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2009, Routledge studies in health and social welfare, ISBN 9780415991889, Volume 3, vi, 223
Biopolitics and the ‘Obesity Epidemic’ is the first edited collection of critical perspectives on the 'obesity epidemic.' The volume provides a comprehensive... 
Obesity | epidemiology | Public Policy | Biopolitics | Discourse analysis | Research | Social aspects | Public Health Policy and Practice | Allied Health | Gender Studies - Soc Sci | Research - Canada
2005, ISBN 9780415318969, 232
Increasing obesity levels are currently big news but do we think carefully enough about what this trend actually means? Everybody – including doctors, parents,... 
Health & Illness | Obesity | Allied Health | Physical Activity and Health | Sociology of Sport | The Body | Health Psychology | Public Health - Medical Sociology | Food | Social aspects | Health in mass media
2010, 1st ed., International studies in physical education and youth sport, ISBN 0415493137, x, 214
Despite society’s current preoccupation with interrelated issues such as obesity, increasingly sedentary lifestyles and children’s health, there has until now... 
Exercise Psychology | Physical Activity and Health | Health & Society | Youth Sport | Physical Education | Primary Physical Education | Secondary Physical Education | Public Health - Medical Sociology | Youth Sports Development | Physical fitness for children | Exercise for children | Physical fitness for youth | Exercise for youth
9/2017, Encyclopedia of Pathology, ISBN 9783319419947
...Original NamesHulusi BehçetDate, Country, and City of BirthFebruary 20, 1889, Istanbul, TurkeyDate, Country, and City of DeathMarch 8, 1948, Istanbul... 
Book Chapter
by Smaghi, Lorenzo Bini and Puu, T and Waterman, A. M. C and Milgate, Murray and Milgate, Murray and Schwartz, Anna J and Moen, Jon R and Tallman, Ellis and Becattini, G and Caffé, F and Urbach, Peter and De Marchi, N and Kirman, A. P and Steindl, Josef and Lockwood, B and Kaplow, Louis and Kirman, Alan and Gordon, Barry and Goodwin, J and Manski, Charles F and Tamer, Elie and Edwards, A. W. F and Quint, Daniel and Jensen, Richard A and Putnam, Jonathan and Hall, Bronwyn H and Tunali, İnsan and Durlauf, Steven N and Botticini, Maristella and Eckstein, Zvi and Puffert, Douglas and Liviatan, Nissan and Coats, A. W and Roberds, William and Nuti, D. M and Hamermesh, Daniel S and Ricketts, Martin and Wiseman, Jack and Stern, N. H and Otsuka, Keijiro and de V. Graaff, J and Kahan, Dan and Milgate, Murray and Marris, R. L and Barr, Nicholas and Bodie, Zvi and Ali Khan, M and Bray, Margaret and Mirman, Leonard J and Roberts, John and Baumol, William J and Orosel, G. O and Wallerstein, Immanuel and Donnelly, M and Aguiar, Mark and Hurst, Erik and Nikaido, Hukukane and Spiegel, Henry W and Gathergood, John and Lazear, Edward and Tavlas, George S and Recktenwald, H. C and Lewis, Karen K and Recktenwald, H. C and Roncaglia, Alessandro and Ellison, Sara Fisher and Routh, Guy and Zoega, Gylfi and Recktenwald, H. C and Phelps, Edmund S and Fisher, Jonas D. M and Blyth, C. A and Hands, D. Wade and Vaggi, G and Heertje, Arnold and Aslanbeigui, Nahid and Sandmo, Agnar and Dehem, Roger and Jackman, Richard and Webb, R. K and Nove, Alec and Vohra, Rajiv and Coase, Ronald H and Graves, Adrian and Egerton, H. E and Edgeworth, F. Y and Edgeworth, F. Y and Falkus, M and Dow, Sheila C and Flux, A. W and Tsiang, S. C and Dalton, George and Anderson, Gordon and Hansen, N and Mukand, Sharun W and Deane, Phyllis and Drazen, Allan and Drazen, Allan and Austen-Smith, David and Groenewegen, Peter and ...
2/2018, ISBN 9781349951888
Professor Christopher Pissarides was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics jointly with Peter Diamond and Dale Mortensen ‘for their analysis of markets... 
B31 | E24 | J63 | J21 | J64 | J23 | Labour markets | Macroeconomics | Search theory | Unemployment | D83 | Wage determination
Book Chapter
2015, ISBN 9780415624541, x, 187 pages
What can you contribute to improving and protecting the health of your community? Public health is becoming an increasingly central area of healthcare practice... 
