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by Proietti, Riccardo and Gonzini, Lucio and Pizzimenti, Giovanni and Ledda, Antonietta and Sanna, Pietro and AlTurki, Ahmed and Russo, Vincenzo and Lencioni, Mauro and Siciliano, R and Boffa, M and Bazzanini, F and Di Nucci, G and Fonti, S and De Franceschi, T and Davio, P and Alagna, G and Cipollini, F and Arma, P and Gunnellini, MG and Dottori, M and Paulillo, D and Giudice, M and Sicuro, M and Lenti, S and Iannelli, G and Notarstefano, P and Galiotto, M and Apolloni, E and Molini, G and Massarelli, L and Di Iorio, P and Scandurra, F and Candelmo, F and Iodice, P and Laureano, R and Perlangeli, S and Praticò, A and Lucchesi, Q and Conese, V and Scalera, G and Palma, F and De Antoni, ME and Beltramello, G and Carbonella, M and Capone, A and Bianchi, V and Zerella, F and Masina, M and Boggian, G and Pancaldi, LG and Brucato, AL and Scialfa, S and Ferrari, P and Gavazzi, A and Santoro, E and Bertinieri, G and Caragnano, V and Zaccaroni, S and Marchetti, G and Urbinati, S and Belmonte, G and Giannoni, C and Panuccio, D and Pedone, V and Colletta, M and Di Pasquale, G and Cemin, R and Paffoni, PRC and Pezzotti, C and Capretti, M and Lamari, AL and Maugeri, S and Moretti, R and Ganga, R and Mascia, P and Caddori, A and Cusumano, S and Alletto, M and De Vincenzo, C and Musacchio, E and Stendardo, A and Cantarella, SA and Ferrari, V and Bassano, F and Perrone, C and Piccinni, GC and Catanzaro, M and Vinciguerra, A and Lusiani, L and De Caro, G and Scarcia, M and Scarcia, A and Losi, E and Gaddi, O and Lo Sciuto, A and Cascio Ingurgio, N and Vignai, E and Romano, M and Borzì, V and Bellanuova, IA and ... and ATA-AF Investigators and on behalf of ATA-AF Investigators
Clinical Cardiology, ISSN 0160-9289, 12/2018, Volume 41, Issue 12, pp. 1570 - 1577
Objective An increased cardiovascular mortality and morbidity has been widely reported in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF). In this study, a subanalysis... 
mortality | glomerular filtration rate | atrial fibrillation | CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS | PREDICTOR | RISK | DEATH | RENAL DYSFUNCTION | STROKE | COMMUNITY | THROMBOEMBOLISM | OUTCOMES | CHRONIC KIDNEY-DISEASE | Cardiac arrhythmia | Patients | Mortality | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Dauriz, Marco and Targher, Giovanni and Temporelli, Pier Luigi and Lucci, Donata and Gonzini, Lucio and Nicolosi, Gian Luigi and Marchioli, Roberto and Tognoni, Gianni and Latini, Roberto and Cosmi, Franco and Tavazzi, Luigi and Maggioni, Aldo Pietro and Barlera, Simona and Franzosi, Maria Grazia and Maggioni, Aldo P and Porcu, Maurizio and Franzosi, Maria Grazia and Maggioni, Aldo P and Porcu, Maurizio and Yusuf, Salim and Camerini, Fulvio and Cohn, Jay N and Decarli, Adriano and Pitt, Bertram and Sleight, Peter and Poole‐Wilson, Philip A and Geraci, Enrico and Scherillo, Marino and Fabbri, Gianna and Bartolomei, Barbara and Bertoli, Daniele and Cobelli, Franco and Fresco, Claudio and Ledda, Antonietta and Levantesi, Giacomo and Opasich, Cristina and Rusconi, Franco and Sinagra, Gianfranco and Turazza, Fabio and Volpi, Alberto and Ceseri, Martina and Alongi, Gianluca and Atzori, Antonio and Bambi, Filippo and Bastarolo, Desiree and Bianchini, Francesca and Cangioli, Iacopo and Canu, Vittoriana and Caporusso, Concetta and Cenni, Gabriele and Cintelli, Laura and Cocchio, Michele and Confente, Alessia and Fenicia, Eva and Friso, Giorgio and Gianfriddo, Marco and Grilli, Gianluca and Lazzaro, Beatrice and Lonardo, Giuseppe and Luise, Alessia and Nota, Rachele and Orlando, Mariaelena and Petrolo, Rosaria and Pierattini, Chiara and Pierota, Valeria and Provenzani, Alessandro and Quartuccio, Velia and Ragno, Anna and Serio, Chiara and Spolaor, Alvise and Tafi, Arianna and Tellaroli, Elisa and Ghio, Stefano and Ghizzardi, Elisa and Masson, Serge and Franzosi, Maria Grazia and Crociati, Lella and La Rovere, Maria Teresa and Corrà, Ugo and Finzi, Andrea and Barlera, Simona and Gorini, Marco and Milani, Valentina and Orsini, Giampietro and Bianchini, Elisa and Cabiddu, Silvia and Cangioli, Ilaria and Cipressa, Laura and Cipressa, Maria Lucia and Di Bitetto, Giuseppina and Ferri, Barbara and Galbiati, Luisa and Lorimer, Andrea and Pera, Carla and Priami, Paola and Vasamì, Antonella and Moccetti, T and Rossi, M.G and Pasotti, E and Vaghi, F and ... and GISSI-HF Investigators and GISSI‐HF Investigators and the GISSI‐HF Investigators
Journal of the American Heart Association, ISSN 2047-9980, 07/2017, Volume 6, Issue 7, p. n/a
Background-The independent prognostic impact of diabetes mellitus (DM) and prediabetes mellitus (pre-DM) on survival outcomes in patients with chronic heart... 
