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by Lewis, Cara and Darnell, Doyanne and Kerns, Suzanne and Monroe-DeVita, Maria and Landes, Sara J and Lyon, Aaron R and Stanick, Cameo and Dorsey, Shannon and Locke, Jill and Marriott, Brigid and Puspitasari, Ajeng and Dorsey, Caitlin and Hendricks, Karin and Pierson, Andria and Fizur, Phil and Comtois, Katherine A and Palinkas, Lawrence A and Chamberlain, Patricia and Aarons, Gregory A and Green, Amy E and Ehrhart, Mark. G and Trott, Elise M and Willging, Cathleen E and Fernandez, Maria E and Woolf, Nicholas H and Liang, Shuting Lily and Heredia, Natalia I and Kegler, Michelle and Risendal, Betsy and Dwyer, Andrea and Young, Vicki and Campbell, Dayna and Carvalho, Michelle and Kellar-Guenther, Yvonne and Damschroder, Laura J and Lowery, Julie C and Ono, Sarah S and Carlson, Kathleen F and Cottrell, Erika K and O’Neil, Maya E and Lovejoy, Travis L and Arch, Joanna J and Mitchell, Jill L and Lewis, Cara C and Marriott, Brigid R and Scott, Kelli and Coldiron, Jennifer Schurer and Bruns, Eric J and Hook, Alyssa N and Graham, Benjamin C and Jordan, Katelin and Hanson, Rochelle F and Moreland, Angela and Saunders, Benjamin E and Resnick, Heidi S and Stirman, Shannon Wiltsey and Gutner, Cassidy A and Gamarra, Jennifer and Vogt, Dawne and Suvak, Michael and Wachen, Jennifer Schuster and Dondanville, Katherine and Yarvis, Jeffrey S and Mintz, Jim and Peterson, Alan L and Borah, Elisa V and Litz, Brett T and Molino, Alma and McCaughan, Stacey Young and Resick, Patricia A and Pandhi, Nancy and Jacobson, Nora and Serrano, Neftali and Hernandez, Armando and Schreiter, Elizabeth Zeidler and Wietfeldt, Natalie and Karp, Zaher and Pullmann, Michael D and Lucenko, Barbara and Pavelle, Bridget and Uomoto, Jacqueline A and Negrete, Andrea and Cevasco, Molly and Kerns, Suzanne E. U and Franks, Robert P and Bory, Christopher and Miech, Edward J and Damush, Teresa M and Satterfield, Jason and Satre, Derek and Wamsley, Maria and Yuan, Patrick and O’Sullivan, Patricia and Best, Helen and Velasquez, Susan and Barnett, Miya and Brookman-Frazee, Lauren and Regan, Jennifer and Stadnick, Nicole and Hamilton, Alison and ...
Implementation science : IS, ISSN 1748-5908, 06/2016, Volume 11 Suppl 1, Issue S1, p. 85
Journal Article
HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal, ISSN 1937-5867, 10/2019, Volume 12, Issue 4, pp. 159 - 173
Objective: In this study, we explored how two different primary care clinic physical layouts (onstage/offstage and pod-based [PB] designs) influenced pre- and... 
team-based care | primary healthcare | primary care redesign | qualitative research | medical office buildings | QUALITY-OF-CARE | NETWORKS | DECENTRALIZED NURSING STATIONS | SPACE | PUBLIC, ENVIRONMENTAL & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH | COSTS | NURSES | HEALTH | Index Medicus
Journal Article
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