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Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2008, Volume 452, Issue 7187, pp. 633 - 637
Journal Article
by Ehret, Georg B and Munroe, Patricia B and Rice, Kenneth M and Bochud, Murielle and Johnson, Anew D and Chasman, Daniel I and Smith, Albert V and Tobin, Martin D and Verwoert, Germaine C and Hwang, Shih-Jen and Pihur, Vasyl and Vollenweider, Peter and O'Reilly, Paul F and Amin, Najaf and Bragg-Gresham, Jennifer L and Teumer, Alexander and Glazer, Nicole L and Launer, Lenore and Zhao, Jing Hua and Aulchenko, Yurii and Heath, Simon and Sõber, Siim and Parsa, Afshin and Luan, Jian'an and Arora, Pankaj and Dehghan, Abbas and Zhang, Feng and Lucas, Gavin and Hicks, Anew A and Jackson, Anne U and Peden, John F and Tanaka, Toshiko and Wild, Sarah H and Rudan, Igor and Igl, Wilmar and Milaneschi, Yuri and Parker, Alex N and Fava, Cristiano and Chambers, John C and Fox, Ervin R and Kumari, Meena and Go, Min Jin and van der Harst, Pim and Kao, Wen Hong Linda and Sjögren, Marketa and Vinay, D. G and Alexander, Myriam and Tabara, Yasuharu and Shaw-Hawkins, Sue and Whincup, Peter H and Liu, Yongmei and Shi, Gang and Kuusisto, Johanna and Tayo, Bamidele and Seielstad, Mark and Sim, Xueling and Nguyen, Khanh-Dung Hoang and Lehtimäki, Terho and Matullo, Giuseppe and Wu, Ying and Gaunt, Tom R and Onland-Moret, N. Charlotte and Cooper, Matthew N and Platou, Carl G. P and Org, Elin and Hardy, Rebecca and Dahgam, Santosh and Palmen, Jutta and Vitart, Veronique and Braund, Peter S and Kuznetsova, Tatiana and Uiterwaal, Cuno S. P. M and Adeyemo, Adebowale and Palmas, Walter and Campbell, Harry and Ludwig, Barbara and Tomaszewski, Maciej and Tzoulaki, Ioanna and Palmer, Nicholette D and Aspelund, Thor and Garcia, Melissa and Chang, Yen-Pei C and O'Connell, Jeffrey R and Steinle, Nanette I and Grobbee, Diederick E and Arking, Dan E and Kardia, Sharon L and Morrison, Alanna C and Hernandez, Dena and Najjar, Samer and McArdle, Wendy L and Hadley, David and Brown, Morris J and Connell, John M and Hingorani, Aroon D and Day, Ian N. M and Lawlor, Debbie A and Beilby, John P and Lawrence, Robert W and Clarke, Robert and ... and CHARGE-HF Consortium and EchoGen Consortium and KidneyGen Consortium and CARDIoGRAM Consortium and Int Consortium Blood Pressure Geno and CKDGen Consortium and International Consortium for Blood Pressure Genome-Wide Association Studies and EchoGen consortium and CHARGE-HF consortium and CARDIoGRAM consortium and The International Consortium for Blood Pressure Genome-Wide Association Studies and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Institutionen för immunologi, genetik och patologi and Uppsala universitet
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2011, Volume 478, Issue 7367, pp. 103 - 109
Journal Article
by Leblond, Claire S and Heinrich, Jutta and Delorme, Richard and Proepper, Christian and Betancur, Catalina and Huguet, Guillaume and Konyukh, Marina and Chaste, Pauline and Ey, Elodie and Rastam, Maria and Anckarsäter, Henrik and Nygren, Gudrun and Gillberg, I. Carina and Melke, Jonas and Toro, Roberto and Regnault, Beatrice and Fauchereau, Fabien and Mercati, Oriane and Lemière, Nathalie and Skuse, David and Poot, Martin and Holt, Richard and Monaco, Anthony P and Järvelä, Irma and Kantojärvi, Katri and Vanhala, Raija and Curran, Sarah and Collier, David A and Bolton, Patrick and Chiocchetti, Andreas and Klauck, Sabine M and Poustka, Fritz and Freitag, Christine M and Waltes, Regina and Kopp, Marnie and Duketis, Eftichia and Bacchelli, Elena and Minopoli, Fiorella and Ruta, Liliana and Battaglia, Agatino and Mazzone, Luigi and Maestrini, Elena and Sequeira, Ana F and Oliveira, Barbara and Vicente, Astrid and Oliveira, Guiomar and Pinto, Dalila and Scherer, Stephen W and Zelenika, Diana and Delepine, Marc and Lathrop, Mark and Bonneau, Dominique and Guinchat, Vincent and Devillard, Françoise and Assouline, Brigitte and Mouren, Marie-Christine and Leboyer, Marion and Gillberg, Christopher and Boeckers, Tobias M and Bourgeron, Thomas and Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Centre and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi, sektionen för farmakologi and Gillbergcentrum and Sahlgrenska Academy and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, Department of Pharmacology
PLoS Genetics, ISSN 1553-7390, 02/2012, Volume 8, Issue 2, pp. e1002521 - e1002521
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a heterogeneous group of neurodevelopmental disorders with a complex inheritance pattern. While many rare variants in... 
