqueline and Berenson, Abbey B and MacMullen, Nancy J and Ismail, Mohammed and Kim, Tani and Rashidi, Batool and Hosseine, Soheila and Beigi, Pooya and Medeiros, Mauriceia Costa and Veiga, Daniela Francescato and Ribeiro, Leda Marques and Sabino-Neto, Miguel and Sabino-Neto, Miguel and Abla, Luiz Eduardo and Abla, Luiz Eduardo and Juliano, Yara and Ferreira, Lydia Masako and Ferreira, Lydia Masako and Zhang, Ting and Ying, Yongxiang and Huang, Yijuan and Gong, Jian and Hu, Lingqing and Groutz, Asnat and Justo, Dan and Fried, Lise E and Dryden, Eileen and Knowles, Alice and Arsenault, Lisa and Sabia, Patrick and Harney, Kathleen and Mkanta, William and Ibekwe, Opuruiche and Fu, Rongwei and Gaidos, Jill K.J and Vinekar, Kavita and Vahratian, Anjel and Zochowski, Melissa and Dalton, Vanessa and Vigod, Simone N and Seeman, Mary V and Ray, Joel G and Anderson, Geoffrey M and Dennis, Cindy-Lee and Grigoriadis, Sophie and Brecht, Mary Lynn and Ahmed, Bina and Minissian, Margo and Shufelt, Chrisandra and Barbosa, Lyliana Coutinho Resende and Barbosa, Lyliana Coutinho Resende and Milan, Mariana Harumi and Francisco, Antonio Marcos Coldibelli and Francisco, Antonio Marcos Coldibelli and de Cássia Vieira Archangelo, Silvânia and de Cássia Vieira Archangelo, Silvânia and Arbeli, Cristiane and Ribeiro, Leda Marques and Veiga, Daniela Francescato and Archangelo, Silvania Cassia Vieira and ...
Journal of Women's Health, ISSN 1540-9996, 04/2012, Volume 21, Issue 4, pp. A-1 - A-61
Journal Article
New York Times (Online), 07/2017
The photographer Lauren Welles sees a tableau of collective escape on the beach. 
Newspaper Article
The New York Times, ISSN 0362-4331, 07/2017, p. 7
Newspaper Article
New York Times, ISSN 0362-4331, 07/2017
Newspaper Article
by Wagner, Carol L and Howard, Cindy R and Haiek, Laura N and Haiek, Laura N and Nyqvist, Kerstin Hedberg and Måstrup, Ragnhild and West, Julie and Phillips, Raylene and Mansaray, Aminata and Yetman, Robert and Berens, Pamela and Edwards, Roger A and Lenell, Amy and Cardarelli, Tina and Demirci, Jill and Bogen, Debra and Holland, Cynthia and Tarr, Jill and Nemecek, Marianne and Chang, Judy and Spence, Erin Hamilton and Riley, David and Lynch, Mary Frances and Haggerty, Katie and Spinks, Hayley and Criss, Alondra and Brodribb, Wendy and Miller, Yvette and Amir, Lisa and Donath, Susan and Geraghty, Sheela and McNamara, Kelly and Dillon, Chelsea and Hogan, Joseph and Kwiek, Jesse and Keim, Sarah and Knorr, Aimee and Elio, Ruth and Wilson, Geri and Petrosino, Susan and Nesbeth, Carlos and Ossei, Mina and Khaliq, Sabeen and Richie, William and Bailey, Rahn and Stuebe, Alison and Black, Naima and Pigur, Katja and McKinley, Jeretha and Abramson, Rachel and Hernandez, Wandy and Dumas, Louise and Lepage, Mario and Bystrova, Ksenia and Matthiesen, Ann-Sofi and Welles-Nyström, Barbara and Widström, Ann-Marie and Ware, Julie and Semenic, Sonia and Parrilla-Rodríguez, Ana M and Bruno-Lozano, Natalie and Reyes-Ortiz, Víctor E and Rodríguez-Velázquez, María del C and Vázquez-Rosa, María D and Torres-Pabón, Suheil M and Álvarez-Sotomayor, Nidia and Vega-Muñiz, Marisol and Kotwal, Nidhi and Kochhar, Rashi and Bhatt, Neel S and Chandranath, Linda and Hand, Ivan L and Noble, Anita and Noble, Lawrence and Ware, Julie and Schetzina, Karen and Grubb, Peter and Rothschild, Tod and Fuks, Aleksandr and Rothenberg, Susan and Walsh, Allison and Nastasi, Samantha and McNamara, James and Wyble, Jonathan and Weiss, Leslie and Wyble, Lance and Williams, Mark and Robertson, Virginia and Lieto, Lauren and Ustianov, Jennifer and Feldman-Winter, Lori and Heinrich, Pat and Homer, Charles and Morris, Jerrine and Long, Sahira and Long, Sahira and Bugg, Kimarie and Bugg, George and Young, Michal and Chyjek, Kathy and ...
