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by Nauth, Aaron and Creek, Aaron T and Zellar, Abby and Lawendy, Abdel-Rahman and Dowrick, Adam and Gupta, Ajay and Dadi, Akhil and van Kampen, Albert and Yee, Albert and de Vries, Mark R and de Vries, Jean Paul P.M and de Vries, Alexander C and de Mol van Otterloo, Alexander and Garibaldi, Alisha and Liew, Susan and Liew, Allen and McIntyre, Allison W and Prasad, Amal Shankar and Romero, Amanda W and Rangan, Amar and Oatt, Amber and Sanghavi, Amir and Foley, Amy L and Karlsten, Anders and Dolenc, Andrea and Bucknill, Andrew and Chia, Andrew and Evans, Andrew and Evans, Simone and Gong, Andrew and Schmidt, G. Ben and Schmidt, Andrew H and Marcantonio, Andrew J and Jennings, Andrew and Ward, Angela and Khanna, Angshuman and Rai, Anil and Rai, B. Sachidananda and Rai, Kamal and Smits, Anke B and Horan, Annamarie D and Brekke, Anne Christine and Flynn, Annette and Duraikannan, Aravin and Stødle, Are and van Vugt, Arie B and Luther, Arlene and Zurcher, Arthur W and Jain, Arvind and Jain, Neeraj and Amundsen, Asgeir and Moaveni, Ash and Carr, Ashley and Sharma, Gaurav and Sharma, Ateet and Hill, Austin D and Trommer, Axel and Hileman, Barbara and Schreurs, Bart and Verhoeven, Bart and Barden, Benjamin B and Flatøy, Bernhard and Cleffken, Berry I and Bøe, Berthe and Perey, Bertrand and Hanusch, Birgit C and Weening, Brad and Fioole, Bram and Rijbroek, Bram and Crist, Brett D and Halliday, Brett and Peterson, Brett and Mullis, Brian and Richardson, C. Glen and Richardson, Martin and Clark, Callum and Sagebien, Carlos A and van der Pol, Carmen C and Bowler, Carol and Humphrey, Catherine A and Coady, Catherine and Koppert, Cees L and Coles, Chad and Tannoury, Chadi and DePaolo, Charles J and Gayton, Chris and Herriott, Chris and Reeves, Christina and Tieszer, Christina and Dobb, Christine and Anderson, Linda K and Anderson, Christopher G and Anderson, Sarah A and Sage, Claire and Cuento, Claudine and Jones, Vicki and Jones, Clifford B and Bosman, Coks H.R and Linehan, Colleen and van der Hart, Cor P and ... and Fixation using Alternative Implants for the Treatment of Hip fractures (FAITH) Investigators
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2017, Volume 389, Issue 10078, pp. 1519 - 1527
Journal Article
Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma, ISSN 0890-5339, 09/2019, Volume 33, Issue 9, pp. 438 - 442
OBJECTIVE:To compare the magnitude of knee pain between the suprapatellar (SP) and infrapatellar (IP) approach for tibial nailing in patients who are more than... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery, ISSN 0749-8063, 2011, Volume 27, Issue 5, pp. e61 - e62
Introduction The purpose of this randomized controlled trial was to compare the quality of life and strength in patients undergoing ACL reconstruction when... 
Journal Article
Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma, ISSN 0890-5339, 11/2015, Volume 29, Issue 11, pp. 479 - 487
Journal Article
by Bhandari, Mohit and Guyatt, Gordon and Tornetta, Paul and Schemitsch, Emil H and Swiontkowski, Marc and Sanders, David and Walter, Stephen D and Gregory Tennent Sanders, David W and Macleod, Mark D and Carey, Timothy and Leitch, Kellie and Bailey, Stuart and Gurr, Kevin and Konito, Ken and Bartha, Charlene and Low, Isolina and MacBean, Leila V and Ramu, Mala and Reiber, Susan and Strapp, Ruth and Tieszer, Christina and Kreder, Hans J and Stephen, David J. G and Axelrod, Terry S and Yee, Albert J. M and Richards, Robin R and Finkelstein, Joel and Ford, Michael and Gofton, Wade and Murnaghan, John and Schatztker, Joseph and Bulmer, Beverly and Conlan, Lisa and Laflamme, G. Yves and Berry, Gregory and Beaumont, Pierre and Ranger, Pierre and Laflamme, Georges-Henri and Gagnon, Sylvain and Malo, Michel and Fernandes, Julio and Poirier, Marie-France and McKee, Michael D and Waddell, James P and Bogoch, Earl R and Daniels, Timothy R and McBroom, Robert R and Vicente, Milena R and Storey, Wendy