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by Gaudinski, Martin R and Houser, Katherine V and Morabito, Kaitlyn M and Hu, Zonghui and Yamshchikov, Galina and Rothwell, Ro Shauna and Berkowitz, Nina and Mendoza, Floreliz and Saunders, Jamie G and Novik, Laura and Hendel, Cynthia S and Holman, LaSonji A and Gordon, Ingelise J and Gordon, David N and Cox, Josephine H and Edupuganti, Srilatha and McArthur, Monica A and Rouphael, Nadine G and Lyke, Kirsten E and Cummings, Ginny E and Sitar, Sandra and Bailer, Robert T and Foreman, Bryant M and Burgomaster, Katherine and Pelc, Rebecca S and DeMaso, Christina R and Dowd, Kimberly A and Laurencot, Carolyn and Schwartz, Richard M and Mascola, John R and Graham, Barney S and Pierson, Theodore C and Ledgerwood, Julie E and Chen, Wilbur and Chen, Grace L and Plummer, Sarah and Costner, Pamela and Zephir, Kathryn and Casazza, Joseph and Ola, Abidemi and Victorino, Milalynn and Levinson, Carol and Whalen, William and Wang, Xiaolin and Cunningham, Jennifer and Vasilenko, Olga and Burgos Florez, Maria and Hickman, Somia and Pittman, Iris and Le, Lam and Larkin, Brenda and Andrews, Charla and Apte, Preeti and Hicks, Renunda and Trelles Cartagena, Cora and Williams, Pernell and Boyd, Catina R and Conan-Cibotti, Michelle and Stein, Judy and Kaltovich, Florence and DeCederfelt, Hope and McAdams, Stacey and Renehan, Phyllis and Greenberg, Nancy and Wymer, Nancy and Wadsworth, Linda and Billington, Melissa and Robinson, Toni and Boyce, Colleen and Pa'ahana Brown, Faith and Chrisley, Lisa and Kwon, Alyson and Patel, Prashant and Kominou, Panagoita and Dorsey, Brenda and Eddington, Staci and Telscher, Shinyi and Lee, Myoughee and Mosely, Regina and Ross, April and Ford, Geoffrey and Domjahn, Briyana and Xu, Jianguo and Beck, Allison and Fineman, Rebecca and Heeke, Shiela and Winter, Jean and Nagar, Shashi and Kelley, Colleen and Mulligan, Mark and VRC 319 Study Team and VRC 320 Study Team and VRC 319 and VRC 320 study teams
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 02/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10120, pp. 552 - 562
Journal Article
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 03/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10174, pp. 889 - 898
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 9/2013, Volume 341, Issue 6152, pp. 1359 - 1365
Journal Article
The Lancet HIV, ISSN 2352-3018, 10/2019, Volume 6, Issue 10, pp. e667 - e679
Human monoclonal antibodies that potently and broadly neutralise HIV-1 are under development to prevent and treat HIV-1 infection. In this phase 1 clinical... 
Journal Article
by Frankenfeld, John W and Schulz, Wolfgang and McMurty, George J and Petersen, Gary W and May, G. A and Hering, F. S and Schwartz, J. I and Heywood, J. B and Chigier, N. A and Grohse, E. W and Walker, J. D and Colwell, R. R and Petrakis, L and Pergament, H. S and Thorpe, R. D and Schoepf, Richard W and Krzyczkowski, Roman and Henneman, Suzanne S and Hudson, Charles L and Putnam, Evelyn S and Thiesen, Donna J and Parks, G. A and McCarty, Perry L and Leckie, J. O and Schrumpf, Barry J and Simonson, G. H and Paine, D. P and Lawrence, R. D and Pyott, W. T and Leh, M and Elders, W and Combs, J and Caplen, T and Harrison, F. L and Wong, K. M and Heft, R. E and Charnell, Robert L and Lehmann, Edward J and Mallon, Lawrence G and Hatfield, Cecile and Adams, Gerald H and Johanning, James and Talvitie, Antti and Noll, Kenneth E and Miller, Terry and Smiarowski, Joseph F and Willis, Cleve E and Foster, John H and Schlesinger, Benjamin and Daetz, Douglas and Lear, Donald U and Smith, Mona F and Hundemann, Audrey S and Crockett, Pernell W and Werner, Kirk G and Carroll, Thomas E and Maase, David L and Genco, Joseph E and Ifeadi, Christopher N and Lowman, F. G and Christensen, S. W and Van Winkle, W and Mattice, J. S and Harrison, Elizabeth A and Barker, James C and Chesness, Jerry L and Smith, Ralph E and Shaheeen, Donald G and Raney, R. Keith and Borton, T and Wezernak, C. T and Raney, R. K and Sherwani, Jabbor K and Moreau, David H and Eisenberg, Norman A and Lynch, Cornelius J and Breeding, Roger J and Johnson, J. D and Foster, K. E and Mouat, D. A and Clark, R and Hyden, John William and Owen, Wilfred and Bayfield, Neil G and Barrow, Graham C and Stolz, Stephanie B and Wienckowski, Louis A and Brown, Betram S and Keyfitz, Nathan and Wilson, W. L and Newman, Peter W. G and Bammi, Deepak and Bammi, Dalip and Goddard, James E and Chisholm, Tony and Walsh, Cliff and Brennan, Geoffrey and Thompson, K. S and Richardson, R and Jensen, Clayton E and ... and Office of Technology Assessment and Office of Science and Technology
Environmental Management, ISSN 0364-152X, 01/1977, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp. 67 - 96
Journal Article
Capital, 12/2007
  It all started with a telephone call to David Pernell, Bates Class of 1966, from John Bryant, Bates Class of 1957. Mr. Bryant asked Mr. Pernell what he knew... 
