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SAE technical paper series, Volume 2003-01-1533.
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2005-01-2401.
by Nagel, Joan Davis and Rudick, Joyce and Abramowitch (presenting author), Steven and Edelman, Bradley and Moalli, Pamela and Armstrong-Wells (presenting author), Jennifer and Donnelly, Meghan and Post, Miriam and Winn, Virginia and Manco-Johnson, Marilyn and Avalos (presenting author), Lyndsay Ammon and Hedderson, Monique M and Ferber, Jeannette R and Li, De-Kun and Baker, Keith D and Li, Yan and Padmanabha, Divya and Gentile, Luciana B and Dumur, I and Beckstead, Robert B and Barrett (presenting author), Emily S and Sathyanarayana, Sheela and Liu, Fan and Redmon, J. Bruce and Wang, Christina and Swan, Shanna H and Beeghly-Fadiel (presenting author), Alicia and Lu, Wei and Ma, Xiangyu and Delahanty, Ryan J and Zheng, Ying and Cai, Hui and Long, Jirong and Zhang, Ben and Cai, Qiuyin and Gao, Yutang and Zheng, Wei and Shu, Xiao Ou and Bosak (presenting author), Kelly A and Bytautiene (presenting author), Egle and Tamayo, Esther and Gamble, Phyllis and Urrabaz-Garza, Rheana and Saade, George R and Castel (presenting author), Liana D and Hartmann, Katherine E and Mayer, Ingrid A and Boomershine, Chad S and Abramson, Vandana G and Chakravarthy, Anuradha Bapsi and Johnson, David H and Cella, David F and Christiansen (presenting author), Blaine A and Haudenschild, Dominik R and Lane, Nancy E and Du (presenting author), Ping and Zurlo, John J and Meyers, Craig and Lengerich, Eugene J and Read, Andrew and Christensen, Neil and Epstein (presenting author), Richard A and Hurley, Sarah and Ebert, Jon S and Bobo, William V and Wang, Wei and Chandrasekhar, Rameela and Jordan, Neil and Ercan (presenting author), Altan and Barnes, Michael G and Hazen, Melissa and Tory, Heather and Henderson, Lauren and Dedeoglu, Fatma and Fuhlbrigge, Robert C and Grom, Alexei and Holm, Ingrid A and Kellogg, Mark and Kim, Susan and Adamczyk, Barbara and Rudd, Pauline M and Son, Mary Beth and Sundel, Robert P and Foell, Dirk and Glass, David N and Thompson, Susan D and Nigrovic, Peter A and Ghetti (presenting author), Chiara and Oliphant, Sallie and Skoczylas, Laura and Nikolajski, Cara and Lowder, Jerry and Grady, Sue C and Henderson (presenting author), Jeffrey P and Chaturvedi, Kaveri S and Hung, Chia S and Crowley, Jan R and Stapleton, Ann E and Horton (presenting author), Janet K and Fels, Diane R and ...
