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The Lancet Global Health, ISSN 2214-109X, 10/2017, Volume 5, Issue 10, pp. e984 - e991
Journal Article
by Li, Y and Reeves, RM and Wang, X and Bassat, Q and Brooks, WA and Cohen, C and Moore, DP and Nunes, M and Rath, B and Campbell, H and Nair, H and Acacio, S and Alonso, WJ and Antonio, M and Talavera, GA and Badarch, D and Baillie, VL and Barrera-Badillo, G and Bigogo, G and Broor, S and Bruden, D and Buchy, P and Byass, P and Chipeta, J and Clara, W and Dang, DA and Emediato, CCDL and de Jong, M and Diaz-Quinonez, JA and Do, LAH and Fasce, RA and Feng, LZ and Ferson, MJ and Gentile, A and Gessner, BD and Goswami, D and Goyet, S and Grijalva, CG and Halasa, N and Hellferscee, O and Hessong, D and Homaira, N and Jara, J and Kahn, K and Khuri-Bulos, N and Kotloff, KL and Lanata, CF and Lopez, O and Bolanos, MRL and Lucero, MG and Lucion, F and Lupisan, SP and Madhi, SA and McCracken, JP and Mekgoe, O and Moraleda, C and Moyes, J and Mulholland, K and Munywoki, PK and Naby, F and Nguyen, TH and Nicol, MP and Nokes, DJ and Noyola, DE and Onozuka, D and Palani, N and Poovorawan, Y and Rahman, M and Ramaekers, K and Romero, C and Schlaudecker, EP and Schweiger, B and Seidenberg, P and Simoes, EAF and Singleton, R and Sistla, S and Sturm-Ramirez, K and Suntronwong, N and Sutanto, A and Tapia, MD and Thamthitiwat, S and Thongpan, I and Tillekeratne, G and Tinoco, YO and Treurnicht, FK and Turner, C and Turner, P and van Doorn, R and Van Ranst, M and Visseaux, B and Waicharoen, S and Wang, JW and Yoshida, LM and Zar, HJ and Shi, T and Zhang, SS and Openshaw, P and Wedzicha, J and Falsey, A and Miller, M and ... and RESCEU Investigators and RSV Global Epidemiology Network
LANCET GLOBAL HEALTH, ISSN 2214-109X, 08/2019, Volume 7, Issue 8, pp. E1031 - E1045
Background Influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenza virus, and metapneumovirus are the most common viruses associated with acute lower... 
Journal Article
by Shi, Ting and McAllister, David A and O'Brien, Katherine L and Simoes, Eric A F and Madhi, Shabir A and Gessner, Bradford D and Polack, Fernando P and Balsells, Evelyn and Acacio, Sozinho and Aguayo, Claudia and Alassani, Issifou and Ali, Asad and Antonio, Martin and Awasthi, Shally and Awori, Juliet O and Azziz-Baumgartner, Eduardo and Baggett, Henry C and Baillie, Vicky L and Balmaseda, Angel and Barahona, Alfredo and Basnet, Sudha and Bassat, Quique and Basualdo, Wilma and Bigogo, Godfrey and Bont, Louis and Breiman, Robert F and Brooks, W Abdullah and Broor, Shobha and Bruce, Nigel and Bruden, Dana and Buchy, Philippe and Campbell, Stuart and Campbell, Harry and Carosone-Link, Phyllis and Chadha, Mandeep and Chipeta, James and Chou, Monidarin and Clara, Wilfrido and Cohen, Cheryl and de Cuellar, Elizabeth and Dang, Duc-Anh and Dash-yandag, Budragchaagiin and Deloria-Knoll, Maria and Dherani, Mukesh and Eap, Tekchheng and Ebruke, Bernard E and Echavarria, Marcela and de Freitas Lázaro Emediato, Carla Cecília and Fasce, Rodrigo A and Feikin, Daniel R and Feng, Luzhao and Gentile, Angela and Gordon, Aubree and Goswami, Doli and Goyet, Sophie and Groome, Michelle and Halasa, Natasha and Hirve, Siddhivinayak and Homaira, Nusrat and Howie, Stephen R C and Jara, Jorge and Jroundi, Imane and Kartasasmita, Cissy B and Khuri-Bulos, Najwa and Kotloff, Karen L and Krishnan, Anand and Libster, Romina and Lopez, Olga and Lucero, Marilla G and Lucion, Florencia and Lupisan, Socorro P and Marcone, Debora N and McCracken, John P and Mejia, Mario and Moisi, Jennifer C and Montgomery, Joel M and Moore, David P and Moraleda, Cinta and Moyes, Jocelyn and Munywoki, Patrick and Mutyara, Kuswandewi and Nicol, Mark P and Nokes, D James and Nymadawa, Pagbajabyn and da Costa Oliveira, Maria Tereza and Oshitani, Histoshi and Pandey, Nitin and Paranhos-Baccalà, Gláucia and Phillips, Lia N and Picot, Valentina Sanchez and Rahman, Mustafizur and Rakoto-Andrianarivelo, Mala and Rasmussen, Zeba A and Rath, Barbara A and Robinson, Annick and Romero, Candice and Russomando, Graciela and Salimi, Vahid and Sawatwong, Pongpun and Scheltema, Nienke and ... and RSV Global Epidemiology Network
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 09/2017, Volume 390, Issue 10098, pp. 946 - 958
Journal Article
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