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by Cho and Saok
일본언어문화, ISSN 1598-9585, 2016, Volume 34, p. 321
.... In this situation, the Japanese Police attempted to turn people`s attention the other way by spreading a rumor that Koreans murdered and set fire during the period, which resulted in the sacrifice of 6,661 Koreans... 
조선인학살(朝鮮人虐殺)(Korean massacre) | 자경단(自警團)(Vigilant) | 芥川の歷史認識(Akutagawa`s Historical Recognition) | 관동대진재(關東大震災)(Kanto Earthquake) | 개천룡지개(芥川龍之介)(Akutagawa Ryunoske)
Journal Article
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