Journal of women's health (Larchmont, N.Y. 2002), ISSN 1540-9996, 10/2012, Volume 21, Issue 10, pp. 985 - 1013
Journal Article
by Moore Bret A and Leonard Brian C and Sebbag Lionel and Edwards Sydney G and Cooper Ann and Imai Denise M and Straiton Ewan and Santos Luis and Reilly Christopher and Griffey Stephen M and Bower Lynette and Clary David and Mason Jeremy and Roux Michel J and Meziane Hamid and Herault Yann and Swan Anna and King Ruairidh and Keskivali-Bond Piia and Kelsey Lois and Vukobradovic Igor and Qu Dawei and Guo Ruolin and Tran Elisa and Morikawa Lily and Ganguly Milan and Law Napoleon and Shang Xueyuan and Feugas Patricia and Wang Yanchun and Zhu Yingchun and Duffin Kyle and Ramirez Ayexa and Penton Patricia and Laurin Valerie and Clarke Shannon and Lan Qing and Sleep Gillian and Creighton Amie and Jacob Elsa and Danisment Ozge and Joeng Joanna and Gertsenstein Marina and Pereira Monica and MacMaster Sue and Tondat Sandra and Carroll Tracy and Cabezas Jorge and Patel Amit and Hunter Jane and Clark Gregory and Bubshait Mohammed and Miller David and Sohel Khondoker and Bezginov Alexandr and McKay Matthew and Peterson Kevin and Goodwin Leslie and Urban Rachel and Kales Susan and Hallett Rob and Nguyen-Bresinsky Dong and Leach Timothy and Seluke Audrie and Perkins Sara and Slater Amanda and Bedigian Rick and Donahue Leah Rae and Taft Robert and Denegre James and Seavey Zachery and Willett Amelia and Bates Lindsay and Haynes Leslie and Creed Julie and Witmeyer Catherine and Roper Willson and Clark James and Stanley Pamela and Burrill Samantha and Ryan Jennifer and Obata Yuichi and Tamura Masaru and Kaneda Hideki and Furuse Tamio and Kobayashi Kimio and Miura Ikuo and Yamada Ikuko and Masuya Hiroshi and Tanaka Nobuhiko and Ayabe Shinya and Yoshiki Atsushi and Vancollie Valerie and Chiani Francesco and Di Pietro Chiara and Di Segni Gianfranco and Ermakova Olga and Ferrara Filomena and Fruscoloni Paolo and Gambadoro Alessia and ... and International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium
Communications biology, ISSN 2399-3642, 01/2019, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 2
Journal Article
by Beal Jacob and Farny Natalie G and Selvarajah Vinoo and Kiga Daisuke and Roige Biel Badia and Koski Jessica and Bian Weixin and Hu Zhiyuan and Xu Hao and Dong Shan and He Hanker and Huang Fangliang and Tang Cassie and Xu Shirly and Yan Calvin and Koutelidakis Antonios E and Ntekas Ioannis and Spatharas Panagiotis and Zerva Anastasia and Annem Vidhya and Cone Eli and Elias Noel and Tutuianu Anna and Akinfenwa Akinwumi and Herbert Heydy and Ziwei Zhou and Deng Rui and Wang Chenxi and Lang Yusen and Angel Sagi and Keidar Nitzan and Oser Eden and Pasi Mor and Hoskan Mehmet Ali and Senyuz Ilayda and Sauter Antoni Planas and Simona Magda Faijes and Kim Goeun and He Fa and Boxuan Cheng and Liangjian Yang and Yang Yuchen and Yang Zhuoyi and Zhou Yuezhang and Yadi Liu and Yuanxu Jiang and Gaudi Alex and Huang Morris and Yan Cathy and Elliott Hannah and Heath Emily and Thomas Sophie and Liu Wei-Ting and Yang Zon En and Jian Liu and Norberg Axel and Torell Agnes and Peng Jiarong and Xiong Zhenyu and Amir Sayeda Sakina and Hassan Sondoss and Costa Ben and Whalen Kathleen and Zhang Wanli and Zhou Shuyao and Rettedal Neil and Yarbrough Hayden and Ahlgren Christopher and He Zhien and Song Li and Yang Jun and Zhang Yuanzhen and Zi Lihan and Babu Priyanka and Faurdal David and Mejlsted Jacob and Rasmussen Tenna and Jingjing Zhao and Wenhao Xu and DeKloe Jackson and Grazulyte Inga and Hwang Michael and Hosseini Reza and Houmani Moustafa and Bijman Eline Yafele and Krusemann Jan Lukas and Martinez Antonio and Vornholt Tobias and Paul Ahavi and Hewitt Amy and Hodson Sophie and Sackey Juliana and Imgold Markus and Dai Leijie and Jin Kaifeng and Zhou Yineng and Babar Rehmat and Jones Cara and Ikagawa Yuichiro and Aubry Celine and ...
Communications biology, 01/2020, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp. 640 - 640
Journal Article
Cells, tissues, organs, ISSN 1422-6405, 12/2008, Volume 189, Issue 1-4, pp. 303 - 303
Journal Article
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 12/2020, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 2601 - 2601
Journal Article
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 12/2011, Volume 480, Issue 7377, pp. 336 - 343
Journal Article