Breastfeeding Medicine, ISSN 1556-8253, 10/2013, Volume 8, Issue S1, pp. S-1 - S-20
Journal Article
by Adams, Inez and Mandelblatt, Jeanne and Huang, Ellen and Gomez, Scarlett Lin and Gomez, Scarlett Lin and Morris, Pagan and Wang, Judy and Ahn, Sukhee and Kim, Jeungim and Alhusen, Jeanne and Sharps, Phyllis and Campbell, Jacquelyn and Armstong, Mary Anne and Chasnoff, Ira and Wi, Sharon and Tucker, Lue-Yen and Bello-Mojeed, Mashudat and Adeyemi, Joseph and Adewuya, Abiodun and Bobo, Janet Kay and Greek, April G and Brouwer, Rebecca and Carter-Edwards, Lori and Østbye, Truls and Huber, Larissa R. Brunner and Alkhazraji, Thamara and Burton, Candace and Humphreys, Janice and Halpern-Felsher, Bonnie and Rehm, Roberta and Rankin, Sally and Cavanaugh, Courtenay and Messing, Jill and Amanor-Boadu, Yvonne and O'Sullivan, Chris and Webster, Daniel and Campbell, Jacquelyn and Choi, Moon and Mezuk, Briana and Covington, Chandice and Gautam, Bibha and Said Abdullah, Mohamed and Anzala, Omu and Juma, Meshack and Borkow, Gadi and Daley, Ellen and DeBate, Rita and Marhefka, Stephanie and Anstey, Erica and Smith, Sarah and Dancy, Barbara and Jere, Diana and Kachingwe, Sitingawawa and Kaponda, Chrissie and Norr, James and Norr, Kathleen and Dyer, Karen and Baker, Elizabeth and Syfrett, Members of the University of South Florida Transdisciplinary Women's Health Collaborative, Judith and Denny, Elaine and Culley, Lorraine and Deschamps, Marie Marcelle and Dadaille, Tania and Marcelin, Abdias and Dolbier, Christyn and Sahadeo, Latoya and Woolard, North Carolina Community Child Health Network, Richard and Dyer, Hedda and Callender, Diana and Ricketts, Paul and Faulkner, Susan and Gainor, Sara Jane and Conn, Mary Ellen and Allen, Amy and Brown, Pamela and Madhavan, S. Suresh and Vona-Davis, Linda and Shreiman, Judith and Remick, Scot C and Finkelstein, Joseph and Glasgow, Yonnette M and Wallace, A. Scyatta and Townsend, G. Tiffany and Ojie, Mary Jane and Griffin, Keri and De La Cruz, Natalie and Grimley, Diane and Hawkins, Kevin and Ozminkowski, Ronald J and Ekness, Janelle G and Bottone, Frank G and Migliori, Richard J and Hayman, Brenda and Wilkes, Lesley and Halcomb, Elizabeth and Hayward, Alison and Ashley, Linnea and Ntalo, Julius and Lee, Anne and Huang, Yan and ...
Journal of Women's Health, ISSN 1540-9996, 03/2011, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 455 - 504
Journal Article
Philadelphia Tribune, ISSN 0746-956X, 01/2003, Volume 119, Issue 16
Lauren Kahn, a former Philadelphia Futures mentor, and a licensed clinical social worker, lead a roomful of participants in a workshop that she designed at the... 
