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Critical care (London, England), ISSN 1364-8535, 2019, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 13
Journal Article
Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, ISSN 1757-7241, 11/2017, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp. 113 - 2
textabstractThe aim of this Letter to the Editor was to report some methodological shortcomings in a recently published article. Issues regarding missing... 
Methodology | Predictive factors | Prediction modelling | EMERGENCY MEDICINE
Journal Article
by Steyerberg, Ewout W and Wiegers, Eveline and Sewalt, Charlie and Buki, Andras and Citerio, Giuseppe and De Keyser, Véronique and Ercole, Ari and Kunzmann, Kevin and Lanyon, Linda and Lecky, Fiona and Lingsma, Hester and Manley, Geoffrey and Nelson, David and Peul, Wilco and Stocchetti, Nino and von Steinbüchel, Nicole and Vande Vyvere, Thijs and Verheyden, Jan and Wilson, Lindsay and Maas, Andrew I R and Menon, David K and Ackerlund, Cecilia and Amrein, Krisztina and Andelic, Nada and Andreassen, Lasse and Anke, Audny and Antoni, Anna and Audibert, Gérard and Auslands, Kaspars and Azouvi, Philippe and Azzolini, Maria Luisa and Badenes, Rafael and Bartels, Ronald and Barzó, Pál and Beauvais, Romuald and Beer, Ronny and Bellander, Bo-Michael and Belli, Antonio and Benali, Habib and Berardino, Maurizio and Beretta, Luigi and Blaabjerg, Morten and Bragge, Peter and Brazinova, Alexandra and Brinck, Vibeke and Brooker, Joanne and Brorsson, Camilla and Buki, Andras and Bullinger, Monika and Cabeleira, Manuel and Caccioppola, Alessio and Calappi, Emiliana and Calvi, Maria Rosa and Cameron, Peter and Carbayo Lozano, Guillermo and Carbonara, Marco and Castaño-León, Ana M and Chevallard, Giorgio and Chieregato, Arturo and Cnossen, Maryse and Coburn, Mark and Coles, Jonathan and Cooper, Jamie D and Correia, Marta and Čović, Amra and Curry, Nicola and Czeiter, Endre and Czosnyka, Marek and Dahyot-Fizelier, Claire and Dawes, Helen and Degos, Vincent and Della Corte, Francesco and den Boogert, Hugo and Depreitere, Bart and Dijkland, Simone and Đilvesi, Đula and Dixit, Abhishek and Donoghue, Emma and Dreier, Jens and Dulière, Guy-Loup and Ercole, Ari and Esser, Patrick and Ezer, Erzsébet and Fabricius, Martin and Feigin, Valery L and Foks, Kelly and Frisvold, Shirin and Furmanov, Alex and Gagliardo, Pablo and Galanaud, Damien and Gantner, Dashiell and Gao, Guoyi and George, Pradeep and Ghuysen, Alexandre and Giga, Lelde and Glocker, Ben and Golubović, Jagoš and Gomez, Pedro A and Gratz, Johannes and Gravesteijn, Benjamin and ... and CENTER-TBI Participants and Investigators and CENTER-TBI Participants Investigat
The Lancet Neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 10/2019, Volume 18, Issue 10, pp. 923 - 934
Journal Article
Intensive care medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 02/2020
Indications and optimal timing for tracheostomy in traumatic brain-injured (TBI) patients are uncertain. This study aims to describe the patients'... 
Journal Article
by Huijben, Jilske and Wiegers, E.J.A and Ercole, Ari and Keizer, Nicolette and Maas, Anew and Steyerberg, Ewout and Citerio, Giuseppe and Wilson, L and Polinder, Suzanne and Nieboer, Daan and Menon, David and Lingsma, Hester and Jagt, Mathieu and Åkerlund, C and Amrein, K and Andelic, Nada and Aneassen, Lasse and Audibert, Gérard and Azouvi, P and Azzolini, M.L and Bartels, Ronald and Beer, R and Bellander, Bo-Michael and Benali, H and Berardino, Maurizio and Beretta, Luigi and Beqiri, E and Blaabjerg, M and Lund, S.B and Brorsson, C and Buki, A and Cabeleira, M and Caccioppola, A and Calappi, E and Calvi, M.R and Cameron, Peter and Lozano, Guillermo Carbayo and Carbonara, M and Castaño-León, A.M and Cavallo, S and Chevallard, G and Chieregato, Arturo and Coburn, Mark and Coles, Jonathan P and Cooper, J.D and Correia, M and Czeiter, Ene and Czosnyka, Marek and Dahyot-Fizelier, C and Dark, P and De Keyser, V and Degos, V and Corte, F.D and Den Boogert, H and Depreitere, Bart and Dilvesi, D and Dixit, A and ier, Jens and Dulière, G.-L and Ezer, E and Fabricius, Martin and Foks, K and Frisvold, Shirin Kordasti and Furmanov, A and Galanaud, Damien and Gantner, D and Ghuysen, Alexane and Giga, L and Golubovic, J and Gomez, P.A and Grossi, F and Gupta, D and Haitsma, Iain and Helbok, Raimund and Helseth, Eirik and Hutchinson, Peter J and Jankowski, S and Johnson, F and Karan, M and Kolias, Angelos G and Kondziella, Daniel and Koraropoulos, E and Koskinen, Lars-Owe and Kovács, N and Kowark, A and Lagares, Alfonso and Laureys, Steven and Lecky, Fiona and Ledoux, D and Lejeune, A and Lightfoot, Roger and Manara, Alex and Martino, Costanza and Maréchal, Hugues and Mattern, J and McMahon, C and Menovsky, Tomas and Misset, B and Muraleedharan, V and Murray, L and ... and CENTER-TBI investigators and participants for the ICU stratum and the CENTER-TBI investigators and participants for the ICU stratum
Critical Care, ISSN 1364-8535, 03/2020, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp. 78 - 12
textabstractBackground: The aim of this study is to validate a previously published consensus-based quality indicator set for the management of patients with... 
Quality indicators | Intensive care units | Benchmarking | Traumatic brain injuries | Quality of health care
Journal Article
Intensive care medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 02/2020
To describe ICU stay, selected management aspects, and outcome of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Europe, and to... 
Journal Article
Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, ISSN 1757-7241, 03/2020, Volume 28, Issue 1, pp. 18 - 8
textabstractBackground: Many countries have centralized and dedicated trauma centres with high volumes of trauma patients. However, the volume-outcome... 
Journal Article
Journal of clinical epidemiology, ISSN 0895-4356, 03/2020
We aimed to explore the added value of common machine learning (ML) algorithms for prediction of outcome for moderate and severe traumatic brain injury. We... 
Journal Article
Critical Care, ISSN 1466-609X, 03/2019, Volume 23
BackgroundWe aimed to develop a set of quality indicators for patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) in intensive care units (ICUs) across Europe and to... 
Trauma registry | Traumatic brain injury | MANAGEMENT | GUIDELINES | Quality indicators | Benchmarking | Intensive care unit | HOSPITAL-CARE | ADHERENCE | NEUROTRAUMA EFFECTIVENESS RESEARCH | CHILDREN | OUTCOMES | VALIDITY | Quality of care | OF-CARE
Journal Article
Journal of neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 02/2020
The aim of this study is to investigate the prognostic value of using the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) standardized... 
Journal Article