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by Hoogman, Martine, Dr and Bralten, Janita, PhD and Hibar, Derrek P, PhD and Mennes, Maarten, PhD and Zwiers, Marcel P, PhD and Schweren, Lizanne S J, PhD and van Hulzen, Kimm J E, PhD and Medland, Sarah E, PhD and Shumskaya, Elena, PhD and Jahanshad, Neda, PhD and Zeeuw, Patrick de, PhD and Szekely, Eszter, PhD and Sudre, Gustavo, PhD and Wolfers, Thomas, MSc and Onnink, Alberdingk M H, PhD and Dammers, Janneke T, MSc and Mostert, Jeanette C, PhD and Vives-Gilabert, Yolanda, PhD and Kohls, Gregor, PhD and Oberwelland, Eileen, MSc and Seitz, Jochen, MD and Schulte-Rüther, Martin, Prof and Ambrosino, Sara, MD and Doyle, Alysa E, PhD and Høvik, Marie F, MD and Dramsdahl, Margaretha, PhD and Tamm, Leanne, PhD and van Erp, Theo G M, PhD and Dale, Anders, Prof and Schork, Andrew, MSc and Conzelmann, Annette, PhD and Zierhut, Kathrin, PhD and Baur, Ramona, MSc and McCarthy, Hazel, PhD and Yoncheva, Yuliya N, PhD and Cubillo, Ana, PhD and Chantiluke, Kaylita, PhD and Mehta, Mitul A, PhD and Paloyelis, Yannis, PhD and Hohmann, Sarah, MD and Baumeister, Sarah, PhD and Bramati, Ivanei, PhD and Mattos, Paulo, Prof and Tovar-Moll, Fernanda, Prof and Douglas, Pamela, PhD and Banaschewski, Tobias, Prof and Brandeis, Daniel, Prof and Kuntsi, Jonna, Prof and Asherson, Philip, Prof and Rubia, Katya, Prof and Kelly, Clare, PhD and Martino, Adriana Di, MD and Milham, Michael P, PhD and Castellanos, Francisco X, Prof and Frodl, Thomas, Prof and Zentis, Mariam and Lesch, Klaus-Peter, Prof and Reif, Andreas, Prof and Pauli, Paul, Prof and Jernigan, Terry L, Prof and Haavik, Jan, Prof and Plessen, Kerstin J, Prof and Lundervold, Astri J, Prof and Hugdahl, Kenneth, Prof and Seidman, Larry J, Prof and Biederman, Joseph, Prof and Rommelse, Nanda, PhD and Heslenfeld, Dirk J, PhD and Hartman, Catharina A, PhD and Hoekstra, Pieter J, Prof and Oosterlaan, Jaap, Prof and Polier, Georg von, MD and Konrad, Kerstin, Prof and Vilarroya, Oscar, PhD and Ramos-Quiroga, Josep Antoni, Prof and Soliva, Joan Carles, PhD and Durston, Sarah, Prof and Buitelaar, Jan K, Prof and Faraone, Stephen V, Prof and Shaw, Philip, Prof and Thompson, Paul M, Prof and Franke, Barbara, Prof
Lancet Psychiatry, The, ISSN 2215-0366, 2017, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp. 310 - 319
Summary Background Neuroimaging studies have shown structural alterations in several brain regions in children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity... 
Journal Article
Human Brain Mapping, ISSN 1065-9471, 02/2013, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp. 407 - 424
Journal Article
by Hoogman, Martine and Muetzel, Ryan and Guimaraes, Joao P and Shumskaya, Elena and Mennes, Maarten and Zwiers, Marcel P and Jahanshad, Neda and Sudre, Gustavo and Wolfers, Thomas and Earl, Eric A and Soliva Vila, Juan Carlos and Vives-Gilabert, Yolanda and Khadka, Sabin and Novotny, Stephanie E and Hartman, Catharina A and Heslenfeld, Dirk J and Schweren, Lizanne J.S and Ambrosino, Sara and Oranje, Bob and de Zeeuw, Patrick and Chaim-Avancini, Tiffany M and Rosa, Pedro G.P and Zanetti, Marcus V and Malpas, Charles B and Kohls, Gregor and von Polier, Georg G and Seitz, Jochen and Biederman, Joseph and Doyle, Alysa E and Dale, Anders M and van Erp, Theo G.M and Epstein, Jeffery N and Jernigan, Terry L and Baur-Streubel, Ramona and Ziegler, Georg C and Zierhut, Kathrin C and Schrantee, Anouk and Høvik, Marie F and Lundervold, Astri J and Kelly, Clare and McCarthy, Hazel and Skokauskas, Norbert and O’Gorman Tuura, Ruth L and Calvo, Anna and Lera-Miguel, Sara and Nicolau, Rosa and Chantiluke, Kaylita C and Christakou, Anastasia and Vance, Alasdair and Cercignani, Mara and Gabel, Matt C and Asherson, Philip and Baumeister, Sarah and Brandeis, Daniel and Hohmann, Sarah and Bramati, Ivanei E and Tovar-Moll, Fernanda and Fallgatter, Andreas J and Kardatzki, Bernd and Schwarz, Lena and Anikin, Anatoly and Baranov, Alexandr and Gogberashvili, Tinatin and Kapilushniy, Dmitry and Solovieva, Anastasia and El Marroun, Hanan and White, Tonya and Karkashadze, Georgii and Namazova-Baranova, Leyla and Ethofer, Thomas and Mattos, Paulo and Banaschewski, Tobias and Coghill, David and Plessen, Kerstin J and Kuntsi, Jonna and Mehta, Mitul A and Paloyelis, Yannis and Harrison, Neil A and Bellgrove, Mark A and Silk, Tim J and Cubillo, Ana I and Rubia, Katya and Lazaro, Luisa and Brem, Silvia and Walitza, Susanne and Frodl, Thomas and Zentis, Mariam and Castellanos, Francisco X and Yoncheva, Yuliya N and Haavik, Jan and Reneman, Liesbeth and Conzelmann, Annette and Lesch, Klaus-Peter and Pauli, Paul and Reif, Andreas and Tamm, Leanne and Konrad, Kerstin and Oberwelland Weiss, Eileen and Busatto, Geraldo F and Louza, Mario R and ...
American Journal of Psychiatry, ISSN 0002-953X, 07/2019, Volume 176, Issue 7, pp. 531 - 542
Objective:Neuroimaging studies show structural alterations of various brain regions in children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder... 
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 2018, Volume 115, Issue 22, pp. E5154 - E5163
Journal Article