Newspaper Article
TCA Regional News, 09/2014
  LAFAYETTE 62, BRUTON 27 Bruton 7 14 0 6=27 Lafayette 22 8 24 8=62 First quarter Laf--McGinty 3 run (run failed) Laf--Johnson 12 run (Smith run) Bru--Uvodich... 
Professional football | Coaches & managers | Athletes
Newspaper Article
Afro - American, 12/2011, Volume 120, Issue 21
Lately, she has struck up a platonic friendship with Laura (Pernell Walker), a high school classmate who is already out of the closet. This development doesn't... 
Motion pictures
Newspaper Article
New York Beacon, 01/2012, Volume 19, Issue 1
Lately, she has struck up a Platonic friendship with Laura (Pernell Walker), a high school classmate who is already out of the closet. This development doesn't... 
Motion pictures
Newspaper Article
McClatchy - Tribune Business News, 09/2013
  Alexander, Clarence Edmond; Sept. 10; APD; loitering; Sept. 11; Andrews, Ashley Louise; Sept. 5; APD; battery-family violence, first offense-misdemeanor;... 
Contempt of court | Law enforcement | Violence | State courts | African Americans | Parole & probation | Disorderly conduct
Newspaper Article
Daily Press, 07/1991
Pernell "Sweetpea" Whitaker met Poli Diaz for Whitaker's undisputed world lightweight title. If you listened to HBO's ringside play-by-play crew, particularly... 
Newspaper Article
The Washington Post, ISSN 0190-8286, 09/2000
When [Chopticon] has the ball: Chopticon hasn't forgotten one play from last season's embarrassing 47-point loss to Patuxent, and that leaves the Braves in... 
Newspaper Article
Seminole Tribune, ISSN 0891-8252, 10/2005, Volume XXVI, Issue 14
The first five place participants are as follow: Men: 1. Matt Osceola and Norman Bowers, 2. Marcy Osceola Jr. and Joe Osceola Jr., 3. Doug Smith and Mingo... 
Holidays & special occasions | Traditions | Indigenous people | Native Americans | Minority & ethnic groups | Culture | Social life & customs
Newspaper Article
Daily Press, 09/2003
The tough breaks were three lost fumbles and an interception. The first fumble gave [ROWAN] the only points it would need. With CNU pinned on its 4-yard line,... 
Newspaper Article
Daily Press, 09/2002
CNU's next possession ended in an interception that [ROWAN]'s Rick Walker ran back 29 yards to the Captains' 11-yard line. [Tony Racioppi] found Michael... 
Newspaper Article
Daily Press, 02/1993
[Jason Outlaw] and [David Powell] handled the ball during the full-court pressure, with Powell scoring a lot of baskets inside and accumulating rebounds. YORK... 
Newspaper Article
Daily Mail, ISSN 0307-7578, 06/2000
  Chinese nationals are charged up to 20,000 to be smuggled into Britain, a package deal which includes everything from transport to false documents. It is... 
Newspaper Article
Daily Press, 02/1994
[Tabb]'s R.J. Stewart and York's Pernell Tucker were second-team picks. Honorable mentions included Poquoson's Aaron Freeman, Smithfield's Steve Carter, York's... 
Newspaper Article
Daily Press, 12/1992
[Pernell Whitaker] knocked out his opponent in 37 seconds, prompting all kinds of hilarious lines from USA commentators Al Albert and Sean O'Grady. "The... 
Newspaper Article
Daily Press, 01/1996
A key prosecution witness, Marlon Wilkinson, told the jury that [Short] admitted to him in the Newport News jail last January that he shot both [Ransome] and... 
Newspaper Article
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