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chemistry (86) 86
metallurgy (83) 83
index medicus (76) 76
treatment of water, waste water, sewage, or sludge (54) 54
performing operations (43) 43
transporting (43) 43
separation (33) 33
animals (32) 32
general tagging of cross-sectional technologies spanning over several sections of the ipc (30) 30
general tagging of new technological developments (30) 30
technical subjects covered by former uspc cross-reference art collections [xracs] and digests (30) 30
technologies or applications for mitigation or adaptation againstclimate change (30) 30
physical or chemical processes or apparatus in general (28) 28
technologies for adaptation to climate change (26) 26
humans (22) 22
materials science, multidisciplinary (21) 21
human necessities (19) 19
analysis (18) 18
male (17) 17
research (16) 16
genomes (15) 15
hygiene (15) 15
medical or veterinary science (15) 15
nanoparticles (15) 15
organic chemistry (15) 15
genome (13) 13
acyclic or carbocyclic compounds (12) 12
chemistry, multidisciplinary (12) 12
chemistry, physical (12) 12
multidisciplinary sciences (12) 12
nanoscience & nanotechnology (12) 12
physics, applied (12) 12
biochemistry & molecular biology (11) 11
heterocyclic compounds (11) 11
proteins (11) 11
agriculture (10) 10
apoptosis (10) 10
evolution (10) 10
expression (10) 10
genes (10) 10
genetic aspects (10) 10
genomics (10) 10
health aspects (10) 10
algorithms (9) 9
degradation (9) 9
environmental sciences (9) 9
female (9) 9
mice (9) 9
microbiology (9) 9
research article (9) 9
stability (9) 9
biochemistry (8) 8
chemistry, applied (8) 8
polymer science (8) 8
preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes (8) 8
studies (8) 8
water (8) 8
cancer (7) 7
engineering, electrical & electronic (7) 7
evolutionary biology (7) 7
genetic research (7) 7
genetics & heredity (7) 7
hunting (7) 7
life sciences (7) 7
oncology (7) 7
oxidation (7) 7
usage (7) 7
adsorption (6) 6
animal husbandry (6) 6
beer (6) 6
biocides, e.g. as disinfectants, as pesticides, as herbicides (6) 6
cancer therapies (6) 6
carbon (6) 6
cell biology (6) 6
chemotherapy (6) 6
deoxyribonucleic acid--dna (6) 6
differentiation (6) 6
earth drilling (6) 6
ecology (6) 6
engineering, chemical (6) 6
enzymology (6) 6
fishing (6) 6
fixed constructions (6) 6
forestry (6) 6
genetic variation (6) 6
genetics (6) 6
inhibition (6) 6
inorganic chemistry (6) 6
komposit (6) 6
mining (6) 6
mutation or genetic engineering (6) 6
neurosciences (6) 6
pest repellants or attractants (6) 6
pharmacology & pharmacy (6) 6
physics (6) 6
physics, condensed matter (6) 6
plant growth regulators (6) 6
preservation of bodies of humans or animals or plants or partsthereof (6) 6
protein (6) 6
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by Guojie Zhang and Cai Li and Qiye Li and Bo Li and Denis M. Larkin and Chul Lee and Jay F. Storz and Agostinho Antunes and Matthew J. Greenwold and Robert W. Meredith and Anders Ödeen and Jie Cui and Qi Zhou and Luohao Xu and Hailin Pan and Zongji Wang and Lijun Jin and Pei Zhang and Haofu Hu and Wei Yang and Jiang Hu and Jin Xiao and Zhikai Yang and Yang Liu and Qiaolin Xie and Hao Yu and Jinmin Lian and Ping Wen and Fang Zhang and Hui Li and Yongli Zeng and Zijun Xiong and Shiping Liu and Long Zhou and Zhiyong Huang and Na An and Jie Wang and Qiumei Zheng and Yingqi Xiong and Guangbiao Wang and Bo Wang and Jingjing Wang and Yu Fan and Rute R. da Fonseca and Alonzo Alfaro-Núñez and Mikkel Schubert and Ludovic Orlando and Tobias Mourier and Jason T. Howard and Ganeshkumar Ganapathy and Andreas Pfenning and Osceola Whitney and