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Radiology, ISSN 0033-8419, 06/1997, Volume 203, Issue 3, pp. 859 - 863
Journal Article
Phytoparasitica, ISSN 0334-2123, 7/2012, Volume 40, Issue 3, pp. 235 - 238
The ambrosia beetle, Euwallacea fornicatus Eichhoff, was first recorded in Israel in 2009. The symbiotic fungus Fusarium sp., carried in mycacangia located in... 
Life Sciences | Plant Pathology | Life Sciences, general | Persea americana | Agriculture | Ecology | First report | Fusarium solani species complex | Plant Sciences | CURCULIONIDAE | SCOLYTINAE | PLANT SCIENCES | Fungi | Fruit industry | Symbiosis | Crop diseases | Animal populations | Insects | Fruits
Journal Article
Archives of Disease in Childhood, ISSN 0003-9888, 10/2014, Volume 99, Issue Suppl 2, pp. A105 - A105
Background In paediatric intensive care unit (PICU), the relationship between end-tidal partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PetCO2) and arterial partial... 
Literature reviews | Respiratory tract | Carbon dioxide | Ventilation | Software | Blood pressure | Children | Computer programs
Journal Article
Archives Animal Breeding, ISSN 0003-9438, 2013, Volume 56, Issue 1, pp. 1052 - 1059
The study involved 50 insemination boars at the age of 8-9 months at the beginning of the study. Each boar was assessed four times for its sexual activity: at... 
Boar | Sexual activity | Ejaculate | boar | INSEMINATION BOARS | AGRICULTURE, DAIRY & ANIMAL SCIENCE | QUALITY | DUROC | REPRODUCTIVE-BEHAVIOR | SEMEN PARAMETERS | ejaculate | sexual activity | Copulation | Parameters | Breeding | Mathematical analysis | Efficiency | Correlation analysis | Physical properties | Forecasting | Age | Fitness
Journal Article
Archives of Disease in Childhood, ISSN 0003-9888, 10/2014, Volume 99, Issue 10, p. A105
Journal Article
Journal Article
TOXICOLOGY RESEARCH, ISSN 2045-452X, 12/2019, Volume 8, Issue 6, pp. 896 - 97
Bioactive compounds isolated from plants are considered to be attractive candidates for cancer therapy. In this study, we examined the effect of kaempferol,... 
OXIDATIVE STRESS | ANTIOXIDANT | PREVENTION | RISK | FLAVONOIDS | TOXICOLOGY | CANCER | PROTECT | Plants (botany) | Damage assessment | Bioassay | Toxicity | Kaempferol | Bioassays | DNA damage | Etoposide | Leukocytes (mononuclear) | Cell viability | Derivatives | Blood | Comet assay | Damage detection | Bioactive compounds | Peripheral blood mononuclear cells | Deoxyribonucleic acid--DNA | Impact damage | Lenses
Journal Article
by Peña, J E and Wysoki, M and Singh, Gajendra and Boscán de M, Nancy and Godoy, Freddy J and Obligado, A and Rossetto, C J and Ribeiro, I J. A and Gallo, P B and Soares, N B and Sabino, J C and Martins, A L. M and Bortoletto, N and Ploetz, R C and Benscher, D and Vázquez, Aimé and Colls, A and Nagel, Julianne and Schaffer, B and Pinkas, Y and Maymon, M and Freeman, S and Bostros Bastawros, Mikhail and Gosbee, M J and Johnson, G I and Joyce, D C and Irwin, J A. G and Saaiman, W C and Prusky, D and Falik, E and Kobiler, I and Fuchs, Y and Zauberman, G and Pesis, E and Ackerman, M and Roth, I and Weksler, A and Yekutiely, O and Waisblum, A and Keinan, A and Ofek, G and Reved, R and Barak, R and Bel, P and Artes, L and Visarathanonth, N and Xu, Z and Ponce de León, L and Muñoz, C and Pérez, L and Diaz de León, F and Kerbel, C and Esparza, S and Bósquez, E and Trinidad, M and Coates, L M and Cooke, A W and Dean, J R and Lucia Duarte, Ana and Alberto Otto, Paulo and Malavasi, Aldo and Lizado, M C. C and Bautista, M L and Artes, L A and Bacalangco, N S and Farungsang, U and Farungsang, N and Waskar, D P and Masalkar, S D and Gaikwad, R S and Damame, S V and Bally, Ian S. E and O’Hare, Tim J and Holmes, Rowland J and Atabekov, J G and Fauquet, Claude M and Tomori, O and Nuss, D L and Ahlquist, P and Díez, J and Ishikawa, M and Janda, M and Price, B D and Restrepo-Hartwig, M and Bol, J F and van Rossum, C M. A and Garcia, M L and van der Vossen, E A. G and Reusken, Chantal B. E. M and Canto, T R and Gal-On, A and Palukaitis, P and Roossinck, M J and Flasinski, S and Restrepo-Hartwig, Maria A and Ahlquist, Paul and Smirnyagina, Ekaterina and Lin, Na-Sheng and Nagy, Peter D and Figlerowicz, Marek and ...
