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by Ruiz-García, Antonio and Arranz-Martínez, Ezequiel and García-Álvarez, Juan Carlos and García-Fernández, María Eugenia and Palacios-Martínez, David and Montero-Costa, Alejandra and Ciria-de-Pablo, Cristina and López-Uriarte, Beatriz and García-Pliego, Rosa Ana and Chao-Escuer, Paula and Zafra-Urango, Concepción and Alcaraz-Bethencourt, Amelia and Redondo-de-Pedro, Sonia and Escamilla-Guijarro, Nuria and Pascual-Val, Teresa and Vieira-Pascual, María Carmen and Martínez-Irazusta, Juncal and Martínez-Cid-de-Rivera, Eva and Rodríguez-de-Cossío, Ángela and de-Prado-Prieto, Lidia and Adrián-Sanz, Mercedes and Minguela-Puras, María Esther and Blanco-Canseco, José Manuel and Rubio-Villar, Mercedes and Berbil-Bautista, María Luisa and Hueso-Quesada, Rosa and Plata-Barajas, María Teresa and Redondo-Sánchez, Mercedes and Durán-Tejada, María Rosario and García-Redondo, María Rosa and Sánchez-Herráiz, Miriam and Rey-López, Ana María and García-García-Alcañiz, María Prado and Abad-Schilling, Clara and Hidalgo-Calleja, Yolanda and Rivera-Teijido, Montserrat and Abad-Schilling, C and Adrián-Sanz, M and Aguilera-Reija, P and Alcaraz-Bethencourt, A and Alonso-Roca, R and Álvarez-Benedicto, R and Arranz-Martínez, Ezequiel and Arribas-Álvaro, P and Baltuille-Aller, M.C and Barrios-Rueda, E and Benito-Alonso, E and Berbil-Bautista, M.L and Blanco-Canseco, J.M and Caballero-Ramírez, N and Cabello-Igual, P and Cabrera-Vélez, R and Calderín-Morales, M.P and Capitán-Caldas, M and Casaseca-Calvo, T.F and Cique-Herráinz, J.A and Ciria-de-Pablo, C and Chao-Escuer, P and Dávila-Blázquez, G and de-la-Peña-Antón, N and de-Prado-Prieto, L and del-Villar-Redondo, M.J and Delgado-Rodríguez, S and Díez-Pérez, M.C and Durán-Tejada, M.R and Escamilla-Guijarro, N and Escrivá-Ferrairó, R.A and Fernández-Vicente, T and Fernández-Pacheco-Vila, D and Frías-Vargas, M.J and García-Álvarez, Juan Carlos and García-Fernández, María Eugenia and García-García-Alcañiz, M.P and García-Granado, M.D and García-Pliego, R.A and García-Redondo, M.R and García-Villasur, M.P and Gómez-Díaz, E and Gómez-Fernández, O and González-Escobar, P and González-Posada-Delgado, J.A and Gutiérrez-Sánchez, I and Hernández-Beltrán, M.I and Hernández-de-Luna, M.C and Hernández-López, R.M and Hidalgo-Calleja, Y and Holgado-Catalán, M.S and Hombrados-Gonzalo, M.P and Hueso-Quesada, R and Ibarra-Sánchez, A.M and Iglesias-Quintana, J.R and Íscar-Valenzuela, I and Iturmendi-Martínez, N and Javierre-Miranda, A.P and López-Uriarte, B and Lorenzo-Borda, M.S and Luna-Ramírez, S and Macho-del-Barrio, A.I and Marañón-Henrich, N and Mariño-Suárez, J.E and ... and En representación del Grupo de Investigación del Estudio SIMETAP Grupo de Investigación del Estudio SIMETAP
Clinica e Investigacion en Arteriosclerosis, ISSN 0214-9168, 2019
Introduction: The aims of this study were to determine the age- and sex-adjusted prevalence rates of DM, type-1 DM (T1DM), and type-2 DM (T2DM), and to compare... 
