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by Kardashev, N S and Khartov, V V and Abramov, V V and Avdeev, V Yu and Alakoz, A V and Aleksandrov, Yu A and Ananthakrishnan, S and Andreyanov, V V and Andrianov, A S and Antonov, N M and Artyukhov, M I and Arkhipov, M Yu and Baan, W and Babakin, N G and Babyshkin, V E and Bartel’, N and Belousov, K G and Belyaev, A A and Berulis, J J and Burke, B F and Biryukov, A V and Bubnov, A E and Burgin, M S and Busca, G and Bykadorov, A A and Bychkova, V S and Vasil’kov, V I and Wellington, K J and Vinogradov, I S and Wietfeldt, R and Voitsik, P A and Gvamichava, A S and Girin, I A and Gurvits, L I and Dagkesamanskii, R D and D’Addario, L and Giovannini, G and Jauncey, D L and Dewdney, P E and D’yakov, A A and Zharov, V E and Zhuravlev, V I and Zaslavskii, G S and Zakhvatkin, M V and Zinov’ev, A N and Ilinen, Yu and Ipatov, A V and Kanevskii, B Z and Knorin, I A and Casse, J L and Kellermann, K I and Kovalev, Yu A and Kovalev, Yu Yu and Kovalenko, A V and Kogan, B L and Komaev, R V and Konovalenko, A A and Kopelyanskii, G D and Korneev, Yu A and Kostenko, V I and Kotik, A N and Kreisman, B B and Kukushkin, A Yu and Kulishenko, V F and Cooper, D N and Kut’kin, A M and Cannon, W H and Larionov, M G and Lisakov, M M and Litvinenko, L N and Likhachev, S F and Likhacheva, L N and Lobanov, A P and Logvinenko, S V and Langston, G and McCracken, K and Medvedev, S Yu and Melekhin, M V and Menderov, A V and Murphy, D W and Mizyakina, T A and Mozgovoi, Yu V and Nikolaev, N Ya and Novikov, B S and Novikov, I D and Oreshko, V V and Pavlenko, Yu K and Pashchenko, I N and Ponomarev, Yu N and Popov, M V and Pravin-Kumar, A and Preston, R A and Pyshnov, V N and Rakhimov, I A and Rozhkov, V M and Romney, J D and Rocha, P and Rudakov, V A and Räisänen, A and Sazankov, S V and ...
Astronomy Reports, ISSN 1063-7729, 3/2013, Volume 57, Issue 3, pp. 153 - 194
The Russian Academy of Sciences and Federal Space Agency, together with the participation of many international organizations, worked toward the launch of the... 
Physics | Astronomy, Observations and Techniques | W3(OH) | VLBI | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS | RADIO-SOURCES | WATER MASER | SCALE | BASE-LINE INTERFEROMETRY | MOTIONS | SPACECRAFT | Telescope | Gravity | Radio astronomy | Radio telescopes
Journal Article
Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 5/2018, Volume 2018, Issue 5, pp. 1 - 23
Journal Article
by Kuznetsov, V D and Zelenyi, L M and Zimovets, I V and Anufreychik, K and Bezrukikh, V and Chulkov, I V and Konovalov, A A and Kotova, G A and Kovrazhkin, R A and Moiseenko, D and Petrukovich, A A and Remizov, A and Shestakov, A and Skalsky, A and Vaisberg, O L and Verigin, M I and Zhuravlev, R N and Andreevskyi, S E and Dokukin, V S and Fomichev, V V and Lebedev, N I and Obridko, V N and Polyanskyi, V P and Styazhkin, V A and Rudenchik, E A and Sinelnikov, V M and Zhugzhda, Yu D and Ryzhenko, A P and Ivanov, A V and Simonov, A V and Dobrovolskyi, V S and Konstantinov, M S and Kuzin, S V and Bogachev, S A and Kholodilov, A A and Kirichenko, A S and Lavrentiev, E N and Pertsov, A A and Reva, A A and Shestov, S V and Ulyanov, A S and Panasyuk, M I and Iyudin, A F and Svertilov, S I and Bogomolov, V V and Galkin, V I and Marjin, B V and Morozov, O V and Osedlo, V I and Rubinshtein, I A and Scherbovsky, B Ya and Tulupov, V I and Kotov, Yu D and Yurov, V N and Glyanenko, A S and Kochemasov, A V and Lupar, E E and Rubtsov, I V and Trofimov, Yu A and Tyshkevich, V G and Ulin, S E and Novikov, A S and Dmitrenko, V V and Grachev, V M and Stekhanov, V N and Vlasik, K F and Uteshev, Z M and Chernysheva, I V and Shustov, A E and Petrenko, D V and Aptekar, R L and Dergachev, V A and Golenetskii, S V and Gribovskyi, K S and Frederiks, D D and Kruglov, E M and Lazutkov, V P and Levedev, V V and Oleinik, F P and Palshin, V D and Repin, A I and Savchenko, M I and Skorodumov, D V and Svinkin, D S and Tsvetkova, A S and Ulanov, M V and Kozhevatov, I E and Sylwester, J and Siarkowski, M and Bąkała, J and Szaforz, Ż and Kowaliński, M and Dudnik, O V and Lavraud, B and Hruška, F and Kolmasova, I and Santolik, O and Šimůnek, J and Truhlík, V and Auster, H.-U and ...
Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, ISSN 0016-7932, 12/2016, Volume 56, Issue 7, pp. 781 - 841
Journal Article
Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry, ISSN 1070-4280, 9/2017, Volume 53, Issue 9, pp. 1275 - 1437
The review describes the history of development of organic chemistry in higher schools of Russia over a period of 170 years, since the emergence of organic... 
Journal Article
by Adolph, C and Aghasyan, M and Akhunzyanov, R and Alexeev, M G and Alexeev, G D and Amoroso, A and Andrieux, V and Anfimov, N V and Anosov, V and Augsten, K and Augustyniak, W and Austregesilo, A and Azevedo, C D. R and Badełek, B and Balestra, F and Ball, M and Barth, J and Beck, R and Bedfer, Y and Bernhard, J and Bicker, K and Bielert, E R and Birsa, R and Bodlak, M and Bordalo, P and Bradamante, F and Braun, C and Bressan, A and Büchele, M and Chang, W.-C and Chatterjee, C and Chiosso, M and Choi, I and Chung, S.-U and Cicuttin, A and Crespo, M L and Curiel, Q and Torre, S Dalla and Dasgupta, S S and Dasgupta, S and Denisov, O Yu and Dhara, L and Donskov, S V and Doshita, N and Dreisbach, Ch and Duic, V and Dünnweber, W and Dziewiecki, M and Efremov, A and Eversheim, P D and Eyrich, W and Faessler, M and Ferrero, A and Finger, M and jr, M Finger and Fischer, H and Franco, C and von Vijayan Hohenesche, N du Fresne and Friedrich, J M and Frolov, V and Fuchey, E and Gautheron, F and Gavrichtchouk, O P and Gerassimov, S and Giarra, J and Giordano, F and Gnesi, I and Gorzellik, M and Grabmüller, S and Grasso, A and Perdekamp, M Grosse and Grube, B and Grussenmeyer, T and Guskov, A and Haas, F and Hahne, D and Hamar, G and von Harrach, D and Heinsius, F H and Heitz, R and Herrmann, F and Horikawa, N and d’Hose, N and Hsieh, C.-Y and Huber, S and Ishimoto, S and Ivanov, A and Ivanshin, Yu and Iwata, T and Jary, V and Joosten, R and Jörg, P and Kabuß, E and Ketzer, B and Khaustov, G V and Khokhlov, Yu A and Kisselev, Yu and Klein, F and Klimaszewski, K and Koivuniemi, J H and ... and COMPASS Collaboration
The European Physical Journal C, ISSN 1434-6044, 11/2018, Volume 78, Issue 11, pp. 1 - 13
Journal Article
by The PANDA Collaboration, PANDA Collaboration and Singh, B and Erni, W and Krusche, B and Steinacher, M and Walford, N and Liu, B and Liu, H and Liu, Z and Shen, X and Wang, C and Zhao, J and Albrecht, M and Erlen, T and Fink, M and Heinsius, F and Held, T and Holtmann, T and Jasper, S and Keshk, I and Koch, H and Kopf, B and Kuhlmann, M and Kümmel, M and Leiber, S and Mikirtychyants, M and Musiol, P and Mustafa, A and Pelizäus, M and Pychy, J and Richter, M and Schnier, C and Schröder, T and Sowa, C and Steinke, M and Triffterer, T and Wiedner, U and Ball, M and Beck, R and Hammann, C and Ketzer, B and Kube, M and Mahlberg, P and Rossbach, M and Schmidt, C and Schmitz, R and Thoma, U and Urban, M and Walther, D and Wendel, C and Wilson, A and Bianconi, A and Bragadireanu, M and Caprini, M and Pantea, D and Patel, B and Czyzycki, W and Domagala, M and Filo, G and Jaworowski, J and Krawczyk, M and Lisowski, F and Lisowski, E and Michałek, M and Poznański, P and Płażek, J and Korcyl, K and Kozela, A and Kulessa, P and Lebiedowicz, P and Pysz, K and Schäfer, W and Szczurek, A and Fiutowski, T and Idzik, M and Mindur, B and Przyborowski, D and Swientek, K and Biernat, J and Kamys, B and Kistryn, S and Korcyl, G and Krzemien, W and Magiera, A and Moskal, P and Pyszniak, A and Rudy, Z and Salabura, P and Smyrski, J and Strzempek, P and Wronska, A and Augustin, I and Böhm, R and Lehmann, I and Nicmorus Marinescu, D and Schmitt, L and Varentsov, V and Al-Turany, M and Belias, A and Deppe, H and ...
European Physical Journal A, ISSN 1434-6001, 10/2016, Volume 52, Issue 10, p. 1
To access, purchase, authenticate, or subscribe to the full-text of this article, please visit this link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1140/epja/i2016-16325-5... 
Acceleratorfysik och instrumentering | Fysik | Physical Sciences | Accelerator Physics and Instrumentation | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article