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by Luo, A-Li and Zhao, Yong-Heng and Zhao, Gang and Deng, Li-Cai and Liu, Xiao-Wei and Jing, Yi-Peng and Wang, Gang and Zhang, Hao-Tong and Shi, Jian-Rong and Cui, Xiang-Qun and Chu, Yao-Quan and Li, Guo-Ping and Bai, Zhong-Rui and Wu, Yue and Cai, Yan and Cao, Shu-Yun and Cao, Zi-Huang and Carlin, Jeffrey L and Chen, Hai-Yuan and Chen, Jian-Jun and Chen, Kun-Xin and Chen, Li and Chen, Xue-Lei and Chen, Xiao-Yan and Chen, Ying and Christlieb, Norbert and Chu, Jia-Ru and Cui, Chen-Zhou and Dong, Yi-Qiao and Du, Bing and Fan, Dong-Wei and Feng, Lei and Fu, Jian-Ning and Gao, Peng and Gong, Xue-Fei and Gu, Bo-Zhong and Guo, Yan-Xin and Han, Zhan-Wen and He, Bo-Liang and Hou, Jin-Liang and Hou, Yong-Hui and Hou, Wen and Hu, Hong-Zhuan and Hu, Ning-Sheng and Hu, Zhong-Wen and Huo, Zhi-Ying and Jia, Lei and Jiang, Fang-Hua and Jiang, Xiang and Jiang, Zhi-Bo and Jin, Ge and Kong, Xiao and Kong, Xu and Lei, Ya-Juan and Li, Ai-Hua and Li, Chang-Hua and Li, Guang-Wei and Li, Hai-Ning and Li, Jian and Li, Qi and Li, Shuang and Li, Sha-Sha and Li, Xin-Nan and Li, Yan and Li, Yin-Bi and Li, Ye-Ping and Liang, Yuan and Lin, Chien-Cheng and Liu, Chao and Liu, Gen-Rong and Liu, Guan-Qun and Liu, Zhi-Gang and Lu, Wen-Zhi and Luo, Yu and Mao, Yin-Dun and Newberg, Heidi and Ni, Ji-Jun and Qi, Zhao-Xiang and Qi, Yong-Jun and Shen, Shi-Yin and Shi, Huo-Ming and Song, Jing and Song, Yi-Han and Su, Ding-Qiang and Su, Hong-Jun and Tang, Zheng-Hong and Tao, Qing-Sheng and Tian, Yuan and Wang, Dan and Wang, Da-Qi and Wang, Feng-Fei and Wang, Guo-Min and Wang, Hai and Wang, Hong-Chi and Wang, Jian and Wang, Jia-Ning and Wang, Jian-Ling and Wang, Jian-Ping and Wang, Jun-Xian and Wang, Lei and ...
Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 1674-4527, 08/2015, Volume 15, Issue 8, pp. 1095 - 1124
Journal Article
2007, 1. Aufl., ISBN 0470030739, xii, 290
Offers a comprehensive and practical reference guide to antenna design and engineering for portable devicesAntennas are often the most bulky components in many... 
Aerospace | TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Electronics / General | Equipment and supplies | Wireless communication systems | Design and construction | Antennas (Electronics)
Journal of Integrative Medicine, ISSN 2095-4964, 03/2013, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp. 125 - 134
Journal Article
2006, 1. Aufl., ISBN 0470871741, xii, 243
The increasing demand for wireless communications has revolutionised the lifestyle of today’s society and one of the key components of wireless technology is... 
