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Journal Article
International Review of Neurobiology, ISSN 0074-7742, 01/2018, Volume 138, pp. 137 - 160
The clinical utility of the placebo effect has long hinged on physicians deceptively administering an objective placebo treatment to their patients. However,... 
Medicine | Mindset | Social context | Expectation | Placebo effect | Placebo | Analgesia - psychology | History, 21st Century | Professional-Patient Relations | Analgesia - methods | Conditioning (Psychology) - physiology | Placebo Effect | History, 20th Century | Humans | Social Learning | Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice - ethnology
Conference Proceeding
Journal of Surgical Research, ISSN 0022-4804, 09/2019, Volume 241, pp. 277 - 284
Monitoring longitudinal patient-reported outcomes after injury is important for comprehensive trauma care. Current methodologies are resource-intensive and... 
Patient-reported outcomes | Traumatic injury | Patient-reported outcome measures | Implementation science | SYSTEM | SURGERY | PAIN | RECOMMENDATIONS | MAJOR TRAUMA | PHYSICAL FUNCTION | CARE | HEALTH OUTCOMES
Journal Article
by Hazzard, William R., 1936 and Halter, Jeffrey B and Ouslander, Joseph G and Tinetti, Mary E and Studenski, Stephanie and High, Kevin P and Asthana, Sanjay and Woolard, Nancy F and Gray, Leonard C and Guiaraes, Renato Maia and Wei-kang, Wu and Vellas, Bruno and Jonsson, Palmi V and Kenny, Rose Anne and Clarfield, A. Mark and Bernabei, Roberto and Ikegami, Naoki and Westendorp, Rudi G. J and Alonso, Francisco Javier Ortiz and Winblad, Bengt and Michel, Jean-Pierre and Ford, Gary and Afaq, Azhar and Albert, Steven M and Alexander, Neil B and Ancoli-Israel, Sonia and Anderson, Danielle L and Anderson, Julia A. M and Angus, Derek C and Ashton-Miller, James A and Bailey, James L and Bakshi, Rajbir and Barancin, Courtney and Barczi, Steven and Bates-Jensen, Barbara and Bell, Susan M and Benson, Mark and Bernstein, Cheryl D and Besdine, Richard W and Birkmeyer, John D and Blackman, Marc R and Blaum, Caroline and Blazer, Daniel G and Blumenthal, Jacob B and Bolon, Maureen and Boult, Chad E and Brach, Jennifer S and Brawley, Lawrence R and Brown, Cynthia J and Brummel-Smith, Kenneth and Buonanno, Ferdinand and Carlsson, Cynthia M and Carnes, Bruce A and Carpenter, Iain G and Chang, Annette M and Chang, Julie E and Charette, Susan L and Chatta, Gurkamal S and Chaves, Paulo H. M and Cheng, Susan and Cholerton, Brenna and Christmas, Colleen and Chun, Audrey and Cohen, Harvey Jay and Cohen-Zion, Mairav and Coleman, Eric A and Cooney, Leo M and Craft, Suzanne and Daaleman, Timothy J and DelBono, Osvaldo and Dennis, Mary Catherine and Deo, Nikhila and Drickamer, Margaret A and DuBeau, Catherine E and Dunkle, Ruth E and Duque, Gustavo and Edwards, Niloo M and Enright, Paul L and Enzinger, Peter C and Ershler, William B and Fahn, Stanley and Fearing, Michael A and Ferrell, Bruce A and Ferrucci, Luigi and Finlayson, Emily and Flaherty, Ellen and Flanders, Scott A and Forsyth, Christina E and Franceschi, Marilisa and Fried, Linda P and Fries, Brant E and Fulmer, Terry and Galvin, James and Gambassi, Giovanni and Gardner, Andrew W and Gerson, Lowell W and Gharacholou, Shahyar M and Gill, Sudeep S and Ginsberg, Jeffrey and Gleason, Cary E and ...
2009, 6th edition, McGraw-Hill's AccessMedicine. Clinical library, ISBN 0071488723
Web Resource
by Fowlkes, Brian and Ghanouni, Pejman and Sanghvi, Narendra and Coussios, Constantin and Lyon, Paul C and Gray, Michael and Mannaris, Christophoros and Victor, Marie de Saint and Stride, Eleanor and Cleveland, Robin and Carlisle, Robert and Wu, Feng and Middleton, Mark and Gleeson, Fergus and Aubry, Jean-Franҫois and Pauly, Kim Butts and Moonen, Chrit and Vortman, Jacob and Sharabi, Shirley and Daniels, Dianne and Last, David and Guez, David and Levy, Yoav and Volovick, Alexander and Grinfeld, Javier and Rachmilevich, Itay and Amar, Talia and Zibly, Zion and Mardor, Yael and Harnof, Sagi and Plaksin, Michael and Weissler, Yoni and Shoham, Shy and Kimmel, Eitan and Naor, Omer and Farah, Nairouz and Paeng, Dong-Guk and Xu, Zhiyuan and Snell, John and Quigg, Anders H and Eames, Matthew and Jin, Changzhu and Everstine, Ashli C and Sheehan, Jason P and Lopes, Beatriz S and Kassell, Neal and Looi, Thomas and Khokhlova, Vera and Mougenot, Charles and Hynynen, Kullervo and Drake, James and Slayton, Michael and Amodei, Richard C and Compton, Keegan and McNelly, Ashley and Latt, Daniel and Kearney, John and Melodelima, David and Dupre, Aurelien and Chen, Yao and Perol, David and Vincenot, Jeremy and Chapelon, Jean-Yves and Rivoire, Michel and Guo, Wei and Ren, Guoxin and Shen, Guofeng and Neidrauer, Michael and Zubkov, Leonid and Weingarten, Michael S and Margolis, David J and Lewin, Peter A and McDannold, Nathan and Sutton, Jonathan and Vykhodtseva, Natalia and Livingstone, Margaret and Kobus, Thiele and Zhang, Yong-Zhi and Schwartz, Michael and Huang, Yuexi and Lipsman, Nir and Jain, Jennifer and Chapman, Martin and Sankar, Tejas and Lozano, Andres and Yeung, Robert and Damianou, Christakis and Papadopoulos, Nikolaos and Brokman, Omer and Zadicario, Eyal and Brenner, Ori and Castel, David and Wu, Shih-Ying and Grondin, Julien and Zheng, Wenlan and Heidmann, Marc and Karakatsani, Maria Eleni and Sánchez, Carlos J. Sierra and Ferrera, Vincent and Konofagou, Elisa E and ...
Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound, ISSN 2050-5736, 04/2017, Volume 5, Issue S1
Journal Article
Journal of Medical Engineering, ISSN 2314-5129, 05/2014, Volume 2014, pp. 139535 - 7
A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guided stereotactic system was developed to provide veterinarians a method to accomplish minimally invasive stereotactic... 
Journal Article
Jerusalem Post, 03/2007
Sir - In "We need unity more than a strike" (March 15), high school teacher David Graniewitz bemoans the ineffectiveness of the teachers' strike while having... 
Newspaper Article