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The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, ISSN 1520-6106, 12/2012, Volume 116, Issue 49, pp. 14494 - 14503
Journal Article
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, ISSN 1520-6106, 01/2012, Volume 116, Issue 1, pp. 77 - 86
Using a single-mode Holstein Hamiltonian with through-space excitonic couplings evaluated quantum mechanically, the absorption, circular dichroism, and... 
B: Macromolecules, Soft Matter | EXCITON MODEL | FILMS | CHEMISTRY, PHYSICAL | OPTICAL-ACTIVITY | ENERGY-TRANSFER | SPECTRAL SIGNATURES | DIMERS | Usage | Photoluminescence | Molecular crystals | Absorption spectra | Research | Structure | Circular dichroism | Unit cell | Aggregates | Circularity | Dichroism | Emission | Dimers | Diimide
Journal Article
by Satoh, M and Terata, S and Kikuya, M and Ohkubo, T and Hashimoto, T and Hara, A and Hirose, T and Obara, T and Metoki, H and Inoue, R and Asayama, K and Nakayama, M and Kanno, A and Totsune, K and Hoshi, H and Satoh, H and Sato, H and Imai, Y and Palmer, S and Germaine, W and Iff, S and Craig, J and Mitchell, P and Wang, J. J and Strippoli, G and Navaneethan, S and Tonelli, M and Pellegrini, F and Stracke, S and Ernst, F and Robinson, D and Schwahn, C and John, U and Felix, S. B and Volzke, H and Mysula, I and Gozhenko, A and Susla, O and Minutolo, R and Gabbai, F. B and Agarwal, R and Bellizzi, V and Nappi, F and Conte, G and De Nicola, L and Smith, E and Tomlinson, L and Ford, M and Mcmahon, L and Rajkumar, C and Holt, S and Lee, S and Kim, I and Lee, D and Rhee, H and Song, S and Seong, E and Kwak, I and Redal-Baigorri, B and Rasmusen, K and Goya Heaf, J and Sombolos, K and Tsakiris, D and John, B and Vlahakos, D and Siamopoulos, K and Vargiemezis, V and Nikolaidis, P and Iatrou, C and Dafnis, E and Argyropoulos, C and Xynos, K and Ramona, H and Jos, D and Guido, F and Patrick, D and Dominique, L and Begona, M.-Y.-K and Antoon, D. S and Marc, V. S and Hellberg, M and Wiberg, E. M and Hoglund, P and Simonsen, O and Clyne, N and Manfredini, F and Bolignano, D and Rastelli, S and Barilla, A and Bertoli, S and Ciurlino, D and Messa, P and Fabrizi, F and Zuccala, A and Rapana, R and Fatuzzo, P and Rapisarda, F and Bonanno, G and Lombardi, L and De Paola, L and ... and On Behalf of the Calabrian Registry of Dialysis and Transplantation Working Group
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii121 - ii132
Journal Article
by Liu, J and Liu, Y and Xu, Y and Zhao, X and Qian, J and Sun, B and Xing, C and Kanda, R and Hamada, C and Nakano, T and Wakabayashi, K and Io, H and Horikoshi, S and Tomino, Y and Ishimatsu, N and Miyamoto, T and Morimoto, H and Nakamata, J and Baba, R and Kanegae, K and Serino, R and Kabashima, N and Otsuji, Y and Doi, Y and Tamura, M and Kusumoto, T and Fukami, K and Yamagishi, S.