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by Biccard, Bruce M and Madiba, Thandinkosi E and Kluyts, Hyla-Louise and Munlemvo, Dolly M and Madzimbamuto, Farai and Madzimbamuto, Farai D and Basenero, Apollo and Gordon, Christina Salmina and Gordon, Christina S and Youssouf, Coulibaly and Rakotoarison, RR and Rakotoarison, Sylvia R and Gobin, Veekash and Samateh, Ahmadou L and Sani, Chaibou M and Omigbodun, Akinyinka O and Amanor-Boadu, Simbo D and Tumukunde, Janat and Tumukunde, Janat T and Esterhuizen, JL and Esterhuizen, Tonya M and Manach, Yannick Le and Forget, Patrice and Elkhogia, Abdulaziz M and Mehyaoui, Ryad M and Mehyaoui, RM and Zoumeno, Eugene and Ndayisaba, Gabriel and Ndasi, Henry and Ndonga, Andrew KN and Ndonga, Andrew K N and Ngumi, Zipporah W W and Ngumi, Zipporah WW and Patel, MB and Patel, Ushmaben and Patel, Ushmah P and Ashebir, Daniel Zemenfes and Antwi-Kusi, Akwasi and Antwi-Kusi, Akwasi A K and Mbwele, Bernard and Sama, Hamza Doles and Elfiky, Mahmoud and Fawzy, Maher A and Fawzy, Maher and Pearse, Rupert M and Abadagan, Hippolyte and Abbas, N and Abdelatif, A Ibrahim and Abdoulaye, Traoré and Abd-rouf, A and Abduljalil, A and Abdulrahman, A and Abdurazig, S and Abokris, A and Abozaid, W and Abugassa, SOA and Abuhdema, F and Abujanah, SA and Abusamra, R and Abushnaf, A and Abusnina, SA and Abuzalout, TS and Ackermann, HM and Adamu, YB and Addanfour, A and Adeleke, DM and Adigun, TA and Adisa, AO and Adjignon, Sèhivè Valéry and Adu-Aryee, NA and Afolabi, BB and Agaba, AFX and Agaba, PKA and Aghadi, K and Agilla, H and Ahmed, Al-J and Ahmed, El-Z and Ahmed, M and Ahmed, B and Ahossi, Rene and Aji, SA and Akanyun, S and Akhideno, I and Akhter, M and Akinyemi, OA and Akkari, M and Akodjenou, Joseph and AL Samateh, AL and al Shams, ES and Alagbe-Briggs, OT and Alakkari, EA and Alalem, RB and Alashhab, M and Alatise, OI and Alatresh, A and Alayeb Alayeb, MSI and Albakosh, BA and Albert, F and Alberts, ANJD and Aldarrat, AD and ... and African Surg Outcomes Study ASOS and African Surgical Outcomes Study (ASOS) investigators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 04/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10130, pp. 1589 - 1598
There is a need to increase access to surgical treatments in African countries, but perioperative complications represent a major global health-care burden.... 
MORTALITY | SURGERY | STATEMENT | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | COST-EFFECTIVENESS | DISEASES | RESCUE | GLOBAL HEALTH | INCOME COUNTRIES | FAILURE | CARE | Medical personnel | Low income groups | Surgical outcomes | Medical research | Risk groups | Complications | Mortality | Critical care | Patients | Clinical outcomes | Studies | Hospitals | Risk assessment | Surgery | Population | Public health
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