15Q13.3 MICRODELETIONS | SNP GENOTYPING DATA | DE-NOVO MUTATIONS | MENTAL-RETARDATION | HIDDEN-MARKOV MODEL | SCAFFOLDING PROTEIN SHANK3 | GENETICS & HEREDITY | RECURRENT MICRODELETIONS | PSYCHIATRIC-DISORDERS | POSTSYNAPTIC DENSITY | COPY-NUMBER VARIATION | Humans | Child, Preschool | Male | Neurons - cytology | Synapses - genetics | Synapses - pathology | Tissue Distribution | Protein Isoforms - metabolism | Adult | Female | Child | Cell Line | Gene Dosage - genetics | Receptors, Nicotinic - metabolism | RNA Splice Sites - genetics | Alternative Splicing - genetics | Gene Expression Regulation | Nerve Tissue Proteins - genetics | Child Development Disorders, Pervasive - genetics | Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing - genetics | Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing - metabolism | Receptors, Nicotinic - genetics | Protein Isoforms - genetics | Sequence Deletion - genetics | alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor | Autism | Gene mutations | Physiological aspects | Genetic aspects | Research | Risk factors | Prevalence studies (Epidemiology) | Medical research | Genetics | Mutation | Genes | Index Medicus | Sequence Deletion | RNA Splice Sites | Receptors, Nicotinic | Alternative Splicing | Neurons | Nerve Tissue Proteins | Gene Dosage | Life Sciences | Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing | Protein Isoforms | Child Development Disorders, Pervasive | Synapses | Pervasive | Cytology | Child Development Disorders | Receptors | Psykiatri | Preschool | Metabolism | Adaptor Proteins | Nicotinic | Pathology | Signal Transducing | Psychiatry
Journal Article
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 09/2012, Volume 91, Issue 3, pp. 489 - 501
Journal Article
Journal of the National Cancer Institute, ISSN 0027-8874, 03/2011, Volume 103, Issue 5, pp. 425 - 435
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 12/2008, Volume 40, Issue 12, pp. 1404 - 1406
Journal Article
by Newton-Cheh, Christopher and Johnson, Toby and Gateva, Vesela and Tobin, Martin D and Bochud, Murielle and Coin, Lachlan and Najjar, Samer S and Zhao, Jing Hua and Heath, Simon C and Eyheramendy, Susana and Papadakis, Konstantinos and Voight, Benjamin F and Scott, Laura J and Zhang, Feng and Farrall, Martin and Tanaka, Toshiko and Wallace, Chris and Chambers, John C and Khaw, Kay-Tee and Nilsson, Peter and van der Harst, Pim and Polidoro, Silvia and Grobbee, Diederick E and Onland-Moret, N. Charlotte and Bots, Michiel L and Wain, Louise V and Elliott, Katherine S and Teumer, Alexander and Luan, Jian'an and Lucas, Gavin and Kuusisto, Johanna and Burton, Paul R and Hadley, David and McArdle, Wendy L and Brown, Morris and Dominiczak, Anna and Newhouse, Stephen J and Samani, Nilesh J and Webster, John and Zeggini, Eleftheria and Beckmann, Jacques S and Bergmann, Sven and Lim, Noha and Song, Kijoung and Vollenweider, Peter and Waeber, Gerard and Waterworth, Dawn M and Yuan, Xin and Groop, Leif and Orho-Melander, Marju and Allione, Alessana and Di Gregorio, Alessana and Guarrera, Simonetta and Panico, Salvatore and Ricceri, Fulvio and Romanazzi, Valeria and Sacerdote, Carlotta and Vineis, Paolo and Barroso, Ines and Sandhu, Manjinder S and Luben, Robert N and Crawford, Gabriel J and Jousilahti, Pekka and Perola, Markus and Boehnke, Michael and Bonnycastle, Lori L and Collins, Francis S and Jackson, Anne U and Mohlke, Karen L and Stringham, Heather M and Valle, Timo T and Willer, Cristen J and Bergman, Richard N and Morken, Mario A and Doering, Angela and Gieger, Christian and Illig, Thomas and Meitinger, Thomas and Org, Elin and Pfeufer, Arne and Wichmann, H. Erich and Kathiresan, Sekar and Marrugat, Jaume and O'Donnell, Christopher J and Schwartz, Stephen M and Siscovick, David S and Subirana, Isaac and Freimer, Nelson B and Hartikainen, Anna-Liisa and McCarthy, Mark I and O'Reilly, Paul F and Peltonen, Leena and Pouta, Anneli and de Jong, Paul E and Snieder, Harold and van Gilst, Wiek H and Clarke, Robert and Goel, Anuj and Hamsten, Anders and Peden, John F and ... and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consor and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Molekylär medicin and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 06/2009, Volume 41, Issue 6, pp. 666 - 676
Journal Article