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by Kobayashi, J and Yoshida, M and Tarui, S and Hirata, M and Takahashi, K and Naruse, K and Kasahara, S and Sano, S and Oh, H and Halbach, M and Peinkofer, G and Baumgartner, S and Krausgrill, B and Fatima, A and Hescheler, J and Saric, T and Mueller-Ehmsen, J and Kamakura, T and Makiyama, T and Sasaki, K and Hattori, T and Ohno, S and Yoshida, Y and Horie, M and Kimura, T and Guan, K and Streckfuss-Boemeke, K and Wolf, F and Azizian, A and Stauske, M and Tiburcy, M and Wagner, S and Maier, L. S and Zimmermann, W. H and Hasenfuss, G and Mehta, A and Sequiera, G. L and Sudibyo, Y and Jun, L and Wong, P and Liew, R and Shim, W and Dambrot, C and Braam, S. R and Freund, C. M. A. H and Van De Pas, S and Ward-Van Oostwaard, D and Atsma, D. E and Mummery, C. L and Shigeta, T and Kureishi Bando, Y and Aoyama, M and Monji, A and Mitsui, T and Cheng, X. W and Murohara, T and Saikawa, T and Nishio, S and Takahashi, N and Thuc, L. C and Saito, S and Fukui, A and Kume, O and Hara, M and Nakagawa, M and Teshima, Y and Radovits, T and Olah, A and Nemeth, B and Hidi, L and Birtalan, E and Kokeny, G and Szabo, G and Merkely, B and Rottlaender, D and Wolny, M and Motloch, L. J and Gebing, T and Reda, S and Hoppe, U. C and Feijoo-Bandin, S and Rodriguez-Penas, D and Garcia-Rua, V and Otero, M. F and Mosquera-Leal, A and Gonzalez-Juanatey, J. R and Lago, M. F and Dimitriadis, K and Tsioufis, C and Tsiachris, D and Kasiakogias, A and Psaltopoulou, T and Tzamou, V and Mazaraki, A and Andrikou, I and Pitsavos, C and Stefanadis, C and Mill, J. G and Rodrigues, S. L and Baldo, M. P and ... and on behalf of IRTG - 1566 PROMISE and on behalf of The SAVIOR investigators and on behalf of On behalf of the PLATelet inhibition and patient Outcomes (PLATO) investigators and on behalf of EPES Acute Cardiac Care group and on behalf of WHICH? Trial Investigators and on behalf of Prof. Geibel. PD Dr. Harloff, Dr. Guenther and on behalf of Italian ClinicalService Project and on behalf of PL-ACS Invaestigators and on behalf of EmbraceAC Study Group and on behalf of CHFN and on behalf of The interventional working group of the lebanese society of cardiology and on behalf of SAFETY Investigators and on behalf of grant of IGA Ministry of health of the Czech Republic no. NS9824-4/2008 and on behalf of the Korean Hypertension Research Network and on behalf of Jian-Jun Li and on behalf of the FRANCE2 steering Committee and on behalf of Cardiology&Development and on behalf of St. Antonius center for platelet function research and on behalf of the MANTRA Study investigators and on behalf of ROCKET AF Executive Committee and on behalf of Tako tsubo Italian Network and on behalf of the AF meta-analysis team and on behalf of Ibaraki Coronary Artery Disease Study (ICAS) registry and on behalf of ICALOR and on behalf of MANTRA Study Investigators and on behalf of Competence Network Heart Failure Germany and on behalf of APPRAISE-2 Study Group and on behalf of Sapaldia Study Group and on behalf of CHF-HOT Study and on behalf of CAPIRE Investigators and on behalf of Francesco Barilla, et al and on behalf of VIDA-IC investigators and on behalf of The BETTER-CARE Study Investigators and on behalf of BMIR and on behalf of The International Registry of Acute Aortic Dissection (IRAD) and on behalf of Francesca Frexia and on behalf of VIDA IC investigators and on behalf of FAST-MI 2010 and on behalf of Hypersleep and on behalf of ACTION and on behalf of SHIFT echostudy and on behalf of Korea Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry and on behalf of Barbanza investigators and on behalf of The GARFIELD Investigators and on behalf of the CHOICE trial investigators and on behalf of NIPPON DATA80/90 Research Group and on behalf of MINAP Steering Group and on behalf