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spirits (41) 41
vinegar (41) 41
wine (41) 41
compositions or test papers therefor (38) 38
condition-responsive control in microbiological orenzymological processes (38) 38
measuring or testing processes involving enzymes, nucleicacids or microorganisms (38) 38
processes of preparing such compositions (38) 38
adult (36) 36
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middle aged (35) 35
research (31) 31
physics (28) 28
analysis (21) 21
oncology (21) 21
testing (21) 21
article (20) 20
fermentation or enzyme-using processes to synthesise a desiredchemical compound or composition or to separate optical isomersfrom a racemic mixture (20) 20
history (19) 19
investigating or analysing materials by determining theirchemical or physical properties (19) 19
measuring (19) 19
animal and vegetable oils, fats, fatty substances and waxes (18) 18
candles (18) 18
detergent compositions (18) 18
detergents (18) 18
fatty acids therefrom (18) 18
health aspects (18) 18
recovery of glycerol (18) 18
resin soaps (18) 18
soap or soap-making (18) 18
use of single substances as detergents (18) 18
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animals (17) 17
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genomics (16) 16
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mortality (14) 14
multidisciplinary sciences (14) 14
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propagating, preserving or maintaining microorganisms (14) 14
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separation (13) 13
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prospective studies (12) 12
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Library Location Library Location
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Royal Ontario Museum - Stacks (4) 4
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UofT at Scarborough - Withdrawn (2) 2
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Indust. Rel's & Hum. Resources (Newman) - Library use only (1) 1
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Trinity College (John W Graham) - Stacks (1) 1
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Journal Article
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 10/2007, Volume 449, Issue 7164, pp. 913 - 918
With the advent of dense maps of human genetic variation, it is now possible to detect positive natural selection across the human genome. Here we report an...