-I and Ueda, S and Kaida, Y and Hazama, T and Nakayama, Y and Ando, R and Obara, N and Okuda, S and Matsumoto, M and Furuno, Y and Bang-Gee, H and Mazzotta, L and Rosati, A and Carlini, A and Henriques, V. T and Zangiacomi Martinez, E and Divino-Filho, J. C and Pecoits-Filho, R and Cardeal Da Costa, J. A and Gama Axelsson, T and Lindholm, B and Carrero, J. J and Heimburger, O and Stenvinkel, P and Qureshi, A. R and Akazawa, M and Uno, T and Kanda, E and Maeda, Y and Aktsiali, M and Antonopoulou, S and Tsiolaki, K and Bakirtzi, N and Patrinou, A and Georgopoulou, M and Liaveri, P and Afentakis, N and Tsirpanlis, G and Hasegawa, T and Nishiwaki, H and Hirose, M and Komukai, D and Tayama, H and Koiwa, F and Yoshimura, A and Lui, S. L and Lui, S and Yung, S and Tang, C and Ng, F and Lo, W. K and Chan, T. M and Koo, H. M and Doh, F. M and Yoo, D. E and Oh, H. J and Yoo, T.-H and Choi, K. H and Kang, S.-W and Han, D. S and Han, S. H and Fernandes, N and Bastos, M. G and Gianotti Franco, M. R and Chaoubah, A and Gloria Lima, M. D and Kang, S and Do, J and Cho, K and Park, J and Yoon, K and Chen, J.-B and Cheng, B.-C and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii457 - ii482
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 2/2011, Volume 331, Issue 6017, pp. 555 - 561
Journal Article
by Kimura, Kenjiro and Hosoya, Tatsuo and Uchida, Shunya and Inaba, Masaaki and Makino, Hirofumi and Maruyama, Shoichi and Ito, Sadayoshi and Yamamoto, Tetsuya and Tomino, Yasuhiko and Ohno, Iwao and Shibagaki, Yugo and Iimuro, Satoshi and Imai, Naohiko and Kuwabara, Masanari and Hayakawa, Hiroshi and Ohtsu, Hiroshi and Ohashi, Yasuo and Kimura, Kenjiro and Hosoya, Tatsuo and Ito, Sadayoshi and Inaba, Masaaki and Tomino, Yasuhiko and Uchida, Shunya and Makino, Hirofumi and Matsuo, Seiichi and Yamanaka, Hisashi and Yamamoto, Tetsuya and Ohno, Iwao and Shibagaki, Yugo and Iimuro, Satoshi and Imai, Naohiko and Kuwabara, Masanari and Hayakawa, Hiroshi and Akizawa, Tadao and Teramoto, Tamio and Kasanuki, Hiroshi and Yoshimura, Kenichi and Kimura, Kenjiro and Hosoya, Tatsuo and Shibagaki, Yugo and Ohno, Iwao and Sato, Hiroshi and Uchida, Shunya and Horikoshi, Satoshi and Maruyama, Syoichi and Inaba, Masahiko and Moriwaki, Yuji and Uchida, Haruhito and Kaneshiro, Nagayuki and Imai, Naohiko and Moriya, Hidekazu and Komatsu, Yasuhiro and Kaname, Shinya and Hanaoka, Kazunari and Ogura, Makoto and Ikeda, Masato and Kasai, Kenji and Sugiura, Akira and Takahashi, Kazushi and Kojima, Kenichiro and Nitta, Kosaku and Tamai, Hirofumi and Nagaya, Hiroshi and Okuno, Senji and Kakiya, Ryusuke and Takeoka, Hiroya and Hirata, Kyouji and Asano, Kenichiro and Fukaya, Yasuo and Iwaida, Yasushi and Tsuneda, Yasuo and Nishimura, Shigeaki and Hiramatsu, Takeyuki and Isaka, Yoshitaka and Ito, Takafumi and Yuzawa, Yukio and Yamagata, Kunihiro and Sofue, Tadashi and Jinguji, Yoshimi and Hirano, Keita and Matsuyama, Kazuhiro and Mizumoto, Teruhiko and Shibuya, Yuko and Sugawara, Masahiro and Kadomura, Moritoshi and Teshima, Yasuaki and Ohtani, Hiroshi and Kamata, Hiroki and Okawara, Susumu and Fukushima, Masaki and Takemura, Katsumi and Kinugasa, Eriko and Kogure, Masami and Ehara, Yoichi and FEATHER Study Investigators
American Journal of Kidney Diseases, ISSN 0272-6386, 12/2018, Volume 72, Issue 6, pp. 798 - 810
Journal Article
Transplantation Proceedings, ISSN 0041-1345, 2014, Volume 46, Issue 6, pp. 1942 - 1944
Journal Article
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 08/2009, Volume 460, Issue 7257, pp. 904 - 908
Acquired uniparental disomy(aUPD) is a common feature of cancer genomes, leading to loss of heterozygosity. aUPD is associated not only with loss-of-function... 
