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Journal Article
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, ISSN 0190-9622, 12/2017
UV exposure may not equally impact melanoma development in different sexes and ages. Whether and how these factors interact with each other in melanoma risk is... 
Journal Article
Journal of Psychosomatic Research, ISSN 0022-3999, 07/2018, Volume 110, p. 46
Objective The relationship between psychological stress and breast cancer risk is unclear. The present study sought to understand how stressfulness appraisal... 
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IMPORTANCE Breast cancer in women between the ages of 15 and 39 years (adolescents and young adults [AYAs]) constitutes 5% to 6% of all breast cancer cases in... 
SURGERY | CARCINOMA | STAGE | SOCIOECONOMIC-STATUS | RACE | AGE | Breast Neoplasms - surgery | Prognosis | Age Factors | Humans | Hispanic Americans | Kaplan-Meier Estimate | Proportional Hazards Models | African Americans | Social Class | Young Adult | Adolescent | Survival Analysis | Adult | Breast Neoplasms - mortality | Female | Breast Neoplasms - ethnology
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