Vocational Guidance | Career Choice | Public health | Public Health Policy and Practice | Infectious Diseases | Community and Public Health Nursing | Public Health - Medical Sociology | Public Health - Great Britain | Vocational guidance
by Burmeister, Edwin and Tribe, K and Fong, Nathan M and Schefold, B and Fisher, Malcolm R and Fischer, Stanley and Haidar, Jamal Ibrahim and Whitaker, J. K and Hendry, David F and Phillips, Peter C. B and Sent, Esther-Mirjam and Adams, F. Gerard and Simon, Herbert A and Lee, Ronald D and Richard Savage, I and Karni, Edi and Bridel, P and Schmidt, K and Hébert, R. F and Hébert, R. F and Sowell, Thomas and Castelot, E and Sowell, Thomas and Cramp, A. B and Kærgård, Niels and Sandelin, Bo and Sæther, Arild and Montani, Guido and Classen, Wolfgang-Dieter and Recktenwald, H. C and Kuran, Timur and Schwödiauer, G and Schefold, B and Rosenberg, N and Bombach, Gottfried and Spiegel, Henry W and Langholm, Odd and Whited, Toni M and Hoxby, Caroline and Mosak, Jacob L and Walker, James R and Worswick, G. D. N and Heertje, Arnold and Aghion, Philippe and Lipsey, Robert and Reiter, Stanley and Diamond, Arthur M and Mäki, Uskali and Adelman, Irma and Skinner, Andrew and Michalopoulos, Stelios and Papaioannou, Elias and Gordon, Barry and Andolfatto, David and Diamond, P and Shi, Shouyong and Wright, Randall and Hylleberg, Svend and Balestra, Pietro and Bohm, Peter and Alexeev, Michael and Gide, C and Moon, Hyungsik Roger and Perron, Benoit and Thorp, Rosemary and Cain, Glen G and Black, S and Heckman, James J and Cho, In-Koo and Sargent, Thomas J and Monro, D. H and Coats, A. W and Scherer, F. M and van Damme, Eric and Powell, James L and Anand, Sudhir and De Marchi, N and Blackorby, Charles and Primont, Daniel and Russell, R. Robert and Starr, Ross M and Berger, James O and Hong, Yongmiao and Groenewegen, Peter and Petit, Pascal and Earl, Peter and Adrian, Tobias and Ashcraft, Adam B and Kanbur, Ravi and Hart, Sergiu and Baucells, Manel and Lejano, Raul and Qin, Cheng-Zhong and Starr, Ross M and Dubois, Pierre and Durlauf, Steven N and Newman, Peter and Erwin Diewert, W and Sugihara, Shiro and Sent, Esther-Mirjam and ...
2/2018, ISBN 9781349951888
Born in the Yaroslav province of Russia, Slutsky had troubled years as a student: he enrolled in the department of physics and mathematics at Kiev University,... 
Book Chapter
2010, ISBN 0415493137, x, 214
Despite society's current preoccupation with interrelated issues such as obesity, increasingly sedentary lifestyles and children's health, there has until now... 
Physical fitness for youth | Exercise for youth | Physical fitness for children
2009, 1st ed., ISBN 0312561679
by Sandmo, Agnar and Mirchandani, Ravi and Chipman, John S and Schmitt-Grohé, Stephanie and Uribe, Martin and Ekelund, Robert B and Nathan, Robert R and Hahn, F. H and Donnelly, M and Spiegel, Henry W and McCloskey, Donald N and Shell, Karl and Hansson, Björn and Clarke, Peter and Robinson, P. M and Musgrave, Richard A and Sent, Esther-Mirjam and Graham, Carol and Ekelund, Robert B and Galbraith, John Kenneth and Khan, M. Ali and Eltis, Walter and Eltis, Walter and Myerson, Roger B and Earl, Peter and Nikaido, Hukukane and Boianovsky, Mauro and Bigg, R. J and Caldwell, Bruce and Sigman, Hilary and Kenkel, Donald S and Jones, Andrew M and Wolfe, Barbara and Newhouse, Joseph P and Ruhm, Christopher J and McGuire, Alastair and White, M and Ibragimov, Rustam and Blundell, Richard and Hansen, Lars Peter and Neal, Derek and Uhr, Carl G and Jones, Ronald W and Connor, Gregory and Triplett, Jack E and Nesheim, Lars and Griffin, James and Parfit, Derek and Bellamy, R. P and Milberg, William and Schmidt, K and Starr, Ross M and Pechman, Joseph A and Wolff, J and Peacock, Alan and Robinson, E. A. G and Heertje, Arnold and Shepherd, William G and Blaug, Mark and Dalton, George and Lee, Frederic S and Kmenta, J and West, Kenneth D and Bliss, Christopher and Peacock, Alan and Silberberg, Eugene and Guesnerie, Roger and Chib, Siddhartha and Greenberg, Edward and Garicano, Luis and Edgeworth, F. Y and Milgate, Murray and Brunner, Karl and Reich, Hermann and Green, Roy and Gregory, C. A and McPherson, M. S and Landaw, Elizabeth and Levine, David K and Whittington, G and Mosk, Carl and Maloney, J and Pearson, Heath and Putterman, Louis and Goodwin, Craufurd D and Oosterlinck, Kim and Macpherson, C. B and Clarke, Peter and Backhouse, Roger E and Cain, P. J and Thompson, N. W and Che, Yeon-Koo and Sákovics, József and Coats, A. W and Samules, Warren J and Chang, Yongsung and Hornstein, Andreas and Crouzeix, J.-P and Duclos, Jean-Yves and Winch, Donald and ...