TRANSFORMATION | PROTEIN | RETROVIRAL VECTOR GCDNSAP | NEGATIVE REGULATION | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | HEMATOPOIETIC STEM-CELLS | V-CBL | MUTATIONS | UBIQUITIN LIGASES | MYELODYSPLASTIC SYNDROMES | P53 | NIH 3T3 Cells | Neoplasm Transplantation | ras Proteins - genetics | Phosphorylation | Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-cbl - metabolism | Humans | Leukemia, Myeloid - genetics | Molecular Sequence Data | ras Proteins - metabolism | Male | Leukemia, Myeloid - pathology | Allelic Imbalance | Ubiquitination | Base Sequence | Female | Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-cbl - deficiency | Genes, Tumor Suppressor | Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-cbl - genetics | Amino Acid Sequence | Oncogenes - genetics | Mutant Proteins - genetics | Models, Molecular | Mutant Proteins - metabolism | Chromosomes, Human, Pair 11 - genetics | Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-cbl - chemistry | Mice, Knockout | Animals | Uniparental Disomy - genetics | Leukemia, Myeloid - metabolism | Mice, Nude | Mutant Proteins - chemistry | Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-cbl - antagonists & inhibitors | Protein Conformation | Mice | Mutation | Gene mutations | Myelocytic leukemia | Physiological aspects | Tumor suppressor genes | Development and progression | Genetic aspects | Nonlymphoid leukemia | Research | Protein kinases | Proteins | Genes | Amino acids | Kinases | Cells | Clinical outcomes | Crystal structure
Journal Article
by El Minshawy, O and Ghabrah, T and Hamza, A and Fadl, A and Adam, M and El Bassuoni, E and Saran, R and Tilea, A and Sands, R and Kiser, M and Han, S. W and Stack, A and Finkelstein, F and Eisele, G and Kotanko, P and Levin, N and Gillespie, B and Krane, V and Bhuvanakrishna, T and Burnapp, L and Hilton, R and Sibley-Allen, C and Blake, G and Goldsmith, D and Taylor-Stokes, G and Ozbay, A. B and Sayers, J and Marx, S. E and Yanai, M and Okada, K and Takeuchi, K and Matsuyama, K and Nitta, K and Takahashi, S and Delanaye, P and Cavalier, E and Moranne, O and Lutteri, L and Bruyere, O and Krzesinski, J.-M and Silverwood, R. J and Richards, M and Pierce, M and Hardy, R and Sattar, N and Ferro, C and Savage, C and Kuh, D and Nitsch, D and Shin, J.-h and Kim, S. H and Yu, S.-H and Oberdhan, D and Krasa, H. B and Cheng, R and Hays, R. D and Chapman, A and Perrone, R and Cole, J. C and Hedgeman, E and Steffick, D and Rein-Weston, A and Banerjee, T and Powe, N and Rios-Burrows, N and Williams, D and Nagasawa, Y and Yamamoto, R and Shinzawa, M and Hasuike, Y and Kuragano, T and Rakugi, H and Isaka, Y and Nakanishi, T and Iseki, K and Yamagata, K and Tsuruya, K and Yoshida, H and Fujimoto, S and Asahi, K and Watanabe, T and Moriyama, T and Warren, S and Rutherford, P and Van Den Bosch, J and Kusztal, M and Trafidlo, E and Madziarska, K and Augustyniak-Bartosik, H and Golebiowski, T and Krajewska, M and Rymaszewska, J and Weyde, W and Klinger, M and Sato, Y and Konta, T and Kurahashi, I and Ohashi, Y and Elsayed, I and Khwaja, A and ... and for the Network of German Kidney Cohorts
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i140 - i154
Journal Article