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by Alam, Nadia and Alam, N and Oskam, E and Oskam, Erick and Stassen, P.M and Stassen, Patricia M and Exter, Pieternel van and van de Ven, P.M and van de Ven, Peter M and Haak, Harm R and Haak, H.R and Holleman, F and Holleman, Frits and Zanten, Arthur van and Leeuwen-Nguyen, Hien van and Bon, V and Bon, Victor and Duineveld, B.A.M and Duineveld, Bart A M and Nannan Panday, R.S and Nannan Panday, Rishi S and Kramer, M.H.H and Kramer, Mark H H and Nanayakkara, Prabath W B and Nanayakkara, P.W.B and van Exter, P and Goselink, J and De Kreek, A and van Grunsven, P and Biekart, M and Deddens, G.J and Weijschede, F and Rijntjes, N and Franschman, G and Janssen, J and Frenken, J and Versluis, J and Boomars, R and de Vries, G and den Boer, E and van Gent, A and Willeboer, M and Buunk, G and Timmers, G.J and Snijders, F and Posthuma, N and Stoffelen, S and Claassens, S and Ammerlaan, H and Sankatsing, S and Alsma, J and van Zanten, A and Slobbe, L and de Melo, M.M and Dees, A and Carels, G and Wabbijn, M and van Leeuwen-Nguyen, T.T.H and Assink, J and van der Honing, A and Luik, P and Poortvliet, W and Schouten, W.E.M and Veenstra, J and Holkenborg, J and Cheung, T.C and van Bokhorst, J and Kors, B and Louis- Wattel, G.H and Roeleveld, T and Toorians, A and Jellema, W and Govers, A and Kaasjager, H.A.H and Dekker, D and Verhoeven, M.A.M and Flietstra, T and Roest, L and Peters, E.J.G and Hekker, T.A.M and Ang, W and van der Wekken, W and Ghaem Maghami, P and Kanen, B and Wesselius, H and Heesterman, L and Zwietering, A.N and Stoffers, J and PHANTASI Trial Investigators and ORCA Onderzoeks Consortium Acute and PHANTASi Trial Investigators and the ORCA (Onderzoeks Consortium Acute Geneeskunde) Research Consortium the Netherlands
The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, ISSN 2213-2600, 01/2018, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 40 - 50
Journal Article
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