Miriam V. Rivas and Erina Hara and Julia Smith and Marta Farré and Jitendra Narayan and Gancho Slavov and Michael N Romanov and Rui Borges and João Paulo Machado and Imran Khan and Mark S. Springer and John Gatesy and Federico G. Hoffmann and Juan C. Opazo and Olle Håstad and Roger H. Sawyer and Heebal Kim and Kyu-Won Kim and Hyeon Jeong Kim and Seoae Cho and Ning Li and Yinhua Huang and Michael W. Bruford and Xiangjiang Zhan and Andrew Dixon and Mads F. Bertelsen and Elizabeth Derryberry and Wesley Warren and Richard K Wilson and Shengbin Li and David A. Ray and Richard E. Green and Stephen J. O'Brien and Darren Griffin and Warren E. Johnson and David Haussler and Oliver A. Ryder and Eske Willerslev and Gary R. Graves and Per Alström and Jon Fjeldså and David P. Mindell and Scott V. Edwards and Edward L. Braun and Carsten Rahbek and David W. Burt and Peter Houde and Yong Zhang and ... and Avian Genome Consortium
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 12/2014, Volume 346, Issue 6215, pp. 1311 - 1320
Journal Article
by Erich D. Jarvis and Siavash Mirarab and Andre J. Aberer and Bo Li and Peter Houde and Cai Li and Simon Y. W. Ho and Brant C. Faircloth and Benoit Nabholz and Jason T. Howard and Alexander Suh and Claudia C. Weber and Rute R. da Fonseca and Jianwen Li and Fang Zhang and Hui Li and Long Zhou and Nitish Narula and Liang Liu and Ganesh Ganapathy and Bastien Boussau and Md. Shamsuzzoha Bayzid and Volodymyr Zavidovych and Sankar Subramanian and Toni Gabaldón and Salvador Capella-Gutiérrez and Jaime Huerta-Cepas and Bhanu Rekepalli and Kasper Munch and Mikkel Schierup and Bent Lindow and Wesley C. Warren and David Ray and Richard E. Green and Michael W. Bruford and Xiangjiang Zhan and Andrew Dixon and Shengbin Li and Ning Li and Yinhua Huang and Elizabeth P. Derryberry and Mads Frost Bertelsen and Frederick H. Sheldon and Robb T. Brumfield and Claudio V. Mello and Peter V. Lovell and Morgan Wirthlin and Maria Paula Cruz Schneider and Francisco Prosdocimi and José Alfredo Samaniego and Amhed Missael Vargas Velazquez and Alonzo Alfaro-Núñez and Paula F. Campos and Bent Petersen and Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten and An Pas and Tom Bailey and Paul Scofield and Michael Bunce and David M. Lambert and Qi Zhou and Polina Perelman and Amy C. Driskell and Beth Shapiro and Zijun Xiong and Yongli Zeng and Shiping Liu and Zhenyu Li and Binghang Liu and Kui Wu and Jin Xiao and Xiong Yinqi and Qiuemei Zheng and Yong Zhang and Huanming Yang and Jian Wang and Linnea Smeds and Frank E. Rheindt and Michael Braun and Jon Fjeldsa and Ludovic Orlando and F. Keith Barker and Knud Andreas Jønsson and Warren Johnson and Klaus-Peter Koepfli and Stephen O'Brien and David Haussler and Oliver A. Ryder and Carsten Rahbek and Eske Willerslev and Gary R. Graves and Travis C. Glenn and John McCormack and Dave Burt and Hans Ellegren and Per Alström and Scott V. Edwards and Alexandros Stamatakis and David P. Mindell and Joel Cracraft and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 12/2014, Volume 346, Issue 6215, pp. 1320 - 1331
Journal Article
Journal Article
Organic letters, ISSN 1523-7060, 03/2019, Volume 21, Issue 5, pp. 1374 - 1378
The biosynthetic gene clusters for herbicidins (hbc) and aureonuclemycin (anm) were identified in Streptomyces sp. KIB-027 and Streptomyces aureus,... 
CHEMISTRY, ORGANIC | ANTIBIOTICS | AUREONUCLEMYCIN | CONGENERS | BIOSYNTHESIS | UNDECOSE NUCLEOSIDE | Purine Nucleosides - biosynthesis | Molecular Structure | Streptomyces - chemistry | Anti-Bacterial Agents - chemistry
Journal Article
Journal Article