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by Dimova, I and Hlushchuk, R and Makanya, A and Djonov, V and Theurl, M and Schgoer, W and Albrecht, K and Beer, A and Patsch, J. R and Schratzberger, P and Mahata, S and Kirchmair, R and Didie, M and Christalla, P and Rau, T and Eschenhagen, T and Schumacher, U and Lin, Q and Zenke, M and Zimmmermann, W and Hoch, M and Fischer, P and Stapel, B and Missol-Kolka, E and Erschow, S and Scherr, M and Drexler, H and Hilfiker-Kleiner, D and Diebold, I and Petry, A and Kennel, P and Djordjevic, T and Hess, J and Goerlach, A and Castellano, J and Aledo, R and Sendra, J and Costales, P and Badimon, L and Llorente-Cortes, V and Dworatzek, E and Mahmoodzadeh, S and Regitz-Zagrosek, V and Posa, A and Varga, C and Berko, A and Veszelka, M and Szablics, P and Vari, B and Pavo, I and Laszlo, F and Brandenburger, M and Wenzel, J and Bogdan, R and Richardt, D and Reppel, M and Hescheler, J and Terlau, H and Dendorfer, A and Heijman, J and Rudy, Y and Westra, R and Volders, P and Rasmusson, R and Bondarenko, V and Ertas Gokhan, M. D and Ural Ertan, M. D and Karaoz Erdal, P. H. D and Aksoy Ayca, P. H. D and Kilic Teoman, M. D and Kozdag Guliz, M. D and Vural Ahmet, M. D and Ural Dilek, M. D and Poulet, C and Christ, T and Wettwer, E and Ravens, U and Van Der Pouw Kraan, C and Schirmer, S and Fledderus, J and Moerland, P and Leyen, T and Piek, J and Van Royen, N and Horrevoets, A and Fleissner, F and Jazbutyte, V and Fiedler, J and Galuppo, P and Mayr, M and Ertl, G and Bauersachs, J and Thum, T and Protze, S and Bussek, A and Li, F and Hoo, R and Lam, K and Xu, A and Subramanian, P and ...
Cardiovascular Research, ISSN 0008-6363, 06/2010, Volume 87, Issue Supplement 1, pp. S45 - S88
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Topalovic, M and Das, N and Burgel, PR and Daenen, M and Derom, E and Haenebalcke, C and Janssen, R and Kerstjens, HAM and Liistro, G and Louis, R and Ninane, V and Pison, C and Schlesser, M and Vercauter, P and Vogelmeier, CF and Wouters, E and Wynants, J and Janssens, W and De Pauw, R and Depuydt, C and Muyldermans, S and Ringoet, V and Stevens, D and Bayat, S and Benet, J and Catho, E and Claustre, J and Fedi, A and Ferjani, MA and Guzun, R and Isnard, M and Nicolas, S and Pierret, T and Rouches, S and Wuyam, B and Corhay, JL and Guiot, J and Ghysen, K and Renaud, L and Sibille, A and De La Barriere, H and Charpentier, C and Corhut, S and Hamdan, KA and Wirtz, G and Alabadan, E and Birsen, G and Chohra, A and Hamard, C and Lemarie, B and Lothe, MN and Martin, C and Sainte-Marie, AC and Sebane, L and Berk, Y and de Brouwer, B and Kerkhoff, J and Spaanderman, A and Stegers, M and Termeer, A and van Grimbergen, I and van Veen, A and van Ruitenbeek, L and Vermeer, L and Zaal, R and Zijlker, M and Aumann, J and Cuppens, K and Degraeve, D and Demuynck, K and Dieriks, B and Pat, K and Spaas, L and Van Puijenbroek, R and Weytjens, K and Adam, V and Berendes, BJ and Hardeman, E and Jordens, P and Munghen, E and Tournoy, K and Alame, T and Bruyneel, M and Gabrovska, M and Muylle, I and Rozen, D and Rummens, P and Van den Broecke, S and Froidure, A and Gohy, S and Pieters, T and Pilette, C and Pirson, F and Kerstjens, H and Van den Berge, M and Ten Hacken, N and Duiverman, M and Koster, D and Vosse, B and Conemans, L and ... and Pulm Function Study Investigators
EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL, ISSN 0903-1936, 04/2019, Volume 53, Issue 4