of PROTECT investigators and on behalf of TuePic and on behalf of Center for Clinical Heart Research, Oslo University Hospital, Ullevaal and on behalf of PROTECTION IV investigators and on behalf of ASAP Investigators and on behalf of FP7 project and on behalf of GARFIELD Investigators and on behalf of LIPID study investigators and on behalf of NIPPON DATA 80 Research Group and on behalf of COACH and on behalf of INH and on behalf of CARDIO-ARSIF registry and on behalf of Hopital Cardiologique, CIC a thematique cardiovasculaire CIC-005 INSERM, Universite Victor Segalen, CHU de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France and on behalf of Registry of Cardiovascular Interventions, Czech Republic and on behalf of INPETU and on behalf of The International Registry of Acute Aortic Dissection and on behalf of the FAST-MI 2010 investigators and on behalf of PL-ACS Invastigators and on behalf of The Austrian Acute PCI Investigators and on behalf of Competence Network Heart Failure and on behalf of Thyroid Studies Collaboration and on behalf of University Centre for Cardiovascular Science and on behalf of SCAAR-registry and on behalf of BASKET/BASKET-PROVE Investigators and on behalf of Cardiac and on behalf of on behalf of the German Competence Network Heart Failure and the German Competence Network for HIV/AIDS and on behalf of Northern Iwate Heart Disease Registry Consortium and on behalf of J-MELODIC Investigators and on behalf of nil and on behalf of German Competence Network Heart Failure and on behalf of ARISTOTLE Investigators and on behalf of NA and on behalf of Popovici M
European Heart Journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 08/2012, Volume 33, Issue suppl 1, pp. 19 - 338
Journal Article
Waste Management, ISSN 0956-053X, 03/2018, Volume 73, pp. 404 - 415
Increasing problems associated with sewage sludge disposal are observed nowadays. As the thermal conversion of sewage sludge (combustion, co-combustion,... 
Gasification | Fertilisers | Secondary raw materials | Phosphorus recovery | Sewage sludge | COMBUSTION | ENERGY | ACID | HEAVY-METALS | ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | ENGINEERING, ENVIRONMENTAL | WASTE-WATER | BIOMASS | ASH
Journal Article
by Classen, C. F and William, D and Linnebacher, M and Farhod, A and Kedr, W and Elsabe, B and Fadel, S and Van Gool, S and De Vleeschouwer, S and Koks, C and Garg, A and Ehrhardt, M and Riva, M and Agostinis, P and Graf, N and Yao, T.-W and Yoshida, Y and Zhang, J and Ozawa, T and James, D and Nicolaides, T and Kebudi, R and Cakir, F. B and Gorgun, O and Agaoglu, F. Y and Darendeliler, E and Al-Kofide, A and Al-Shail, E and Khafaga, Y and Al-Hindi, H and Dababo, M and Haq, A. U and Anas, M and Barria, M. G and Siddiqui, K and Hassounah, M and Ayas, M and van Zanten, S. V and Jansen, M and van Vuurden, D and Huisman, M and Vugts, D and Hoekstra, O and van Dongen, G and Kaspers, G and Cockle, J and Ilett, E and Scott, K and Bruning-Richardson, A and Picton, S and Short, S and Melcher, A and Benesch, M and Warmuth-Metz, M and von Bueren, A. O and Hoffmann, M and Pietsch, T and Kortmann, R.-D and Eyrich, M and Rutkowski, S and Fruhwald, M. C and Faber, J and Kramm, C and Porkholm, M and Valanne, L and Lonnqvist, T and Holm, S and Lannering, B and Riikonen, P and Wojcik, D and Sehested, A and Clausen, N and Harila-Saari, A and Schomerus, E and Thorarinsdottir, H. K and Lahteenmaki, P and Arola, M and Thomassen, H and Saarinen-Pihkala, U. M and Kivivuori, S.-M and Buczkowicz, P and Hoeman, C and Rakopoulos, P and Pajovic, S and Morrison, A and Bouffet, E and Bartels, U and Becher, O and Hawkins, C and Gould, T. W. A and Rahman, C. V and Smith, S. J and Barrett, D. A and Shakesheff, K. M and Grundy, R. G and Rahman, R and Barua, N and Cronin, D and Gill, S and Lowisl, S and ...