and Wild, Lisa M and McCormack, Robert and Perey, Bertrand and Goetz, Thomas J and Pate, Graham and Penner, Murray J and Panagiotopoulos, Kostas and Pirani, Shafique and Dommisse, Ian G and Loomer, Richard L and Stone, Trevor and Moon, Karyn and Zomar, Mauri and Webb, Lawrence X and Teasdall, Robert D and Birkedal, John Peter and Martin, David Franklin and Ruch, David S and Kilgus, Douglas J and Pollock, David C and Harris, Mitchel Brion and Wiesler, Ethan Ron and Ward, William G and Shilt, Jeffrey Scott and Koman, Anew L and Poehling, Gary G and Kulp, Brenda and Creevy, William R and Stein, Anew B and Bono, Christopher T and Einhorn, Thomas A and Brown, T. Desmond and Pacicca, Donna and Sledge, John B and Foster, Timothy E and Voloshin, Ilva and Bolton, Jill and Carlisle, Hope and Shaughnessy, Lisa and Obremskey, William T and LeCroy, C. Michael and Meinberg, Eric G and Messer, Terry M and Craig, William L and Dirschl, Douglas R and Caudle, Robert and Harris, Tim and Elhert, Kurt and Hage, William and Jones, Robert and Pieahita, Luis and ... and Study to Prospectively Evaluate Reamed Intramedullary Nails in Patients with Tibial Fractures Investigators
Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume, ISSN 0021-9355, 2008, Volume 90A, Issue 12, pp. 2567 - 2578
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Chung, Kevin C and Malay, Sunitha and Shauver, Melissa J and Chung, Kevin C and Myra Kim, H and Haase, Steven C and Lawton, Jeffrey N and Lien, John R and Momoh, Adeyiza O and Ozer, Kagan and Sears, Erika D and Waljee, Jennifer F and Brown, Matthew S and Cho, Hoyune E and Michelotti, Brett F and Rozental, Tamara D and Appleton, Paul T and Rodriguez, Edward K and Deschamps, Laura N and Mattfolk, Lindsay and Wagner, Katiri and Blazar, Philip and Earp, Brandon E and Floyd, W Emerson and Louie, Dexter L and Leversedge, Fraser J and Richard, Marc J and Ruch, David S and Finley, Suzanne and Howe, Cameron and Manson, Maria and Whitfield, Janna and Perey, Bertrand H and Apostle, Kelly and Boyer, Dory and Moola, Farhad and Stone, Trevor and Viskontas, Darius and Zomar, Mauri and Moon, Karyn and Moon, Raely and Kalliainen, Loree K and Ward, Christina M and Fletcher, James W and Heinrich, Cherrie A and Pico, Katharine S and Mahajan, Ashish Y and Hill, Brian W and Vang, Sandy and Laporte, Dawn M and Hasenboehler, Erik A and Lifchez, Scott D and Osgood, Greg M and Shafiq, Babar and Shores, Jaimie T and Laljani, Vaishali and Brent Bamberger, H and Harman, Timothy W and Martineau, David W and Robinson, Carla and Palmer, Brandi and Grewal, Ruby and Faber, Ken A and MacDermid, Joy C and Kelly, Kate and Munro, Katrina and Vincent, Joshua I and Ring, David and Jupiter, Jesse B and Finger, Abigail and Gruber, Jillian S and Reddy, Rajesh K and Pong, Taylor M and Thornton, Emily R and Dennison, David G and Kakar, Sanjeev and Rizzo, Marco and Shin, Alexander Y and Scrabeck, Tyson L and Chepla, Kyle and Malone, Kevin and Hoyen, Harry A and Bafus, Blaine Todd and Jordan, Roderick B and Kaufman, Bram and Totonchil, Ali and Hromyak, Dana R and Humbert, Lisa and Sebastin, Sandeep and Tay, Sally and Nellans, Kate W and Merwin, Sara L and Blackburn, Ethan W and Hanlin, Sandra J and Patterson, Barbara and Gaston, R Glenn and Christopher Cadderdon, R and Gantt, Erika Gordon and Gaul, John S and Lewis, Daniel R and ... and Wrist Radius Injury Surgical and Wrist and Radius Injury Surgical Trial Group
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, ISSN 0032-1052, 08/2019, Volume 144, Issue 2, pp. 230e - 237e
BACKGROUND:Older patients are frequently referred to hand therapy after distal radius fracture. Supervised therapy sessions place a transportation burden on... 
SURGERY | PREDICTORS | PART | MEDICARE | REHABILITATION | VOLAR PLATE FIXATION | PROGRAM | Wrist | Care and treatment | Fractures | Physical therapy for the aged | Patient outcomes | Therapeutics, Physiological | Aged | Health aspects | Physical therapy | Injuries
Journal Article