Equipment and supplies | Broadband communication systems | Microstrip antennas | Antennas (Electronics) | Communications Engineering | Ultra-wideband antennas
by Tado, Masahiro and Maeda, Takeshi and Tahara, Junichi and Fukushima, Masamichi and Mori, Tatsuro and Katayama, Yoichi and Figaji, Anthony and Rohlwink, Ursula and Padayachy, Llewellyn and Fieggen, Graham and Yang, Wentao and Kuang, Yongqin and Cheng, Jingmin and Gu, Jianwen and Yong-Qin, Kuang and Jian-Wen, Gu and Jing-Min, Cheng and Xiaofeng, Shi and Xilong, Yin and Zhisong, Jiu and Yutthakasemsunt, Surakrant and Kittiwattanagul, Warawut and Piyavechvirat, Parnumas and Phuenpathom, Nakornchai and Thinkhamrop, Bandit and Lumbiganon, Pisake and Tenedieva, Valeriya and Sichev, Alexander and Alexandrova, Evgenia and Trubina, Inna and Tenedieva, Nina and Shamaeva, Hedy and Zaharova, Natalia and Voronina, Irina and Potapov, Alexander and Wang, Xiaoliang and de Rivero Vaccari, Juan Pablo and Wang, Handong and Keane, Robert W and Mao, Lei and Liao, Hong and Zhao, Xianzhong and Tian, Lei and Xu, Jianya and Hellewell, Sarah and Yan, Edwin and Bye, Nicole and Morganti-Kossmann, Cristina and Jing-Min, Cheng and Jian-Wen, Gu and Popovich, Phillip and Kigerl, Kristina A and Gensel, John C and Minoru, Shigemori and Shigemori, Minoru and Cooper, D.J and Rosenfeld, J.V and Murray, L and Arabi, Y and Davies, A and D'Urso, P and Kossmann, T and Ponsford, J and Reilly, P and Seppelt, I and Wolfe, and the DECRA Trial Investigators, the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group, and the Neurosurgical Society of Australia, R and Xin-Yan, Zhang and Shigemori, Yutaka and Uchida, Ryo and Ooshiro, Shinya and Inoue, Toru and Ham, T and Bonnelle, V and Barber, T and Leech, R and Kinnunen, K.M and Beckmann, C.F and De Boissezon, X and Greenwood, R.J and Sharp, D.J and Mondello, Stefania and Bullock, Ross and Buki, Andras and Jeromin, Andreas and Papa, Linda and Tortella, Frank and Schmidt, Kara and Wang, Kevin K and Hayes, Ronald L and Gabrielli, Andrea and Catani, Sheila and D'Ippolito, Mariagrazia and Hayes, Ronald L and Formisano, Rita and Moore, Elizabeth and Bellomo, Rinaldo and Nichol, Alistair and Harley, Nerina and MacIsaac, Christopher and Cooper, D. James and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 05/2011, Volume 28, Issue 5, pp. A-1 - A-96
Journal Article
by Yan, CG and Chen, X and Li, L and Castellanos, FX and Bai, TJ and Bo, QJ and Cao, J and Chen, GM and Chen, NX and Chen, W and Cheng, C and Cheng, YQ and Cui, XL and Duan, J and Fang, YR and Gong, QY and Guo, WB and Hou, ZH and Hu, L and Kuang, L and Li, F and Li, KM and Li, T and Liu, YS and Liu, ZN and Long, YC and Luo, QH and Meng, HQ and Peng, DH and Qiu, HT and Qiu, J and Shen, YD and Shi, YS and Wang, CY and Wang, F and Wang, K and Wang, L and Wang, X and Wang, Y and Wu, XP and Wu, XR and Xie, CM and Xie, GR and Xie, HY and Xie, P and Xu, XF and Yang, H and Yang, J and Yao, JS and Yao, SQ and Yin, YY and Yuan, YG and Zhang, AX and Zhang, H and Zhang, KR and Zhang, L and Zhang, ZJ and Zhou, RB and Zhou, YT and Zhu, JJ and Zou, CJ and Si, TM and Zuo, XN and Zhao, JP and Zang, YF
