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human necessities (83) 83
chemistry (62) 62
metallurgy (62) 62
organic chemistry (62) 62
hygiene (56) 56
medical or veterinary science (56) 56
preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes (56) 56
heterocyclic compounds (52) 52
humans (32) 32
electricity (29) 29
index medicus (26) 26
electric communication technique (25) 25
male (24) 24
performing operations (24) 24
transporting (24) 24
accessories, closures, or fittings therefor (23) 23
coffee mills (23) 23
containers for storage or transport of articles or materials,e.g. bags, barrels, bottles, boxes, cans, cartons, crates,drums, jars, tanks, hoppers, forwarding containers (23) 23
conveying (23) 23
domestic articles or appliances (23) 23
furniture (23) 23
handling thin or filamentary material (23) 23
household or table equipment (23) 23
packages (23) 23
packaging elements (23) 23
packing (23) 23
specific therapeutic activity of chemical compounds ormedicinal preparations (23) 23
spice mills (23) 23
storing (23) 23
suction cleaners in general (23) 23
female (20) 20
acyclic, carbocyclic or heterocyclic compounds containingelements other than carbon, hydrogen, halogen, oxygen, nitrogen,sulfur, selenium or tellurium (18) 18
animals (18) 18
forestry (17) 17
chemistry, medicinal (16) 16
child (16) 16
children (16) 16
mice (16) 16
agriculture (15) 15
animal husbandry (15) 15
biocides, e.g. as disinfectants, as pesticides, as herbicides (15) 15
fishing (15) 15
hunting (15) 15
pest repellants or attractants (15) 15
physics (15) 15
plant growth regulators (15) 15
preservation of bodies of humans or animals or plants or partsthereof (15) 15
trapping (15) 15
adolescent (14) 14
obesity (14) 14
autism (13) 13
structure-activity relationship (13) 13
transmission of digital information, e.g. telegraphiccommunication (13) 13
calculating (12) 12
chemistry, organic (12) 12
computing (12) 12
counting (12) 12
electric digital data processing (12) 12
hand or travelling articles (12) 12
pictorial communication, e.g. television (12) 12
receptors, somatostatin - antagonists & inhibitors (12) 12
travelling or camp equipment: sacks or packs carried on thebody (12) 12
analysis (10) 10
pediatrics (10) 10
psychology (10) 10
article (9) 9
neurosciences (9) 9
acyclic or carbocyclic compounds (8) 8
anti-obesity agents - chemical synthesis (8) 8
fixed constructions (8) 8
melanin-concentrating hormone (8) 8
psychology, developmental (8) 8
resistance (8) 8
adhd (7) 7
adolescents (7) 7
behavioral disciplines and activities (7) 7
mental disorders (7) 7
pervasive developmental disorders (7) 7
studies (7) 7
administration, oral (6) 6
food-intake (6) 6
melanin concentrating hormone (6) 6
performance (6) 6
psychology, clinical (6) 6
adult (5) 5
anti-obesity agents - pharmacology (5) 5
attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (5) 5
checks for wings (5) 5
clinical neurology (5) 5
data processing systems or methods, specially adapted foradministrative, commercial, financial, managerial, supervisoryor forecasting purposes (5) 5
devices for moving wings into open or closed position (5) 5
discovery (5) 5
indexing scheme relating to hinges or other suspension devicesfor doors, windows or wings and devices for moving wings intoopen or closed position, checks for wings and wing fittings nototherwise provided for, concerned with the functioning of thewing (5) 5
individuals (5) 5
inhibition (5) 5
keys (5) 5
locks (5) 5
neuropsychological tests (5) 5
reaction time - physiology (5) 5
receptor (5) 5
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by Feliciano, Pamela and Daniels, Amy M and Green Snyder, LeeAnne and Beaumont, Amy and Camba, Alexies and Esler, Amy and Gulsrud, Amanda G and Mason, Andrew and Gutierrez, Anibal and Nicholson, Amy and Paolicelli, Anna Marie and McKenzie, Alexander P and Rachubinski, Angela L and Stephens, Alexandra N and Simon, Andrea R and Stedman, Amy and Shocklee, Amanda D and Swanson, Amy and Finucane, Brenda and Hilscher, Brittani A and Hauf, Brenda and O’Roak, Brian J and McKenna, Brooke and Robertson, Beverly E and Rodriguez, Barbara and Vernoia, Brianna M and Van Metre, Bonnie and Bradley, Catherine and Cohen, Cheryl and Erickson, Craig A and Harkins, Christina and Hayes, Caitlin and Lord, Catherine and Martin, Christa Lese and Ortiz, Crissy and Ochoa-Lubinoff, Cesar and Peura, Christine and Rice, Catherine E and Rosenberg, Cordelia R and Smith, Christopher J and Thomas, Carrie and Taylor, Cora M and White, Loran Casey and Walston, Corrie H and Amaral, David G and Coury, Daniel Lee and Sarver, Dustin E and Istephanous, Dalia and Li, Deana and Nugyen, Dzung Cong and Fox, Emily A and Butter, Eric M and Berry-Kravis, Elizabeth