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by Galderisi, Silvana and Rucci, Paola and Mucci,  Armida and Rossi,  Alessandro and Rocca, Paola and Bertolino,  Alessandro and  Aguglia, Eugenio and  Amore, Mario and Bellomo, Antonello and Bozzatello, Paola and Bucci, Paola and Carpiniello, Bernardo and Collantoni, Enrico and Cuomo,  Alessandro and Dell'Osso, Liliana and Di Fabio, Fabio and Giannantonio, Massimo and Gibertoni, Dino and Giordano, Giulia Maria and Marchesi, Carlo and Monteleone, Palmiero and Oldani, Lucio and Pompili, Maurizio and Roncone, Rita and Rossi, Rodolfo and Siracusano,  Alberto and Vita,  Antonio and Zeppegno, Patrizia and Maj, Mario and Catapano, Francesco and Piegari, Giuseppe and Aiello, Carmen and Brando, Francesco and Giuliani, Luigi and Pietrafesa, Daria and Papalino, Marco and Mercadante, Giovanni and Di Palo, Piergiuseppe and Barlati, Stefano and Deste, Giacomo and Valsecchi, Paolo and Pinna, Federica and Olivieri, Benedetta and Manca, Daniela and Signorelli, Maria Salvina and Poli, Laura Fusar and De Berardis, Domenico and Fraticelli, Silvia and Corbo, Mariangela and Pallanti, Stefano and Altamura, Mario and Carnevale, Raffaella and Malerba, Stefania and Calcagno, Pietro and Zampogna, Domenico and Corso, Alessandro and Giusti, Laura and Salza, Anna and Ussorio, Donatella and Talevi, Dalila and Socci, Valentina and Pacitti, Francesca and Bartolomeis, Andrea and Gramaglia, Carla and Gambaro, Eleonora and Gattoni, Eleonora and Favaro, Angela and Tenconi, Elena and Meneguzzo, Paolo and Tonna, Matteo and Ossola, Paolo and Gerra, Maria Lidia and Carmassi, Claudia and Cremone, Ivan and Carpita, Barbara and Girardi, Nicoletta and Frascarelli, Marianna and Buzzanca, Antonio and Brugnoli, Roberto and Comparelli, Anna and Corigliano, Valentina and Di Lorenzo, Giorgio and Niolu, Cinzia and Ribolsi, Michele and Corrivetti, Giulio and Cascino, Giammarco and Buono, Gianfranco and Bolognesi, Simone and Fagiolini, Andrea and Goracci, Arianna and Bellino, Silvio and Montemagni, Cristiana and Brasso, Claudio and Italian Network Res Psychoses and Italian Network for Research on Psychoses
World Psychiatry, ISSN 1723-8617, 02/2020, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp. 81 - 91
Improving real‐life functioning is the main goal of the most advanced integrated treatment programs in people with schizophrenia. The Italian Network for... 
functional capacity | psychopathology | Schizophrenia | network analysis | recovery | internalized stigma | real‐life functioning | personal resources | everyday life skills | real-life functioning | PSYCHIATRY | RELIABILITY | ILLNESS | MODEL | NEGATIVE SYNDROME SCALE | SYMPTOMATIC REMISSION | PEOPLE | RATING-SCALE | VALIDITY | ASSOCIATION | CONSENSUS COGNITIVE BATTERY | Research Reports
Journal Article
JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE, ISSN 2077-0383, 07/2019, Volume 8, Issue 7, p. 928
MicroRNAs (miRs) have emerged as biomarkers of migraine disease in both adults and children. In this study we evaluated the expression of hsa-miR-34a-5p and... 
GENE-RELATED PEPTIDE | CIRCULATION | biomarkers | clinical risk management | HUMANS | PERIPHERAL-BLOOD | blood | MICRORNA-375 | miRs | drug treatment | saliva | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | pain-migraine | CGRP | EXPRESSION
Journal Article
Italian Journal of Medicine, ISSN 1877-9344, 2017, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp. 267 - 277
Edema is defined as a palpable swelling caused by an increase in interstitial fluid volume. Leg edema is a common problem with a wide range of possible causes... 
Internal medicine | Edema | Differential diagnosis | internal medicine | differential diagnosis
Journal Article
by Cavagna, L and Trallero-Araguas, E and Meloni, F and Cavazzana, I and Rojas-Serrano, J and Feist, E and Zanframundo, G and Morandi, V and Meyer, A and da Silva, JAP and Costa, CJM and Molberg, O and Andersson, H and Codullo, V and Mosca, M and Barsotti, S and Neri, R and Scire, C and Govoni, M and Furini, F and Lopez-Longo, FJ and Martinez-Barrio, J and Schneider, U and Lorenz, HM and Doria, A and Ghirardello, A and Ortego-Centeno, N and Confalonieri, M and Tomietto, P and Pipitone, N and Cambron, ABR and Canamero, MAB and Voll, RE and Wendel, S and Scarpato, S and Maurier, F and Limonta, M and Colombelli, P and Giannini, M and Geny, B and Arrigoni, E and Bravi, E and Migliorini, P and Mathieu, A and Piga, M and Drott, U and Delbrueck, C and Bauhammer, J and Cagnotto, G and Vancheri, C and Sambataro, G and De Langhe, E and Sainaghi, PP and Monti, C and Berzolari, FG and Romano, M and Bonella, F and Specker, C and Schwarting, A and Blanco, IV and Selmi, C and Ceribelli, A and Nuno, L and Mera-Varela, A and Gomez, NP and Fusaro, E and Parisi, S and Sinigaglia, L and Del Papa, N and Benucci, M and Cimmino, MA and Riccieri, V and Conti, F and Sebastiani, GD and Iuliano, A and Emmi, G and Cammelli, D and Sebastiani, M and Manfredi, A and Bachiller-Corral, J and Giraldo, WAS and Paolazzi, G and Saketkoo, LA and Giorgi, R and Salaffi, F and Cifrian, J and Caporali, R and Locatelli, F and Marchioni, E and Pesci, A and Dei, GL and Pozzi, MR and Claudia, L and Distler, J and Knitza, J and Schett, G and Iannone, F and Fornaro, M and Franceschini, F and Quartuccio, L and ...
JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE, ISSN 2077-0383, 11/2019, Volume 8, Issue 11, p. 2013
Antisynthetase syndrome (ASSD) is a rare clinical condition that is characterized by the occurrence of a classic clinical triad, encompassing myositis,... 
AUTOANTIBODIES | SURVIVAL | CRITERIA | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | arthritis | interstitial lung disease | antisynthetase syndrome | myositis | COHORT | antisynthetase antibodies
Journal Article
Italian Journal of Medicine, ISSN 1877-9344, 01/2014, p. 25
Journal Article
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