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multiple primary melanomas (3) 3
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case-control studies (2) 2
cdkn2a mutations (2) 2
chromosome mapping (2) 2
cohort studies (2) 2
comparative analysis (2) 2
cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p18 - genetics (2) 2
càncer de pell (2) 2
dermatologi och venereologi (2) 2
dermatology and venereal diseases (2) 2
diagnosis (2) 2
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genetic testing (2) 2
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hospitals (2) 2
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malignant-melanoma (2) 2
medical errors (2) 2
medical errors - statistics & numerical data (2) 2
medication errors (2) 2
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melanoma - diagnosis (2) 2
melanoma - pathology (2) 2
metaanalysis (2) 2
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pancreatic cancer (2) 2
pancreatic neoplasms - genetics (2) 2
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