and Courchesne, Eric and Fombonne, Eric J and Hofammann, Eugenia and Lamarche, Elena and Wodka, Ericka L and Matthews, Emily T and O’Connor, Eirene and Palen, Emily and Miller, Fiona and Dichter, Gabriel S and Marzano, Gabriela and Stein, Gail and Hutter, Hanna and Kaplan, Hannah E and Li, Hai and Lechniak, Holly and Schneider, Hoa Lam and Zaydens, Hana and Arriaga, Ivette and Gerdts, Jennifer A and Cubells, Joseph F and Cordova, Jeanette M and Gunderson, Jaclyn and Lillard, Joseph and Manoharan, Julie and McCracken, James T and Michaelson, Jacob J and Neely, Jason and Orobio, Jessica and Pandey, Juhi and Piven, Joseph and Scherr, Jessica and Sutcliffe, James S and Tjernagel, Jennifer and Wallace, Jermel and Callahan, Kristen and Dent, Katherine and Schweers, Kathryn A and Hamer, Kira E and Law, J. Kiely and Lowe, Kathryn and O’Brien, Kaela and Smith, Kaitlin and Pawlowski, Katherine G and Pierce, Karen L and Roeder, Katherine and Abbeduto, Leonard J and ... and The SPARK Consortium and SPARK Consortium and SPARK Consortium. Electronic address: pfeliciano@simonsfoundation.org
Neuron, ISSN 0896-6273, 02/2018, Volume 97, Issue 3, pp. 488 - 493
Journal Article
by Feliciano, P and Zhou, XY and Astrovskaya, I and Turner, TN and Wang, TY and Brueggeman, L and Barnard, R and Hsieh, A and Snyder, LG and Muzny, DM and Sabo, A and Gibbs, RA and Eichler, EE and O'Roak, BJ and Michaelson, JJ and Volfovsky, N and Shen, YF and Chung, WK and Abbeduto, L and Acampado, J and Ace, AJ and Albright, C and Alessandri, M and Amaral, DG and Amatya, A and Annett, RD and Arriaga, I and Bahl, E and Balasubramanian, A and Bardett, N and Bashar, A and Beaudet, A and Beeson, L and Bernier, RA and Berry-Kravis, E and Booker, S and Brewster, SJ and Brooks, E and Butler, ME and Butter, EM and Callahan, K and Camba, A and Carpenter, S and Carriero, N and Cartner, LA and Chatha, AS and Chin, WB and Clark, RD and Cohen, C and Courchesne, E and Cubells, JF and Currin, MH and Daniels, AM and DeMarco, L and Dennis, MY and Dichter, GS and Ding, Y and Dinh, H and Doan, R and Doddapaneni, H and Eldred, S and Eng, C and Erickson, CA and Esler, A and Fatemi, A and Fischer, GJ and Fisk, I and Fombonne, EJ and Fox, EA and Francis, S and Friedman, SL and Ganesan, S and Garrett, M and Gazestani, V and Geisheker, MR and Gerdts, JA and Geschwind, DH and Goin-Kochel, RP and Griswold, AJ and Grosvenor, LP and Gruber, AJ and Gulsrud, AC and Gunderson, J and Gutierrez, A and Hale, MN and Haley, M and Hall, JB and Hamer, KE and Han, B and Hanna, N and Harkins, C and Harris, N and Hauf, B and Hayes, C and Hepburn, SL and Herbert, LM and Heyman, M and Phillips, BA and Horner, S and Hu, JH and ... and SPARK Consortium and The SPARK Consortium
NPJ GENOMIC MEDICINE, ISSN 2056-7944, 08/2019, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp. 19 - 14
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a genetically heterogeneous condition, caused by a combination of rare de novo and inherited variants as well as common... 
Journal Article
by Phillips, M and Haines, M and Peck, E and Lee, H and Phillips, B and Wein, B and Bekenstein, J and O'Grady, J and Schoenberg, M and Ogrocki, P and Maddux, B and Whitney, C and Gould, D and Riley, D and Maciunas, R and Espe-Pfeifer, P and Arguello, J and Taber, S and Duff, K and Fields, A and Newby, R and Weissgerber, K and Epping, A and Panepinto, J and Scott, P and Reesman, J and Zabel, A and Wodka, E and Ferenc, L and Comi, A and Cohen, N and Bigelow, S and McCrea Jones, L and Sandoval, R and Vilar-Lopez, R and Puente, N and Hidalgo-Ruzante, N and Bure, A and Ojeda, C and Puente, A and Zolten, A and Mallory, L and Heyanka, D and Golden, C and McCue, R and Mackelprang, J and Reuther, B and Odland, A and Scarisbrick, D and Martin, P and Mazur-Mosiewicz, A and Holcomb, M and Dean, R and Schneider, J and Morgan, D and Scott, J and Leber, W and Adams, R and Marceaux, J and Triebel, K and Griffith, H and Gifford, K and Potter, E and Webbe, F and Barker, W and Loewenstein, D and Duara, R and Mahaney, T and Srinivasan, V and Cummings, T and Frankl, M and Bayan, R and Mulligan, K and Duncan, N and Greenaway, M and Sakamoto, M and Spiers, M and Libon, D and Pimontel, M and Gavett, B and Jefferson, A and Nair, A and Green, R and Stern, R and Mahaney, T and Frankl, M and Mulligan, K and Webbe, F and Lou, K and McDermott, A and Dodd, J and Ruchinskas, R and Schneider, B and Lichtenberg, P and Miller, A and Bryant, K and Martincin, K and Livers, E and Martukovich, R and Poreh, A and ... and PREDICT-HD Investigators
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Vaccine, ISSN 0264-410X, 02/2020, Volume 38, Issue 7, pp. 1794 - 1803
Journal Article