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3. The Christian's universal family Bible; or, Library of divine knowledge
: containing the sacred texts of the Old and New Testaments, with the Apocrypha at large, explained and illustrated with choice notes and valuable annotations, theological, historical, chronological, critical, practical, moral, and explanatory; for the peculiar and important purposes of removing the doubts and encouraging the hopes of the weak and diffident, instructing the ignorant, explaining obscure and difficult passages, rectifying mistranslations, and vindicating the genuine purity of the Sacred Scriptures; including whatsoever can be of importance to edify and enliven the pious and well-meaning Christian, or depress the presumption of the wicked and careless offender; by raising the most striking inferences from the more interesting passages of the sacred volumes, exciting the serious and rational attention of persons of all descriptions, rousing the wretched and profane sinner to a sense of his deplorable condition, and piercing the heart of the stubborn and obdurate atheist and infidel; that all may be brought to the knowledge of the truth, through the merits and mercies of our gracious Redeemer, and thereby secure the blessings and comforts of this life, with a well-grounded hope of that which is to come : with an introduction prefixed to each book, from Genesis to the Revelation, containing a summary of its doctrines and history; and a conclusion annexed, comprehending the most important practical observations, with suitable reflections on each : to which will be added an index, chronological and geographical; the proper names used in the Scriptures clearly explained; useful tables of scripture weights, measures, and coins, with the method of reducing them to those used in England; by the Bishop of Peterborough : including also all the marginal readings which in the least affect the sense of the text, &c. &c. : the whole forming a complete commentary on the Holy Bible
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