Cardiovascular disease | Diabetes mellitus | Prevalence
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Salinero-Fort, Miguel A and San Andrés-Rebollo, Francisco J and De Burgos-Lunar, Carmen and Gómez-Campelo, Paloma and Chico-Moraleja, Rosa M and De Andrés, Ana López and Jiménez-García, Rodrigo and Abánades-Herranz, J.C and Alayeto-Sánchez, A.M and Alonso-Menéndez, A and Álvarez-Embarba, B and Álvarez-Navarro, E and Arias-Salgado-Robsy, A.M and Arnaiz-Kompanietz, A and Arnalte-Barrera, M and Arrieta-Blanco, F.J and Artiach-Geiser, G and Artola-Menéndez, S and Barrios-Martos, E and Barutell-Rubio, L and Beamud-Victoria, D and Bedoya-Frutos, M.J and Bello-González, C and Benítez-Arroyo, A and Blanco-Urzaiz, F and Caballero-Sánchez, M and Calonge-García, M.E and Calvo-Arregui, R and Calvo-García, E and Camarero-Shelly, M and Canals-Aracil, M and Cano-Espín, A and Carreno-Freire, P.P and Carrillo-De Santa Pau, E and Casado-González, S and Casado-Pérez, P and Casella-Barban, C and Castellanos-Redondo, S and Castillo-Lizarraga, M.J and Castro-Martín, J and Cava-Rosado, M.A and Cerrada-Somolinos, I and Chamorro-Escobar, C and De Felipe-Medina, R and De Hoyos-Alonso, M.C and De La Fuente-de La Fuente, G and De La Iglesia-Moreno, S and De La Pena-Gutierrez, O and De Llama-Arauz, B and De Miguel-Ballano, A and De Santiago-De Hernando, M.L and De Vicente-Aymat, L and De Vicente-Martínez, M and Díaz-Crespo, M.A and Domínguez-Paniagua, M and Donaire-Jimenez, E.M and Endrino-Gómez, F and Escobar-Moreno, J and Fernández-Fernández, R and Fernández-Ferrero, M.I and Fernández-García, J and Fernández-García, M.R and Ferreras-Eleta, M.R and Fonseca-Capdevilla, E and Gallego-Gómez, P and García-Alonso, M.A and García-Carmona, S and García-Cubero, M.C and García-García, F and García-García, M.I and García-Pascual, J.N and García-Serrano, B and García-Virosta, E and Gil-Díaz, P and Gil-Díaz, M and Gomara-Martínez, M.J and Gómez-Criado, M.S and Gomez-Navarro, E and González-Benito, C and González-Fernández, C and González-García, M.I and González-González, A and González-Romero, E and Gonzalo-Hernández, C and Herreros-Hernanz, I and Huelin-Martín, P and Iglesias-González, R and Iglesias-Iglesias, M.J and Innerarity-Martínez, J and Jaime-Siso, Á and Jiménez-Moreno, A and León-Morales, B.E and López-Burillo, E and López-Gutiérrez, M.C and López-Noguero, I and López-Parra, E and López-Rodríguez, C and López-Sabater, M.B and López-Sediles, L and Maestro-Martín, A and ... and MADIABETES Grp and MADIABETES Group
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 04/2015, Volume 10, Issue 4, p. e0122030
Journal Article
by Crous, P.W and Wingfield, M.J and Burgess, T.I and Hardy, G.E.St.J and Crane, C and Barrett, S and Cano-Lira, J.F and Le Roux, J.J and Thangavel, R and Guarro, J and Stchigel, A.M and Martín, M.P and Alfredo, D.S and Barber, P.A and Barreto, R.W and Baseia, I.G and Cano-Canals, J and Cheewangkoon, R and Ferreira, R.J and Gené, J and Lechat, C and Moreno, G and Roets, F and Shivas, R.G and Sousa, J.O and Tan, Y.P and Wiederhold, N.P and Abell, S.E and Accioly, T and Albizu, J.L and Alves, J.L and Antoniolli, Z.I and Aplin, N and Araújo, J and Arzanlou, M and Bezerra, J.D.P and Bouchara, J.-P and Carlavilla, J.R and Castillo, A and Castroagudín, V.L and Ceresini, P.C and Claridge, G.F and Coelho, G and Coimbra, V.R.M and Costa, L.A and da Cunha, K.C and da Silva, S.S and Daniel, R and de Beer, Z.W and Dueñas, M and Edwards, J and Enwistle, P and Fiuza, P.O and Fournier, J and García, D and Gibertoni, T.B and Giraud, S and Guevara-Suarez, M and Gusmão, L.F.P and Haituk, S and Heykoop, M and Hirooka, Y and Hofmann, T.A and Houbraken, J and Hughes, D.P and Kautmanová, I and Koppel, O and Koukol, O and Larsson, E and Latha, K.P.D and Lee, D.H and Lisboa, D.O and Lisboa, W.S and López-Villalba, Á and Maciel, J.L.N and Manimohan, P and Manjón, J.L and Marincowitz, S and Marney, T.S and Meijer, M and Miller, A.N and Olariaga, I and Paiva, L.M and Piepenbring, M and Poveda-Molero, J.C and Raj, K.N.A and Raja, H.A and Rougeron, A and Salcedo, I and Samadi, R and Santos, T.A.B and Scarlett, K and Seifert, K.A and Shuttleworth, L.A and Silva, M and Siqueira, J.P.Z and Souza-Motta, C.M and Stephenson, S.L and Sutton, D.A and Tamakeaw, N and ... and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Faculty of Sciences and Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Göteborgs universitet and Institutionen för biologi och miljövetenskap and Gothenburg University
Persoonia, ISSN 0031-5850, 12/2016, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp. 218 - 403
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, ISSN 1056-8719, 05/2017, Volume 85, pp. 87 - 87
Journal Article
Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, ISSN 1056-8719, 05/2017, Volume 85, pp. 87 - 88
Journal Article
Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, ISSN 1056-8719, 05/2017, Volume 85, pp. 87 - 88
Journal Article
Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, ISSN 1056-8719, 05/2017, Volume 85, p. 87
Journal Article
Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, ISSN 1056-8719, 09/2017, Volume 87, pp. 53 - 67
Journal Article
Journal Article