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by Bochco, Steven, 1943- creator,screenwriter and Kozoll, Michael, creator,screenwriter and Hoblit, Gregory, television producer,screenwriter,television director and Butler, Robert, 1927- television director and Yerkovich, Anthony, screenwriter,television producer and Brown, Georg Stanford, television director and Zlotoff, Lee David, screenwriter and Laven, Arnold, television director and Taub, Bill, screenwriter and Kaplan, E. Jack, screenwriter and Starrett, Jack, 1936-1989, television director and Thompson, Robert C. television director. (Bob) and Rachins, Alan, screenwriter and Allen, Corey, 1934-2010, television director and Anspaugh, David, television producer,television director and Crais, Robert, screenwriter and Lewis, Jeffrey, screenwriter,television producer and Holcomb, Rod, television director and Haines, Randa, television director and Wagner, Michael, 1947-1992, screenwriter and Bleckner, Jeff, television director and Carter, Thomas, 1953- television director and Thomas, Thom, screenwriter and Levy, Lawrence (Television director), television director and Brazil, Scott, television producer,television director and Milch, David, 1945- screenwriter and Hall, Karen Lynne, screenwriter and Earll, Robert, screenwriter and Frost, Mark, 1953- screenwriter,television director and Kelljan, Bob, 1930-1982, television director and Gunn, Joseph, screenwriter and Nyby, Christian I., television director and Scott, Oz, television director and Combest, Phil, screenwriter and Rosenbloom, David television director. (David L.) and Wallace, Rick (Producer), television director and Schneider, Sascha, television producer and Singer, Alexander, 1932- television director and Duke, Bill, 1943- television director and Silverman, Peter (Television writer), screenwriter and Seidelman, Arthur Allan, television director and Beaumont, Gabrielle, 1942- television director and Ray, Darrell (Actor), screenwriter and Toy, Alan, 1950- screenwriter and Cooper, Dennis, screenwriter and Wellborn, Stanley N., screenwriter and Compton, Richard, 1938-2007, television director and Director, Roger, screenwriter and Stenn, David, screenwriter and Byars, Floyd, screenwriter and Katz, Elia, screenwriter and Epstein, Jacob, screenwriter and Patterson, John, 1940-2005, television director and South, Frank, screenwriter and Vittes, Michael, television producer and Green, Walon, screenwriter and Kaplan, Barry Jay, screenwriter and Bolt, Ben, 1952- television director and Wolf, Dick, screenwriter and Lathan, Stan, television director and Ward, Robert (Television writer and producer), screenwriter and Hancock, John, 1939- television director and Mankiewicz, John, 1954- screenwriter and Woody, Russ, screenwriter and See, John William, screenwriter and Brown, Jerry Patrick, screenwriter and Schlitt, Robert, screenwriter and Smith, Duncan, screenwriter and Lemkin, Jonathan, screenwriter and Switzer, Michael, television director and Romano, John, 1948 October 2- screenwriter and Vienna, Darrell, 1946- screenwriter and Fox, Terry Curtis, screenwriter and Bello, Steve, screenwriter and Weis, Don, 1922-2000, television director and White, Dale (Television director), television director and Sherin, Edwin television director and Black, David, 1945- screenwriter and David, Marjorie, 1950- screenwriter and Mamet, David screenwriter and Adams, Penny (Television producer), television producer and Williams, Christian, 1943- screenwriter and Woodward, Bob, 1943- screenwriter and Eglash, Neil, screenwriter and Koertge, Ronald, screenwriter and Goldsmith, George, screenwriter and Melvoin, Jeff, screenwriter and Portman, Jerome, screenwriter and Litvack, John, screenwriter and Worth, Jody, screenwriter and Lavet, Ken, television director and Post, Mike, composer (expression) and Travanti, Daniel J., actor and Warren, Michael, 1946- actor and Hamel, Veronica, 1943- actor and Conrad, Michael, actor and Babcock, Barbara, 1937- actor and Weitz, Bruce, actor and Blacque, Taurean, actor and Thomas, Betty, 1948- actor and ... and MTM Enterprises, production company and Shout! Factory (Firm), film distributor
Video Recording
2012, ISBN 0415631203
Book Chapter
Hollywood Reporter, ISSN 0018-3660, 01/2007, Volume 397, p. S10
Trade Publication Article
Variety, ISSN 0042-2738, 08/2001, Volume 383, Issue 11, p. 42
Journal Article
American film, ISSN 0361-4751, 04/1991, Volume 16, Issue 4, p. 20
Journal Article
01/2007, Volume 397, Issue 42
Magazine Article
Magazine Article
01/2007, Volume 397, Issue 42
Magazine Article
USA today (Arlington, Va.), ISSN 0734-7456, 01/2011, p. 01
Newspaper Article
Gannett News Service, 01/2011
Newspaper Article
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