Journal Article
by Wang, I-Kuan and Liu, Chung-Hsiang and Yen, Tzung-Hai and Jeng, Jiann-Shing and Sung, Sheng-Feng and Huang, Pai-Hao and Li, Jie-Yuan and Sun, Yu and Wei, Cheng-Yu and Lien, Li-Ming and Tsai, I-Ju and Sung, Fung-Chang and Hsu, Chung Y and Liu, Chung-Hsiang and Tsai, Chon-Haw and Huang, Wei-Shih and Lu, Chung-Ta and Tsai, Tzung-Chang and Tseng, Chun-Hung and Lin, Kang-Hsu and Shyu, Woei-Cherng and Yang, Yu-Wan and Liu, Yen-Liang and Cho, Der-Yang and Chen, Chun-Chung and Jeng, Jiann-Shing and Tang, Sung-Chun and Tsai, Li-Kai and Yeh, Shin-Joe and Chen, Chih-Hao and Tsai, Hsin-Hsi and Li, Jie-Yuan and Chen, Han-Jung and Lu, Kan and Hsu, Shih-Pin and Kuo, Hung-Chang and Tsou, Jung-Chi and Wang, Yan-Tang and Tai, Yi-Cheng and Hsieh, Meng-Tsang and Liliang, Po-Chao and Liang, Cheng-Loong and Wang, Hao-Kuang and Tsai, Yu-Tun and Wang, Kuo-Wei and Chen, Jui-Sheng and Chen, Po-Yuan and Wang, Yi-Ching and Chen, Chih-Hung and Sung, Pi-Shan and Hsieh, Han-Chieh and Su, Hui-Chen and Chiu, Hou-Chang and Lien, Li-Ming and Chen, Wei-Hung and Bai, Chyi-Huey and Huang, Tzu-Hsuan and Lau, Chi-Ieong and Wu, Ya-Ying and Yeh, Hsu-Ling and Chang, Anna and Lin, Ching-Huang and Yen, Cheng-Chang and Lin, Ruey-Tay and Chen, Chun-Hung and Khor, Gim-Thean and Chao, A-Ching and Lin, Hsiu-Fen and Huang, Poyin and Lin, Huey-Juan and Ke, Der-Shin and Chang, Chia-Yu and Yeh, Poh-Shiow and Lin, Kao-Chang and Cheng, Tain-Junn and Chou, Chih-Ho and Yang, Chun-Ming and Shen, Hsiu-Chu and Chen, An-Chih and Tsai, Shih-Jei and Lu, Tsong-Ming and Kung, Sheng-Ling and Lee, Mei-Ju and Chou, Hsi-Hsien and Chang, Wei-Lun and Chiu, Pai-Yi and Hsu, Min-Hsien and Chan, Po-Chi and Pan, Chau-Hsiung and Shoung, Hai-Ming and Lo, Yi-Chen and Wang, Fu-Hwa and Chang, Wei-Chieh and Lai, Ta-Chang and Yin, Jiu-Haw and Wang, Chung-Jen and Wang, Kai-Chen and Chen, Li-Mei and Denq, Jong-Chyou and Sun, Yu and ... and Taiwan Stroke Registry Investigators and Taiwan Stroke Registry Investigato
Atherosclerosis, ISSN 0021-9150, 02/2018, Volume 269, pp. 288 - 293
Renal dysfunction is a potent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, including stroke. This study aimed to evaluate the impact of admission estimated... 
Journal Article
by Xie, Ze-Xiong and Li, Bing-Zhi and Mitchell, Leslie A and Wu, Yi and Qi, Xin and Jin, Zhu and Jia, Bin and Wang, Xia and Zeng, Bo-Xuan and Liu, Hui-Min and Wu, Xiao-Le and Feng, Qi and Zhang, Wen-Zheng and Liu, Wei and Ding, Ming-Zhu and Li, Xia and Zhao, Guang-Rong and Qiao, Jian-Jun and Cheng, Jing-Sheng and Zhao, Meng and Kuang, Zheng and Wang, Xuya and Martin, J. Andrew and Stracquadanio, Giovanni and Yang, Kun and Bai, Xue and Zhao, Juan and Hu, Meng-Long and Lin, Qiu-Hui and Zhang, Wen-Qian and Shen, Ming-Hua and Chen, Si and Su, Wan and