The interpretation of pulmonary function tests (PFTs) to diagnose respiratory diseases is built on expert opinion that relies on the recognition of patterns... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Massimi, C and Altstadt, S and Andrzejewski, J and Audouin, L and Barbagallo, M and Bécares, V and Bečvář, F and Belloni, F and Berthoumieux, E and Billowes, J and Bisterzo, S and Bosnar, D and Brugger, M and Calviani, M and Calviño, F and Cano-Ott, D and Carrapiço, C and Castelluccio, D.M and Cerutti, F and Chiaveri, E and Cosentino, L and Chin, M and Clai, G and Colonna, N and Cortés, G and Cortés-Giraldo, M.A and Cristallo, S and Diakaki, M and Domingo-Pardo, C and Duran, I and Dressler, R and Eleftheriadis, C and Ferrari, A and Finocchiaro, P and Fraval, K and Ganesan, S and García, A.R and Giubrone, G and Gonçalves, I.F and González-Romero, E and Griesmayer, E and Guerrero, C and Gunsing, F and Hernández-Prieto, A and Jenkins, D.G and Jericha, E and Kadi, Y and Käppeler, F and Karadimos, D and Kivel, N and Koehler, P and Kokkoris, M and Kopecky, S and Krtička, M and Kroll, J and Lampoudis, C and Langer, C and Leal-Cidoncha, E and Lederer, C and Leeb, H and Leong, L.S and Lo Meo, S and Losito, R and Mallick, A and Manousos, A and Marganiec, J and Martínez, T and Mastinu, P.F and Mastromarco, M and Mendoza, E and Mengoni, A and Milazzo, P.M and Mingrone, F and Mirea, M and Mondelaers, W and Musumarra, A and Paradela, C and Pavlik, A and Perkowski, J and Pignatari, M and Piersanti, L and Plompen, A and Praena, J and Quesada, J.M and Rauscher, T and Reifarth, R and Riego, A and Robles, M.S and Rubbia, C and Sabaté-Gilarte, M and Sarmento, R and Saxena, A and Schillebeeckx, P and Schmidt, S and Schumann, D and Tagliente, G and Tain, J.L and Tarrío, D and Tassan-Got, L and Tsinganis, A and ...
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 05/2017, Volume 768, Issue C, pp. 1 - 6
This work reports on accurate, high-resolution measurements of the 25Mg(n,γ)26Mg and 25Mg(n,tot) cross sections in the neutron energy range from thermal to... 
Neutron spectroscopy | [formula omitted]Ne | s Process | Energia nuclear | CERN | Espectroscòpia atòmica | Cross section | Experimental | Energies | Neutrons | Atomic spectroscopy | nTOF | Capture | Física | Stellar nucleosynthesis | Neutron | Àrees temàtiques de la UPC | α+22Ne
Journal Article
by Mastromarco, M and Manna, A and Aberle, O and Andrzejewski, J and Audouin, L and Bacak, M and Balibrea, J and Barbagallo, M and Bečvář, F and Berthoumieux, E and Billowes, J and Bosnar, D and Brown, A and Caamaño, M and Calviño, F and Calviani, M and Cano-Ott, D and Cardella, R and Casanovas, A and Castelluccio, D. M and Cerutti, F and Chen, Y. H and Chiaveri, E and Clai, G and Colonna, N and Cortés, G and Cortés-Giraldo, M. A and Cosentino, L and Damone, L. A and Diakaki, M and Domingo-Pardo, C and Dressler, R and Dupont, E and Durán, I and Fernández-Domínguez, B and Ferrari, A and Ferreira, P and Finocchiaro, P and Furman, V and Göbel, K and García, A. R and Gawlik, A and Gilardoni, S and Glodariu, T and Gonçalves, I. F and González-Romero, E and Griesmayer, E and Guerrero, C and Gunsing, F and Guglielmelli, A and Harada, H and Heinitz, S and Heyse, J and Jenkins, D. G and Jericha, E and Käppeler, F and Kadi, Y and Kalamara, A and Kavrigin, P and Kimura, A and Kivel, N and Knapova, I and Kokkoris, M and Krtička, M and Kurtulgil, D and Leal-Cidoncha, E and Lederer, C and Leeb, H and Lerendegui-Marco, J and Lonsdale, S. J and Macina, D and Marganiec, J and Martínez, T and Masi, A and Massimi, C and Mastinu, P and Maugeri, E. A and Mazzone, A and Mendoza, E and Mengoni, A and Milazzo, P. M and Mingrone, F and Musumarra, A and Negret, A and Nolte, R and Oprea, A and Patronis, N and Pavlik, A and Perkowski, J and Porras, I and Praena, J and Quesada, J. M and Radeck, D and Rauscher, T and Reifarth, R and Rocchi, F and Rubbia, C and Ryan, J. A and Sabaté-Gilarte, M and Saxena, A and ... and n_TOF Collaboration
The European Physical Journal A, ISSN 1434-6001, 03/2019, Volume 55, Issue 3
Journal Article
Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology, ISSN 0960-7692, 10/2018, Volume 52, Issue S1, pp. 27 - 28
Journal Article
The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 03/2019, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 448 - 458
Journal Article
Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology, ISSN 0960-7692, 09/2017, Volume 50, Issue S1, pp. 21 - 21
Journal Article
American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, ISSN 0002-9378, 2016, Volume 214, Issue 4, pp. 424 - 437
Journal Article