Higher education | Education | Interpersonal communication | Colleges & universities | Personal relationships | Social responsibility | Human relations | Volunteers
Newspaper Article
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, ISSN 0175-7598, 08/2017, Volume 101, Issue 15, pp. 6229 - 6240
The concentration of sulphate present in wastewater can vary from 10 to 500 mg SO4 2−/L. During anaerobic conditions, sulphate is reduced to sulphide by... 
Sulphate-reducing bacteria | Biological nutrients removal | Sulphate reduction activity | Wastewater treatment | Electron acceptor inhibition | Life Sciences | Biotechnology | Microbiology | Microbial Genetics and Genomics | PHOSPHORUS | NITRATE | SULFIDE TOXICITY | SULFUR | AUTOTROPHIC DENITRIFICATION | BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY | KINETICS | BIOLOGICAL REMOVAL | GROWTH | REDUCING BACTERIA | NITRITE | Propionates - metabolism | Bacteria - metabolism | Sulfates - analysis | Temperature | Sulfates - metabolism | Oxidation-Reduction | Waste Water - chemistry | Acetates - metabolism | Bacterial Physiological Phenomena | Bacteria - genetics | Oxygen - metabolism | Bacteria - growth & development | Bacteria - isolation & purification | Lactates - metabolism | Waste Disposal, Fluid - methods | Bioreactors | Sulfides - metabolism | Kinetics | Sewage - microbiology | Electrons | Oxidation-reduction reaction | Chemical properties | Sludge | Observations | Sulfates | Electron affinity | Phosphates | Activated sludge | Organic carbon | Wastewater treatment plants | Inactivation | Sulfides | Reduction | Phosphorus removal | Temperature effects | Bioaccumulation | Phosphate | Bacteria | Inhibition | Carbon sources | Nutrient removal | Sulfate reduction | Oxygen | Deactivation | Batch reactors | Biological wastewater treatment | Propionic acid | Anaerobic conditions | Phosphorus | Exposure | Nitrogen | Wastewater facilities | Feeding | Water treatment plants | Lactic acid | Nitrogen dioxide | Environmental Biotechnology
Journal Article
McClatchy - Tribune Business News, 11/2013
  The vote count has see-sawed since Election Day see-sawing in the race as voter registrars correct slip-ups and count absentee and provisional ballots. 
Voter behavior | Attorneys general | Voting machines | Local elections
Newspaper Article
McClatchy - Tribune Business News, 11/2013
  The vote count has see-sawed since Election Day see-sawing in the race as voter registrars correct slip-ups and count absentee and provisional ballots. 
Attorneys general | Voting machines
Newspaper Article
McClatchy - Tribune Business News, 10/2008
  Though the county is known more for its retiree population than young adults, the number of registered voters in the county who are 18-21 years old has more... 
Mock conventions & elections | Candidates | Presidential elections | Political campaigns | Local elections
Newspaper Article
McClatchy - Tribune Business News, 02/2008
  Tanner said the genesis for the regional approach, which he hopes would be copied by other states, grew out of the fact that Immigration and Customs... 
Aliens | Counties | State government
Newspaper Article
McClatchy - Tribune Business News, 11/2008
  During a Land Management Committee discussion on Monday over whether to allow St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church in Bluffton to grow by granting it a... 
Catholic churches | Church & state | Councils | Zoning ordinances
Newspaper Article
Daily Press, 07/2013
  For the talent portion of the contest, which was held in Roanoke, [Desiree Williams] performed "Cubana Cubana" on the piano, according to the Miss Virginia... 
Newspaper Article
Daily Press, 11/2013
  "Voters in Virginia have spoken, their voices have been heard and I am honored to have won their votes and their trust to become Virginia's next Attorney... 
Newspaper Article
Daily Mail (London, England), ISSN 0307-7578, 01/2010, p. 54
  'You need to know who you're dealing with and I don't think you do yet,' she said. '[Orson Welles] will promise you the moon and the stars -- he is very good... 
Newspaper Article
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