Wang, En-Xu and Guo, Rui and Zhai, Fang and Guo, Xue-Jiao and Du, Hao-Xing and Zhu, Jia-Qing and Song, Tian-Qing and Dai, Jun-Jun and Li, Fei-Fei and Jiang, Guo-Zhen and Han, Shi-Lei and Liu, Shi-Yang and Yu, Zhi-Chao and Yang, Xiao-Na and Chen, Ken and Hu, Cheng and Li, Da-Shuai and Jia, Nan and Liu, Yue and Wang, Lin-Ting and Wang, Su and Wei, Xiao-Tong and Fu, Mei-Qing and Qu, Lan-Meng and Xin, Si-Yu and Liu, Ting and Tian, Kai-Ren and Li, Xue-Nan and Zhang, Jin-Hua and Song, Li-Xiang and Liu, Jin-Gui and Lv, Jia-Fei and Xu, Hang and Tao, Ran and Wang, Yan and Zhang, Ting-Ting and Deng, Ye-Xuan and Wang, Yi-Ran and Li, Ting and Ye, Guang-Xin and Xu, Xiao-Ran and Xia, Zheng-Bao and Zhang, Wei and Yang, Shi-Lan and Liu, Yi-Lin and Ding, Wen-Qi and Liu, Zhen-Ning and Zhu, Jun-Qi and Liu, Ning-Zhi and Walker, Roy and Luo, Yisha and Wang, Yun and Shen, Yue and Yang, Huanming and Cai, Yizhi and Ma, Ping-Sheng and Zhang, Chun-Ting and Bader, Joel S and Boeke, Jef D and Yuan, Ying-Jin
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 03/2017, Volume 355, Issue 6329, pp. eaaf4704 - eaaf4704
Journal Article
by Xiao, Meng and Sun, Zi-Yong and Kang, Mei and Guo, Da-Wen and Liao, Kang and Chen, Sharon C.-A and Kong, Fanrong and Fan, Xin and Cheng, Jing-Wei and Hou, Xin and Zhou, Meng-Lan and Li, Ying and Yu, Shu-Ying and Huang, Jing-Jing and Wang, He and Xu, Ying-Chun and Xiao, Yu-Ling and Chen, Zhong-Ju and Guo, Peng-Hao and Luo, Yan-Ping and Ye, Li-Yan and Hu, Zhi-Dong and Yue, Na and Mei, Ya-Ning and Liu, Gen-Yan and Chen, Shu-Lan and Li, Ruo-Yu and Wan, Zhe and Pan, Yu-Hong and Gao, Lan-Mei and Chu, Yun-Zhuo and Li, Fu-Shun and Yu, Yun-Song and Lin, Jie and Feng, Xian-Ju and Xu, Hui and Yang, Qing and Shao, Hai-Feng and Liu, Wen-En and Li, Hong-Ling and Lv, Huo-Xiang and Wei, Qu-Hao and Wang, Yong and Jin, Yan and Liu, Li-Wen and Su, Dan-Hong and Ni, Yu-Xing and Zou, Gui-Ling and Du, Xue-Fei and Hu, Xin-Lan and Li, Ning and Ma, Ling and Du, Shuai-Xian and Song, Xiu-Lan and Yu, Hua and Huang, Xiang-Ning and Zhou, Tie-Li and Wu, Qing and Wei-Jia, Wei-Jia and Li, Gang and Zhang, Qiang-Qiang and Zhang, Zhi-Jie and Zhang, Zhi-Yong and Zhang, Rong and Zhou, Hong-Wei and Xu, Xiu-Li and Chen, Xiao and Zhang, Li-Ping and Yan, Li and Xu, Xue-Song and Li, Wei and Hou, Tie-Ying and Zhang, Li-Yan and Deng, Lin-Qiang and Chen, Hui and Li, Ke-Cheng and Xia, Fei and Song, Wei and Shi, Yong-Xin and Xu, Yuan-Hong and Shen, Ji-Lu and Xu, Xiao-Min and Li, Guo-Xiong and Ding, Hui and Tang, Rong and Ding, Xing and Zhao, Jian-Hong and Shi, Dong-Yan and Wang, Jing and Xiao, Xiao-Guang and Meng, Ling and Wang, Xiao-Ming and Ji, Xu-Feng and Yu, Su-Fei and Xu, Chun-Yan and Zhang, Qiong and Ji, Ping and Hu, Long-Hua and Zhang, Bai-Ling and Yang, Bin and ... and China Hosp Invasive Fungal Surveil and China Hospital Invasive Fungal Surveillance Net (CHIF-NET) Study Group
Journal of Clinical Microbiology, ISSN 0095-1137, 07/2018, Volume 56, Issue 7
Journal Article