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by Heo, S and Bursac, N and Walker, B. W and Yu, C. H and Sani, E. Shirzaei and Kimball, W and Sapru, S and Naskar, D and Kundu, B and Ghosh, A. K and Mandal, M and Reis, R. L and Reis, R. L and Mi, H and Turng, L and Musson, D. S and Naot, D and da Silva, L. P and Bastos, A. R and Costa, J. B and Oliveira, J. M and Oliveira, J. M and Correlo, V. M and Reis, R. L and Reis, R. L and Cornish, J and Estevez, M and Sreeram, A and Cuskey, S and Fedorchak, N and Ashton, R and Milbreta, U and Pinese, C and Park, J and Wetzel, I and Cho, H and Robles, U. Aregueta and Gilmour, A and Goding, J and Lovell, N. H and Martens, P. J and Green, R. A and Zirretta, L and Stapp, D and Grundeen, S and Kaplan, D. L and Maximova, N. V and Krasheninnikov, M. E and Klabukov, I. D and Pomytkin, I. A and Lyundup, A. V and Sproul, E. P and Nandi, S and Roosa, C. A and Brown, A. C and Brown, A. C and Gandhi, A and Attar, P and Korn, S and Lam, K and Lam, K and Saini, S and Hyoju, S and Zaborina, O and Alverdy, J and Teymour, F and Papavasiliou, G and Beyer, S and Walus, K and Thain, K and Pan, S and Mohamed, T and De Riccardis, G and Alexander, P. G and Raimondi, M. T and Tuan, R. S and Lerman, M. J and Kingsbury, T. J and Civin, C. I and Fisher, J. P and Fisher, J. P and Felder, M and Williams, C and Sikavitsas, V and Suzuki, K and Komura, H and Lankford, S. K and Andersson, K and Tedeschi, A. M and Gjinovci, A and Russo, S and Camilli, C and Cossu, G and Mantero, S and De Coppi, P and Badylak, S. F and Badylak, S. F and Badylak, S. F and Zakhem, E and Bohl, J and ...
Tissue Engineering Part A, ISSN 1937-3341, 12/2017, Volume 23, Issue S1, pp. S-1 - S-159
Cardiomyocytes (CM) in the adult mammalian heart have limited capacity to proliferate following injury. [...]therapies to induce endogenous regeneration of the... 
Abstracts | Biodegradation | Heart | Hydrogels | Tissue engineering | Cardiomyocytes | Metastasis | Biopolymers | Cell adhesion & migration | Biomaterials | Medicine | Musculoskeletal system | Biomedical materials | Stem cells | Cell cycle | Biocompatibility | Hypoxia | Growth factors | Binding sites | Cancer | Tumors
Journal Article
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, ISSN 0165-0270, 1982, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp. 253 - 259
A method is described for percutaneous lumbar cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) cannulation and intrathecal infusion in the laboratory mouse. The clearance from CSF of... 
physiology | bulk flow | cerebrospinal fluid | circulation | Serum Albumin, Radio-Iodinated - administration & dosage | Animals | Subarachnoid Space | Catheterization | Female | Mice | Cerebrospinal Fluid - physiology | Mice, Inbred ICR
Journal Article
Radiologia Brasileira, ISSN 1678-7099, 06/2002, Volume 35, Issue 3, pp. 155 - 160
Este trabalho foi realizado para avaliar os achados da angiografia por tomografia computadorizada, comparativamente à angiografia por subtração digital, em... 
Journal Article
Pediatric Neurology, ISSN 0887-8994, 1994, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp. 171 - 171
Journal Article
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