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by Jan Schipper and Janice S. Chanson and Federica Chiozza and Neil A. Cox and Michael Hoffmann and Vineet Katariya and John Lamoreux and Ana S. L. Rodrigues and Simon N. Stuart and Helen J. Temple and Jonathan Baillie and Luigi Boitani and Thomas E. Lacher and Russell A. Mittermeier and Andrew T. Smith and Daniel Absolon and John M. Aguiar and Giovanni Amori and Noura Bakkour and Ricardo Baldi and Richard J. Berridge and Jon Bielby and Patricia Ann Black and J. Julian Blanc and Thomas M. Brooks and James A. Burton and Thomas M. Butynski and Gianluca Catullo and Roselle Chapman and Zoe Cokeliss and Ben Collen and Jim Conroy and Justin G. Cooke and Gustavo A. B. da Fonseca and Andrew E. Derocher and Holly T. Dublin and J. W. Duckworth and Louise Emmons and Richard H. Emslie and Marco Festa-Bianchet and Matt Foster and Sabrina Foster and David L. Garshelis and Cormack Gates and Mariano Gimenez-Dixon and Susana Gonzalez and Jose Fernando Gonzalez-Maya and Tatjana C. Good and Geoffrey Hammerson and Philip S. Hammond and David Happold and Meredith Happold and John Hare and Richard B. Harris and Clare E. Hawkins and Mandy Haywood and Lawrence R. Heaney and Simon Hedges and Kristofer M. Helgen and Craig Hilton-Taylor and Syed Ainul Hussain and Nobuo Ishii and Thomas A. Jefferson and Richard K. B. Jenkins and Charlotte H. Johnston and Mark Keith and Jonathan Kingdon and David H. Knox and Kit M. Kovacs and Penny Langhammer and Kristin Leus and Rebecca Lewison and Gabriela Lichtenstein and Lloyd F. Lowry and Zoe Macavoy and Georgina M. Mace and David P. Mallon and Monica Masi and Meghan W. McKnight and Rodrigo A. Medellín and Patricia Medici and Gus Mills and Patricia D. Moehlman and Sanjay Molur and Arturo Mora and Kristin Nowell and John F. Oates and Wanda Olech and William R. L. Oliver and Monik Oprea and Bruce D. Patterson and William F. Perrin and Beth A. Polidoro and Caroline Pollock and Abigail Powel and Yelizaveta Protas and Paul Racey and Jim Ragle and Pavithra Ramani and Galen Rathbun and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 10/2008, Volume 322, Issue 5899, pp. 225 - 230
Journal Article
06/2016, ISBN 0128022132
Uzbekistan contains the smallest and westernmost snow leopard population, which remains under-studied, likely fragmented, and in many ways data deficient. The... 
Pamir | Tien Shan | Carnivore conservation | Gissar | Siberian ibex | Uzbekistan | Snow leopard
Book Chapter
by Abdiev, Bakhtiyar and Agvaantseren, Bayarjargal and Ale, Som and Ali, Hussain and Allen, Priscilla and Almashev, Chagat and Amato, George and Amgalanbaatar, Sukh and Amirov, Zayiniddin and Anarbaev, Maksat and Arenas, Rafael and Aromov, Bakhtyor and Bürki, Roland and Bayrakçısmith, Rana and Beale, Nick and Bhatnagar, Yash Veer and Bijoor, Ajay and Blidchenko, Ekaterina Yu and Blomqvist, Leif and Boixader, Jordi and Botezatu, Ioana and Breitenmoser, Urs and Breitenmoser-Würsten, Christine and Buzdar, Hafeez and Bykova, Elena and Caragiulo, Anthony and Castner, Jennifer and Chundawat, Raghunandan S and Colorado, Apela and Criffield, Marc and Dadul, Jigmet and Dashzeveg, Unurzul and Davaa, Galbadrakh and Davletbakov, Askar and Ud Din, Jaffar and Dorjgurkhem, Batbold and Driscoll, Carlos A and Duisekeyev, Bakytbek and Esipov, Alexander and Farrington, John D and Fernández, Leonardo and Fisher, Kim and Fominykh, Irina and Fox, Joseph L and García-Tardío, Maribel and Garrote, Germán and Ghoshal, Abhishek and Gibbs, James P and Gilbert, Martin and Harris, Richard B and Heiner, Michael and Hemmingmoore, Heather and Hernandez-Blanco, Jose A and Hillard, Darla and Hotham, Paul and Howard, Pippa and Hunter, Don and Hussain, Shafqat and Istomov, Sergei and Jackson, Rodney M and Jiménez-Peréz, Ignacio Ignacio and Johansson, Örjan and Kachel, Shannon and Karimov, Khalil and Karnaukhov, Alexander and Kiesecker, Joseph and Khan, Ahmad and Khan, Ashiq Ahmad and Khanduri, Shakti Kant and Khatiwada, Ambika and Khuukhenduu, Tungalagtuya and Kitchener, Andrew C and Kochorov, Chyngyz and Koontz, Fred W and Korablev, Miroslav and Kozlova, Svetlana and Kubanychbekov, Zairbek and Kunkel, Kyran and Kuksin, Alexander and Kushlin, Andrey and Lal, Panna and Lama, Wendy Brewer and Lanz, Tabea and Laporte, Bruno and Li, Juan and Lind, Thomas and Liu, Yanlin and Loginov, Oleg and Loginova, Irina and López, Guillermo and López-Parra, Marcos and Lovari, Sandro and Lu, Zhi and Lumpkin, Susan and Maheshwari, Aishwarya and Majumder, Bipasha and Mallon, David and Malykh, Sergei and Mathur, Vinod Bihari and McCarthy, Thomas and ...
2016, ISBN 0128022132
Book Chapter
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