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by Beal, M. Flint and Oakes, David and Shoulson, Ira and Henchcliffe, Claire and Galpern, Wendy R and Haas, Richard and Juncos, Jorge L and Nutt, John G and Voss, Tiffini Smith and Ravina, Bernard and Shults, Clifford M and Helles, Karen and Snively, Victoria and Lew, Mark F and Griebner, Brian and Watts, Arthur and Gao, Shan and Pourcher, Emmanuelle and Bond, Louisette and Kompoliti, Katie and Agarwal, Pinky and Sia, Cherissa and Jog, Mandar and Cole, Linda and Sultana, Munira and Kurlan, Roger and Richard, Irene and Deeley, Cheryl and Waters, Cheryl H and Figueroa, Angel and Arkun, Ani and Brodsky, Matthew and Ondo, William G and Hunter, Christine B and Jimenez-Shahed, Joohi and Palao, Alicia and Miyasaki, Janis M and So, Julie and Tetrud, James and Reys, Liza and Smith, Katharine and Singer, Carlos and Blenke, Anita and Russell, David S and Cotto, Candace and Friedman, Joseph H and Lannon, Margaret and Zhang, Lin and Drasby, Edward and Kumar, Rajeev and Subramanian, Thyagarajan and Ford, Donna Stuppy and Grimes, David A and Cote, Diane and Conway, Jennifer and Siderowf, Andrew D and Evatt, Marian Leslie and Sommerfeld, Barbara and Lieberman, Abraham N and Okun, Michael S and Rodriguez, Ramon L and Merritt, Stacy and Swartz, Camille Louise and Martin, W. R. Wayne and King, Pamela and Stover, Natividad and Guthrie, Stephanie and Watts, Ray L and Ahmed, Anwar and Fernandez, Hubert H and Winters, Adrienna and Mari, Zoltan and Dawson, Ted M and Dunlop, Becky and Feigin, Andrew S and Shannon, Barbara and Nirenberg, Melissa Jill and Ogg, Mattson and Ellias, Samuel A and Thomas, Cathi-Ann and Frei, Karen and Bodis-Wollner, Ivan and Glazman, Sofya and Mayer, Thomas and Hauser, Robert A and Pahwa, Rajesh and Langhammer, April and Ranawaya, Ranjit and Derwent, Lorelei and Sethi, Kapil D and Farrow, Buff and Prakash, Rajan and Litvan, Irene and Robinson, Annette and Sahay, Alok and Gartner, Maureen and Hinson, Vanessa K and Markind, Samuel and Pelikan, Melisa and Perlmutter, Joel S and ... and Parkinson Study Group QE3 Investigators and The Parkinson Study Group QE3 Investigators
JAMA neurology, ISSN 2168-6149, 05/2014, Volume 71, Issue 5, pp. 543 - 552
Journal Article
by Marek, Kenneth and Jennings, Danna and Lasch, Shirley and Siderowf, Andrew and Tanner, Caroline and Simuni, Tanya and Coffey, Chris and Kieburtz, Karl and Flagg, Emily and Chowdhury, Sohini and Poewe, Werner and Mollenhauer, Brit and Sherer, Todd and Frasier, Mark and Meunier, Claire and Rudolph, Alice and Casaceli, Cindy and Seibyl, John and Mendick, Susan and Schuff, Norbert and Zhang, Ying and Toga, Arthur and Crawford, Karen and Ansbach, Alison and de Blasio, Pasquale and Piovella, Michele and Trojanowski, John and Shaw, Les and Singleton, Andrew and Hawkins, Keith and Eberling, Jamie and Russell, David and Leary, Laura and Factor, Stewart and Sommerfeld, Barbara and Hogarth, Penelope and Pighetti, Emily and Williams, Karen and Standaert, David and Guthrie, Stephanie and Hauser, Robert and Delgado, Holly and Jankovic, Joseph and Hunter, Christine and Stern, Matthew and Tran, Baochan and Leverenz, Jim and Baca, Marne and Frank, Sam and Thomas, Cathi-Ann and Richard, Irene and Deeley, Cheryl and Rees, Linda and Sprenger, Fabienne and Lang, Elisabeth and Shill, Holly and Obradov, Sanja and Fernandez, Hubert and Winters, Adrienna and Berg, Daniela and Gauss, Katharina and Galasko, Douglas and Fontaine, Deborah and Mari, Zoltan and Gerstenhaber, Melissa and Brooks, David and Malloy, Sophie and Barone, Paolo and Longo, Katia and Comery, Tom and Ravina, Bernard and Grachev, Igor and Gallagher, Kim and Collins, Michelle and Widnell, Katherine L and Ostrowizki, Suzanne and Fontoura, Paulo and La-Roche, F. Hoffmann and Ho, Tony and Luthman, Johan and van der Brug, Marcel and Reith, Alastair D and Taylor, Peggy and Executive Steering Comm and Steering Comm Cores and The Parkinson Progression Marker and Parkinson Progression Marker Initiative
Progress in Neurobiology, ISSN 0301-0082, 12/2011, Volume 95, Issue 4, pp. 629 - 635
Journal Article
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