mortality | heart failure | chronic heart failure | diabetes mellitus | glycemic control | prediabetes | Glycemic control | Heart failure | Chronic heart failure | Prediabetes | Diabetes mellitus | Mortality | HEMOGLOBIN | CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS | RISK | MELLITUS | MULTIMORBIDITY | HOSPITALIZATION | REDUCTION | MORBIDITY | DOUBLE-BLIND | EPIDEMIOLOGY | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Cosmi, Franco and Cosmi, Franco and Di Giulio, Paola and Di Giulio, Paola and Masson, Serge and Masson, Serge and Finzi, Andrea and Finzi, Andrea and Marfisi, Rosa Maria and Marfisi, Rosa M.aria and Cosmi, Deborah and Cosmi, Deborah and Scarano, Marco and Scarano, Marco and Tognoni, Gianni and Tognoni, Gianni and Maggioni, Aldo P and Maggioni, Aldo P and Porcu, Maurizio and Porcu, Maurizio and Boni, Silvana and Boni, Silvana and Cutrupi, Giovanni and Cutrupi, Giovanni and Tavazzi, Luigi and Tavazzi, Luigi and Latini, Roberto and Latini, Roberto and Barlera, S and Franzosi, M.G and Lucci, D and Marchioli, R and Nicolosi, G.L and Yusuf, S and Camerini, F and Cohn, J.N and Decarli, A and Pitt, B and Sleight, P and Poole-Wilson, P.A and Geraci, E and Scherillo, M and Fabbri, G and Bartolomei, B and Bertoli, D and Cobelli, F and Fresco, C and Ledda, A and Levantesi, G and Opasich, C and Rusconi, F and Sinagra, G and Turazza, F and Volpi, A and Ceseri, M and Alongi, G and Atzori, A and Bambi, F and Bastarolo, D and Bianchini, F and Cangioli, I and Canu, V and Caporusso, C and Cenni, G and Cintelli, L and Cocchio, M and Confente, A and Fenicia, E and Friso, G and Gianfriddo, M and Grilli, G and Lazzaro, B and Lonardo, G and Luise, A and Nota, R and Orlando, M and Petrolo, R and Pierattini, C and Pierota, V and Provenzani, A and Quartuccio, V and Ragno, A and Serio, C and Spolaor, A and Tafi, A and Tellaroli, E and Ghio, S and Ghizzardi, E and Latini, R and Franzosi, M.G and Crociati, L and Rovere, M.T and Corra, U and Lucci, D and Barlera, S and Gorini, M and Gonzini, L and Milani, V and Orsini, G and Bianchini, E and ... and GISSI-HF Investigators
Circulation: Heart Failure, ISSN 1941-3289, 05/2015, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp. 428 - 437
Journal Article
Circulation, ISSN 0009-7322, 1993, Volume 88, Issue 2, pp. 416 - 429
Background. Current knowledge of risk assessment in survivors of myocardial infarction is largely based on data gathered before the advent of thrombolysis. It... 
Journal Article
by Deshmukh, A and Sharma, S. S and Gobal, F. G and Singla, S. S and Hebbar, P. H and Paydak, H. P and Igarashi, M and Tada, H and Sekiguchi, Y and Yamasaki, H and Kuroki, K and Machino, T and Yoshida, K and Aonuma, K and Shavadia, J and Otieno, H and Yonga, G and Jinah, A and Qvist, J. F and Soerensen, P. H and Dixen, U and Ramirez-Marrero, M. A and Perez-Villardon, B and Gaitan-Roman, D and Jimenez-Navarro, M and Delgado-Prieto, J. L and De Teresa-Galvan, E and De Mora-Martin, M and Hebbar, P. B and Wei, W. X and Bardari, S and Zecchin, M and Salame', R and Vitali Serdoz, L and Di Lenarda, A and Guerrini, N and Barbati, G and Sinagra, G and Hanazawa, K and Kaitani, K and Nakagawa, Y and Lenaerts, I and Driesen, R and Hermida, N and Heidbuchel, H and Janssens, S and Balligand, J. L and Sipido, K. R and Willems, R and Sehra, R and Krummen, D and Briggs, C and Narayan, S and Tanaka, Y and Hirao, K and Nakamura, T and Inaba, O and Yagishita, A and Higuchi, K and Hachiya, H and Isobe, M and Kallergis, E and Kanoupakis, E. M and Mavrakis, H. E and Goudis, C. A and Maliaraki, N. E and Vardas, P. E and Kiuchi, K and Piorkowski, C and Kircher, S and Gaspar, T and Watanabe, N and Bollmann, A and Hindricks, G and Wauters, K and Grosse, A and Raffa, S and Brunelli, M and Geller, J. C and Maggioni, A. P and Gonzini, L and Gussoni, G and Vescovo, G and Gulizia, M and Pirelli, S and Mathieu, G and Di Pasquale, G and Salame, R and Magnani, S and Sakamoto, T and Kumagai, K and Fuke, E and Nishiuchi, S and Hayashi, T and Miki, Y and Naito, S and Oshima, S and Hof, I. E and Vonken, E and Velthuis, B. K and ...
Europace, ISSN 1099-5129, 06/2011, Volume 13, Issue Supplement 3, pp. i - NP
Journal Article
Annals of Neurology, ISSN 0364-5134, 2009, Volume 66, Issue 4, pp. 513 - 520
Journal Article