2/2018, ISBN 9781349951888
Financial economist; born Island City, Missouri, 2 May 1884, died 30 November 1948... 
Book Chapter
by Gravelle, Jane G and Black, R. D. Collison and Kamien, Morton I and Prescott, Edward C and Candler, Graham V and Recktenwald, H. C and Ashworth, Scott and Dimand, Robert W and Neill, Robin F and Hébert, R. F and Milgate, Murray and Higgs, Henry and Walsh, Vivian and Hennings, K. H and Shaikh, Anwar and Brennan, M. J and Solomon, E and Forbes, Kristin J and Brown, Brendan and Malinvaud, E and Gentry, William and Hagemann, Harald and Diewert, W. Erwin and Schreyer, Paul and Hatta, Tatsuo and Becker, Robert A and Pasinetti, Luigi L and Scazzieri, Roberto and Kurz, Heinz D and Betancourt, Roger and Friedman, Benjamin M and Heilbroner, Robert L and Punzo, Lionello F and Spiegel, Henry W and Spiegel, Henry W and Milgate, Murray and Grofman, Bernard and Weiss, Leonard W and Levenstein, Margaret C and Suslow, Valerie Y and Coats, A. W and Guerdjikova, Ani and Gustafsson, Bo and Wolcott, Susan and Rothbard, Murray N and Balasko, Y and Posner, Richard A and Dimand, Robert W and Gomulka, Stanislaw and Cameron, A. Colin and Teixeira, Pedro and Almodovar, António and Bellamy, R. P and Granger, C. W. J and Simon, Herbert A and Hoover, Kevin D and Pullen, J. M and Maddala, G. S and Ehrmann, Michael and Fratzscher, Marcel and Walsh, Carl E and Goodhart, Charles and Ploberger, Werner and Berliant, Marcus and Kowalik, Tadeusz and Boggio, Luciano and Freixas, Xavier and Sato, Ryuzo and Whitaker, John K and Gandolfo, Giancarlo and Atiyah, P. S and O’Brien, D. P and Kuenne, Robert E and Cowell, F. A and Friedman, Walter A and McPherson, M. S and Benhabib, Jess and Gorman, W. M and Myles, G. D and Andreoni, James and Gonner, E. C. K and Wallace, G and Bagchi, Amiya K and Howson, Susan and Krishna, Vijay and Morgan, John and Arora, Ashish and Gambardella, Alfonso and Devarajan, Shantayanan and Hébert, R. F and Falkus, M and Bridel, P and Hébert, R. F and Reder, M. W and Emmett, Ross B and Currie, Janet and Basu, Kaushik and Vickers, Douglas and Blau, David M and Yagi, Kiichiro and ...
2/2018, ISBN 9781349951888
After a period as a schoolteacher in Leicester, Clara Collet became one of Charles Booth’s assistants on his Survey of London Life and Labour in 1886. In 1893... 
Collet, Clara E | Women’s employment
Book Chapter
2015, Routledge research in education, ISBN 9780415706179, 162
This book explores the complex nexus of discourses, principles and practices within which educators mobilise school-based health education. Through an... 
Educational Research | Teachers & Teacher Education | Health education | School health services
2009, ISBN 9780807134535, xi, 81
1999, 1st Picador USA ed., ISBN 0312243103, 278
1982, ISBN 9780807110263, 56
1973, 1st ed., 178
Private eye, ISSN 0032-888X
2004, ISBN 0415306442, xxii, 246
Today's society is obsessed with the body, its size, shape and healthiness. Governments, business and the popular media, spend and earn fortunes encouraging... 
Physical education and training | Health education | Social aspects | Sociology of Education | Health Promotion | Sociology of Sport | Health & Society | The Body | Physical Education | Education Policy | Social Policy | Sport and Leisure Studies | Health education - Social aspects
2006, ISBN 0826216307, 179
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