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 06/2014, Volume 16, Issue suppl 1, pp. i40 - i59
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Bie, L and Ju, Y and Jin, Z and Donovan, L and Birks, S and Grunewald, L and Zmuda, F and Pilkington, G and Kaul, A and Chen, Y.-H and Dahiya, S and Emnett, R and Gianino, S and Gutmann, D and Poschl, J and Bianchi, E and Bockstaller, M and Neumann, P and Schuller, U and Gevorgian, A and Morozova, E and Kazantsev, I and Iukhta, T and Safonova, S and Punanov, Y and Zheludkova, O and Afanasyev, B and Buss, M and Remke, M and Gandhi, K and Kool, M and Northcott, P and Pfister, S and Taylor, M and Castellino, R and Thompson, J and Margraf, L and Donahue, D and Head, H and Murray, J and Burger, P and Wortham, M and Reitman, Z and He, Y and Bigner, D and Yan, H and Lee, C and Triscott, J and Foster, C and Manoranjan, B and Pambid, M. R and Fotovati, A and Berns, R and Venugopal, C and O'Halloran, K and Narendran, A and Taylor, M. D and Singh, S. K and Singhal, A and Rassekh, R and Maxwell, C. A and Dunham, C and Dunn, S. E and Hu, K and Adomat, H and Moniri, M and Chin, M. Y and Hessein, M and Zisman, N and Maurer, N and Guns, E and Dunn, S and Koks, C and De Vleeschouwer, S and Graf, N and Van Gool, S and D'Asti, E and Huang, A and Korshunov, A and Rak, J and Gump, W and Moriarty, T and Skjei, K and Karkare, S and Castelo-Branco, P and Choufani, S and Mack, S and Gallagher, D and Zhang, C and Merino, D and Wasserman, J and Jones, D. T and Croul, S and Hawkins, C and Hitzler, J and Wang, J. C. Y and Baruchel, S and Dirks, P. B and Malkin, D and Weksberg, R and ... and for the M.A.G.I.C Consortium and on behalf of the ICGC PedBrain Tumor Project and Medulloblastoma Advanced Genomics International Consortium
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 04/2013, Volume 15, Issue suppl 1, pp. i1 - i51
Journal Article
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 12/2010, Volume 65, Issue 12, pp. 2628 - 2640
Journal Article
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, ISSN 0022-328X, 02/2014, Volume 751, pp. 754 - 759
A new Cr(CO)3-bound cyclorhenated 2-phenyl,2-oxazoline derivative was synthesized and treated with two different phenyldiazomethanes, namely Ph2CN2 and... 
Journal Article
JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, ISSN 1525-4135, 04/2019, Volume 80, Issue 5, pp. 574 - 584
Journal Article
by Scavalli, Claudia Palladino Sili and Mandelbrot, Laurent and Berrebi, Alain and Batallan, Agnès and Cravello, Ludovic and Pannier, Emmanuelle and Hamrene, Karima and Ciraru-Vigneron, Nicole and Faye, Albert and Warszawski, Josiane and Brusquet, Y and Opimel, P and Tadrist, B and Thevenieau, D and Tramier, D and Boulanger, J.C and Douadi, Y and Gondry, J and Horle, B and Pautard, B and Roussel, C and Schmidt, J.L and Smail, A and Vergne, C and Achard, Achard and Binelli, C and Chennebault, J.M and Fournie, A and Grosieux, P and Rialland, X and Allizy, C and Brault, D and Genet, P and Piquet, Piquet and Rischebe, Rischebe and Tordjeman, N and Rozan, M.A and Couchy, B and Sibille, G and Sid Elmrabt, S and Bastien, Bastien and Belgodere, Belgodere and Colombani, D and Lonrenzi, Lonrenzi and Pincemaille, O and Salvetti, A and Turquini, Turquini and Bonnal, F and Cayla, C and Chabanier, C and Guerre, P and Hernandorena, X and Bassignot, A and Bettinger Lab, M and Chirouze, C and Estavoyer, J.M and Leroy, J and Maillet, R and Schaal, J.P and Bajer, A and Balde, P and Deny, P and Benoist, L and Carbillon, Carbillon and François, F and Jeantils, V and Lachassinne, E and Rodriguez, A and Uzan-Cohen, M and Beylot, J and Brun, J.L and Douard, D and Elleau, C and Fleury, H and Guyon, F and Horovitz, J and Lacoste, Lacoste and Leng, J.J and Masquelier, B and Morlat, P and Pontgahet, M and Ragnaud, Ragnaud and Roux, D and Schaeffer, V and Gilles, I and Zenaty, D and Gantzer, A and Colin-Gorki, A.M and Barjot, P and Brouard, J and Freymuth, F and Goubin, P and Muller, G and Petit, J and Six, M and Delattre, P and Elenga, N and Magnien, C and Patient, G and Bornarel, D and ... and ANRS EPF
AIDS, ISSN 0269-9370, 05/2007, Volume 21, Issue 8, pp. 993 - 1002
Journal Article
Clinical Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 11/2014, Volume 59, Issue 9, pp. 1332 - 1345
Journal Article