Phytoparasitica, ISSN 0334-2123, 3/1997, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp. 45 - 86
Journal Article
Superconductor Science and Technology, ISSN 0953-2048, 01/2004, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp. 103 - 112
We study electron transport through a quantum dot coupled to a normal metal and BCS-like superconductor (N-QD-S) in the presence of the Kondo effect and... 
Journal Article
by Pener, M P and Anshelevich, L and Dunkelblum, E and Dunkelblum, E and Hard, M and Harari, A and Gordon, D and Kehat, M and Reuveny, H and Akunis, O and Oppenheim, D and Rafaeli, Acta and Gileadi, Carina and Hirashima, Akinori and Lubin, Yael and Papke, Mirjam and Soroker, Victoria and Hefetz, A and Klein, Z and Zarabi, Leah and Zarabi, Leah and Zarabi, Leah and Ovadia, S and Blachinsky, Dafna and Zemer, B and Tadmor, U and Levanon, I and Fish, M and Weintraub, Phyllis G and Pener, Hedva and Wilamowski, A and Wilamowski, A and Braverman, Y and Hogsette, J A and Braverman, Y and Chizov-Ginzburg, A and Chizov-Ginzburg, A and Pener, Hedva and Shlosberg, A and Kostyukovsky, M and Shaaya, E and Trostanetsky, A and Bin, C and Barazani, A and Wysoki, M and Rene, S and Eliyahu, Miriam and Blumberg, D and Blumberg, D and Blumberg, D and Shofet, Michal and Blachinsky, Dafna and Herzog, Z and Wilamowski, A and Gross, S and Gross, S and Mendel, Z and Mendel, Z and Mendel, Z and Drishpon, Y and Regev, Avital and Rivkin, H and Chejanovsky, N and Gershburg, E and Froy, O and Gurevitz, M and Avisar, D and Sneh, B and Zilberstein, A and Keller, M and Strizhov, N and Koncz, Sz and Schell, J and Koncz, C and Ben-Dov, E and Ben-Dov, E and Zarka, A and Zaritsky, A and Zaritsky, A and Manasherob, R and Manasherob, R and Boussiba, S and Boussiba, S and Segal, D and Glazer, I and Glazer, I and Altstein, Miriam and Ben-Aziz, Orna and Schefler, Irit and Zeltser, Irina and Gilon, C and Steinitz, B and Navon, A and Navon, A and Levski, Shlomit and Nakache, Y and Biton, S and Manasherob, R and Wu, X Q and Myasnik, M and ...
Phytoparasitica, ISSN 0334-2123, 2/2001, Volume 29, Issue 1, pp. 51 - 89
Journal Article
by Eizenberg, H and Tanaami, Z and Jacobsohn, R and Lalazar, A and Hayut, M and Sibony, M and Sibony, M and Sibony, M and Tal, A and Rubin, B and Yossef, T and Plakhine, D and Plakhine, D and Kleifeld, Y and Kleifeld, Y and Weinberg, T and Lior, E and Avdat, N and Portnoy, V H and Katzir, N and Joel, D M and Buxbaum, H and Goldwasser, Y and Hershenhorn, J and Hershenhorn, J and Zamski, E and Kleifeld, Y and Goldwasser, Y and Hershenhorn, Y and Golan, S and Herzlinger, G and Chilf, T and Losner-Goshen, Dalia and Portnoy, V H and Joel, D M and Aly, R and Halpern, N and Blumenfeld, T and Shomer-Ilan, Adiva and Mayer, A M and Bar-Nun, Nurit and Ben-Hod, G and Amsellem, Ziva and Gressel, J and Gressel, J and Kernyi, Z and Hornok, L and Cohen, B and Amsellem, Ziva and Sharon, A and Sharon, A and Kitahin, S and Bosak, A and Bosak, A and Bar-Peled, Y and Barnea, N and Yasour, H and Hayut, M and Tal, A and Alon, Y and El-Nahhal, Y Z and Nir, S and Polubesova, T and Margulies, L and Siti, E and Kaplan, Ch and Levanon, I and Gokkes, M and Gokkes, M and Hadar, A and Chachlon, Y and Yovel, H and Colodney, G and Glidai, S and Tal, Shuli and Nir, A and Yasur, E and Kigel, J and Kigel, J and Yaacoby, T and Nir, A and Ye, Bin and Gressel, J and Kimel, U and Manulis, Shulamit and Kleitman, Frida and Dror, Orit and Chalupowicz, Laura and Khayat, E and Tsror (Lahkim), Leah and Erlich, Orly and Menashe, A and Wysoki, M and Gerson, U and Slabezki, Y and Dag, A and Efrat, H and Yacobson, B and Palevsky, E and Reuveny, H and ...
Phytoparasitica, ISSN 0334-2123, 6/1999, Volume 27, Issue 2, pp. 109 - 168
Journal Article
Clinical Pediatrics, ISSN 0009-9228, 11/2004, Volume 43, Issue 9, pp. 825 - 829
Journal Article